High Profile Covid-1984 Vaccinations Faked?

As the Covid-1984 vaccines were rolled out, observers reported on black magik and ninja vaccines. One hospital’s deception was so blatant that they claimed to use a second vaccine for authenticity.

When it comes time for the injection, it appears that the person administering the shot doesn’t push down on the plunger — the plunger looks like it is already depressed.”

The hospital responded:

“After numerous reports emerged on social media claiming one of the five nurses receiving a vaccination on Tuesday did not receive a full dose of vaccine, we want to remove any doubt raised that he was not fully vaccinated and further strengthen confidence in the vaccination process,” UMC said in a statement to KTSM. “The nurse in question today was vaccinated again. UMC has confirmed with the US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) that re-vaccinating the nurse will not cause adverse effects. The nurse will need to return after three weeks to receive his second dose.”

What the hell does that even mean? So the first shot was faked? Why? If not, why was the plunger already depressed? If they were in fact vaccinated, as the answer implies, and our lying eyes are deceiving us, then why would you revaccinate? And if you are revaccinating to assuage our suspicions, then why redo it in private? These responses raise way more questions than answers!

The news article goes on:

… but casting doubt even in the face of undeniable evidence, and people wonder why so many people have lost trust in the news.

Inquiring minds would like to know. If you are demonstrating a vaccine, why would you block sight of the needle and actual injection and leave the whole process to the brainwashed imagination of the observer? What does this scene prove?

This Ninja vaccine was shown. The needle has a cap on it, and the actual insertion is obscured.

Incidentally, as you view these, this photo illustrates the area of the shoulder where vaccines are normally administered. But apparently a decision has been made to vaccine these mucky mucks on the “back side of the moon” and out of the camera’s range of vision. Then we are asked to believe the narratives of known liars and con artists.

Lindsey Graham takes back side of the shoulder injection.

Too many of these to stage well. Here, the back side of the arm needle completely disappears after the prick.

Demonstration of stagecraft: retractable needles.

Vice President Mike Pence receives a lightning fast, obscured, back-of-the-moon shot.

Pence’s wife takes a “vaccine” that is totally blocked and obscured visually.

Pelosi receives an alleged obscured vaccine on the back side of the arm as well.

Here, a nurse collapses after receiving Covid-19 vaccine

Read “Hospital Halts COVID-19 Vaccinations After 4 Workers Have Adverse Reactions”

LONDON (Reuters): Britain’s medicine regulator said anyone with a history of anaphylaxis to a medicine or food should not get the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, giving fuller guidance on an earlier allergy warning about the shot.

Read “French infectious disease expert shocked by the number of adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccine”

Update:  Keep in mind that this is only the immediate upfront adverse outcome of this vaccine. There will be other longer term impacts:  CDC: 3% of COVID-19 vaccine recipients suffered injury to the extent “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional”

The World Health Organization released a guidance memo on Dec. 14, warning that high cycle thresholds on PCR tests will result in false positives. (note link has been scrubbed)

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is emerging more and more as one of — if not the most — corrupt entity on the planet. Here is their stated objective on the Covid vaccination.

Par for the course and too late we learn that vaccinated fall ill far more frequently than unvaccinated.

Of late there has been a call for “amnesty” regarding Scamdemic skullduggery and hackery. My feeling in the matter.

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  1. Great piece as always Mr Winter. The photo above is the well known but very rare Roof shark, it is said if one is seen in December it does not bode well for the rest of us? Ah well… 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure following cancer treatments (cut, burn, poison) and being near deaths door, that I in fact passed through that door and awoke in an evil clown world surpassing the comedic clown world I exited.

  3. Another big one in this set, is a now-infamous photo of ‘London Mayor Sadiq Khan getting his covid vaccination’, which in close-up shows that the plastic cap is still on the needle and thus that the ‘jab’ is fake

    After the fakery in the Khan photo was highlighted, the spin became that Mayor Khan ‘got the real vaccine jab right afterwards’ LOL … so the ‘conspiracy talk’ should be regarded as ‘debunked’ HA


    Elites clearly join the 30-40% of health care professionals in many places who say they won’t get the jab either

