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Dutch city of Haarlem may be world’s first to ban most meat ads

BBC | Sept. 7, 2022

Haarlem in The Netherlands is set to ban most meat ads from public spaces because of the food’s climate impact.

In what is thought to be the first such move by a city, it will enforce the ban from 2024.

The motion drafted by GroenLinks – a green political party – has faced opposition from the meat sector and some who say it stifles free speech.

The UN says livestock generate more than 14% of all man-made greenhouse gases, including methane.

“Meat is very harmful to the environment. We cannot tell people that there is a climate crisis and encourage them to buy products that are part of it,” Ziggy Klazes, a councillor from GroenLinks who drafted the motion, told the Trouw newspaper.

The government of the city of 160,000 says it has not yet been decided whether sustainably produced meat will be included in the ad ban.

The proposal was also supported by MPs from the Christian Democratic Challenge party.

The backlash from the meat industry was swift.

“The authorities are going too far in telling people what’s best for them,” said a spokesman from the Central Organisation for the Meat Sector.


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  1. It’s interesting how the issues of those of the radical left1950s-80s boomer generation (equal rights for all races, women & aberrant sex practitioners/pollution/overpopulation/make love not war mentality/cohabitation/out-of-wedlock children and abortion/legalized drugs/police brutality/animal rights/white guilt/etc) are the perfect ways & means to enforce as laws, the effects of which result in totalitarian authorized crime, family dissolution, mental anguish, & easy conquest of the diseducated American mindlessness, all for our ‘safety & protection’.

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