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Winter is Coming II

Germany has just indicated that attempts to reduce or even curtail natural gas usage is failing.

NatGas consumption last week for households and small businesses was 10% higher than average consumption levels between 2018-21.

“We will hardly be able to avoid a gas emergency in winter without at least 20% savings in the private, commercial and industrial sectors.

“The situation can become very serious if we do not significantly reduce our gas consumption,” Mueller said. 

Florence Rabier, director-general of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, told FT that forecasts for November and December in Europe would bring “colder spells and less wind and rainfall, reducing the generation of renewable power.”

Incredibly we still see stories like this week after week.

Ukraine escalates war.

Gasoline demand in the US is running well above the five year average.

Gasoline inventories have dropped to lowest level since 2014.

Including the SPR, total inventories have depleted by 480 million bbl since the start of July 2020 and are now at the lowest seasonal level since 2004.

Record amounts of this excess supply from SPR has been exported.

Price caps being considered are effectively price controls. And this will be the outcome.

While the expectation was for OPEC to cut production by 1 mil bpd, they surprised the markets and the White House and cut production by 2 mil bdp – that sent oil markets higher and it sent Biden into a rage.

OPEC humiliated President Biden on a global stage by cutting oil production after he specifically lobbied them not to. There’s no “nice” way of putting it – they straight-up snubbed the U.S. and have now, in my opinion, made it officially clear that they 1) are not friends of the US 2) do not care what the US wants, 3) do not take US seriously and 4) are disengaging from the petro-dollar.

And remember what we said about LNG floating Hindenburgs after Nordstream was sabotaged. Yemen’s Houthis have warned oil companies operating in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to pack up and leave as the warring sides in the Yemeni conflict failed to reach an agreement to extend the six-month truce.

Destruction of Nordstream Pipeline: False Flag?

In July, the DOI unveiled the plan which gutted a Trump administration proposal, ruling out any oil leasing in the Atlantic or Pacific and opening the door to an unprecedented scenario where no lease sales would be held through 2028.

In her statement announcing the proposal on July 1, Cloward-Piven inspired Interior Secretary Deb Haaland reaffirmed her and President Biden’s “commitment to transition to a clean energy economy.”

“President Biden says he is considering “alternatives to oil”. That’s what got us to this situation in the first place. Unobtainium, dilithium crystals and fairy dust of course. It has all the energy we will ever need, we just need to hurry up and get to Pandora.

Lack of rainfall has water levels on the Mississippi River at “near-historic” lows and forced the largest US barge operator to declare force majeure in a letter to customers as river traffic halted.

“A prolonged lack of significant precipitation along the Mississippi River and its primary tributaries is now actively disrupting normal operations throughout the inland waterways,” Ingram Barge Company, which ferries approximately 60% of all grain exports to major terminals, said in a letter obtained by Bloomberg. 

“On many river segments, Ingram has reduced its maximum allowable barge drafts and overall tow sizes in an attempt to continue to safely operate while the inland river levels fall out,” the letter continued. 

The US Coast Guard has responded to an increasing number of “groundings” of barges in the past week near Stack Island in Louisiana and upriver near Memphis.

“Due to low water levels on the Lower Mississippi River, we have seen an increase in commercial vessel groundings,” said Eric Carrero, director of western rivers and waterways at Coast Guard District Eight. 

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  1. Funny how “they” ended the planned lockdowns right around the time “they” knew the planned gas shortage plus outrageous prices would begin… but blame it all on “white privilege” and “la nina”… and how’se that EVs in Florida during a hurricane working out for ya?

  2. I guess HAARP is to broadcast as to cause low rain fall around the Mississippi River just as they cooked the cows over the summer.

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