    So we have:
    – UK rules for vaccine jabbing now requiring a ‘resuscitation centre’ on site for when people collapse
    – a few people dead during testing
    – vaccine recipients coming down with face-disfiguring Bell’s Palsy, as well as fainting, getting hugely ill in many ways afterwards etc
    – unknown ‘genetic engineering’ consequences of the first mass mRNA vaccine
    – even mainstream outlets pointing out a higher risk of HIV with the vaccines
    – previous WHO & Gates etc ‘vaccines’ having been used to covertly induce abortions and infertility in as many as 130 million women, as Larry Romanoff has documented on Unz, infertility via vaccine a WHO project since 1978, women not being told the fake ‘tetatus vaccines’ etc would make their bodies destroy their own babies in the womb, the vaccines given only to women of child-bearing age in these criminal WHO-oligarch ‘projects’

    So not surprising London’s Muslim mayor Khan opted for the ‘showtime’ version of being ‘injected’

    • I’m currently of the opinion that the offshore global elites have declared war on the rest of us to reduce population now that automaton mechanization is increasingly possible and working people aren’t needed.

      It is very hard to get a hot war going where people are enraged enough with people in a different sovereign country to go and physically kill them, people are too fat and cynical these days plus it is very expensive. A ‘war time spirit’ ‘fighting’ a terrifying virus is a practical solution on multiple levels.

      It’s valuable to look for outliers such as Belarus

      and China, where despite claims of mass vaccinations being in progress to stem the tide of the virus, life appears to be back at 2019 levels

      I don’t doubt there’s a dangerous virus about, and the nobel prize winners and other eminent scientists who are questioning the globalist narrative have deconstructed and analyzed c19, finding it to be man made. Some have been thrown in the looney bin.

      The bigger question in my mind is if there is a different virus at large we know little about, and that the C19 SARS fiasco is a ‘look over here!’ red herring. There seems to be an ability to modulate and mutate. It is also intriguing the virus appeared in the spring in the western world, we had a relatively mellow/soppy summer of incompetent handling of spread, cash hand outs etc and are now heading into winter with the economic screws really tightened and a massive ‘fear/tier’ system of ‘lockdowns’ – a very odd word to use!

      Vaccine anxieties are well covered in this article, bu tI do think the WEF Great reset is in serious trouble as a soft launch. The US efforts to float outlier candidates before pulling voters back to the ‘safe’ center failed in 2016 when the two offerings to voters Sanders/’left’ and Trump ‘populist’ resulted in voters choosing Trump who seemed surprised to have won and unprepared on election night.

      The recent US election remains shrouded in mystery and Biden/Harris is a weak media construct, with strawman Sanders unconvincing on their left and Trump – or more importantly populists – still very powerful to their right in the great red pill/blue pill shell game TV extravaganza.

      As always watch what the bankers are doing, follow their money (creation)…


  4. Off topic, but still a very good read on the German Contributions to not only America but the rest of the world as a whole. The world is in a much darker place since the destruction of National Socialist Germany at the end of 1945, the truth is White folks lost as well to the International hyenas of world finance.

    Did you know that the entirety of NASA was founded by German engineers and is based on German technology? That the moon rocket of 1969 was a grandson of the famed V2 rocket of Germany? That all space exploration is based on the German model? One hears TV reporters waxing eloquently about the now defunct Russian MIR space station, while assiduously ignoring that it’s based on German technology and that the German engineers who were kidnapped by the Russians were worked to death. None of them ever saw their families again. Mustn’t embarass our former allies now, must we? But abusing the Germans is a safe bet.

    • You are mostly correct. The moon landing were faked. The Saturn V rocket never worked correctly.
      The German contribution to post-war American prosperity was huge – all of Germany’s patents were stolen after the fall of the Reich, and the scientists and engineers who understood the various processes were shanghaied to the US so the American thieves and kidnappers could get rich. This whole sad affair was known as ‘Operation Paperclip’.

      • Never saw this before. Absolutely freaking hysterical !! Thanks Ed.
        P.S. They definitely need to show this on a network w/o disclaimer.
        People would believe it. God – talk about a priceless “controversy”.

  5. It’s very important to expose such things, however most readers tend to over complicate this sort of thing.

    Being of the “intelligent knuckle dragger class” … (smart enough to know the big picture, simple minded enough to know the solution, and bored to death of intellectualism), we’ve got to look at this in a much more clarified manner.

    At the moment, us intelligent knuckle draggers are standing by waiting for this vaccine agenda –waiting for them to push it to the limit. (among other jewish/plutocrat agendas all leading up to genocide).

