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Migrants housed on luxury 5-star cruise ship celebrate with viral TikTok videos

Remix |  October 6, 2022

Migrants in the Netherlands are bragging about their new luxury cruise ship accommodations on TikTok and other social media platforms, with the news coming at a time when the country is facing skyrocketing inflation and an uncertain economic future.

In the municipality of Velsen, up to 1,000 migrants have been moved onto the Silja Europa cruise ship, which will now serve as a floating asylum shelter.

In the videos posted to TikTok, migrants give viewers tours of their new home, which features spacious cabins and hot buffets, all of which will be paid for by Dutch citizens. The videos have been reposted on a number of other social media platforms as well.


4 Comments on Migrants housed on luxury 5-star cruise ship celebrate with viral TikTok videos

  1. The dialectic in action: luxury accommodations for unnaturalized migrants paid for by legitimate citizens who might freeze & starve in the coming months.

    • Homeless people die every winter in Europe — other than them, I don’t think anyone will freeze or starve to death this winter in Europe, where the last couple of winters have been fairly mild; perhaps this coming winter will be mild too.

      While sensationalized in the media (rightly so, because it’s an outrage), the housing of asylum-seekers on the ship is not much different than what goes on 24/7 around Europe: asylum-seekers get a place to stay, food is bought and cooked for them (or they can use their monthly cash stipend to buy fast food, when they’re not spending it on Adidas trainers, sneakers, etc that is), even their accommodation is cleaned for them — governments provide all the money for this, often by paying an outside agency or firm for food and cleaning services — a regular cottage industry has sprung up around this industrial scale asylum complex, and this includes consulting companies that nominally help these people ‘integrate’ with language courses, job training and counseling, etc — the extent of the asylum scam, in its entirely, is absolutely massive — what do outsiders imagine happens with all these people who don’t know the local language and have no education or usable job skills?

      So the above is the real scandal, along with the way European governments and bureaucrats enslave their populations via coercive tax systems to support and subsidize all the low quality human capital now flooding into Europe as phony asylum-seekers — a recent study done in Denmark showed very clearly how muslim and African migrants are, in aggregate, a lifelong burden on the native population — it is, without a doubt, the same throughout Europe.

      Denmark and the Dilemma of Welfare and Migration

      According to a 2015 study by the OECD, 20 percent of native-born adult children of immigrants in Denmark were not in education, employment or training. In a 2017 study, the ministry of finance contradicted the claim that immigration was an economic boon to the country. Official data showed that the newcomers and their descendants generated a sizeable net loss to the state coffers. While 80 percent of Danes held a job, the number for non-Western people was only 56 percent.

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