    Beware, because we’re about 1 mm away from getting off our rocking chairs and hunting you SOB’s down vs waiting. This is the REAL stepping out of our comfort zone.


    Any questions ?

      • Indeed it would Mr. Winter ….. but it must have some real teeth behind it as well.

        We have to show them we are deadly serious in return, because nothing will change until they actually fear us. Hence my comment.

        • Unfortunately, I’m not as optimistic about the situation; at least here in the United Stated. There are way too many people who are going along with this hoax as exemplified by their compliance with the masks. I don’t even see a hint of some organized resistance or rebellion.

          The brainwashing and indoctrination that has taken place these last 60-70 years through K-12 schooling, television programming, and Hollywood movies, etc. have taken there toll and reduced people to being a mob of unnecessary duplicates. The men of today are vastly inferior to the men of the Middle Ages, and the men of the Middle Ages but a shadow of the men of ancient Greece or Rome.

          The problem as I see it is,… if they wanted to, they could really create some social chaos just by shutting down the internet or by inducing some sort of large-scale famine, or worse yet- both!

          People have no idea just how dark and desperate our situation would become if we had massive, wide-spread social panic set in to the point where, just like in Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies,’… when the thin veneer of ‘civilization’ slowly erodes away, you then have all of the barbaric impulses come to the fore and man’s whole Enlightenment project becomes a ‘nightmare of reason!’ What Hobbes called ‘Bellum omnium contra omnes’- ‘War of all against all!’

          “Wonder ye then at the fiery hunt”- Moby Dick

  6. That so called leaked document looks like BS..I’d ignore and it linked to a pro Trump site.

    Just some logic here, but what is the Vax intended to do to us? Some possibilities:
    1. Heal Us
    2. Kill US
    3. Make Us Robots
    4. Control Us

    We know #1 is bogus, no need to waste commentary here.

    We know #2 is bogus since you effectively smash the hornets nest among the 20% minimum non vaxed and it seems in the UK it takes 10 cops to control one rioter…The odds are not good for the state. Starvation as a result of Covid makes more sense…Best not having a cure seems better suited to this end via supply line disruptions as a result of sick workers.

    #3 Make us Robots? Why waste the resources on useless eaters that are more compliant…Cost benefit analysis says they cant carry their own weight in a 4th industrial revolution.

    CONTROL US seems the only plausible answer. But what ends does this control lead to in a broken economy.

    My hunch is that the globe is currently being carved up with spheres of influence being redrawn. Welcome to WWIII

    • 5. Make the vax producers and their lobbyist/politician allies filthy rich, or richer than they already are.

      6. Sterilize the young women who are stupid enough to take the jab, or at least make conception pretty much impossible unless in vitro fertilization techniques are used.

      7. Turn us into genetically modified organisms, the technocrats wet dream.

      My guess, 2-7, with number 5 playing a huge part.

  7. Jim Stone is reporting on his site that he believes that Tiffany Dover, the nurse that passed out after her vaccine shot, is dead! That they are using the ‘vasovagal syncope’ excuse as a cover. Nothing concrete provided for evidence, however it wouldn’t surprise me if in fact she did die and they are looking to cover it up.

  8. I saw a sign on the Walgreens door saying “we do not have COVID 19 vaccines” I don’t think they exist YET! But I am sure it was posted to inform the COVID cowards and dim wits who keep begging for it to stop!! All those fakers on tv are NOT believable even the fainting nurse with the microphone in her face with the 3/3 on it!! I think that was just another bullshit set up by these demons. While they tell us it’s good they also tell us it’s bad…chaos to buy time?

    • It’s Russian roulette for us masses: some will suffer nothing & others will suffer noticeably & the rest will keep mortuaries busy- if allowed to stay open for business.

  9. Russ Winter is REALLY the actor John C. Reilly. There is no Russ Winter. Compare their voices on YouTube.

    John C. Reilly really runs this website. And that’s ok.

  10. I put up with abuse from friends who dropped me when I warned them the ‘vaccine’ patent was 060606 and that Gate’s “wife” wore an upside down cross. Now I don’t try to warn anyone anymore because they turn on you. You want the shot? Go get it – but leave me alone.

    I know of 2 who died and 1 who lost her baby. Yeah…you were right – go trust the devils and not people who actually care about you…

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