Russ Winter Joins ‘Operation Scorpio’ and the Brain Trust to Discuss Jon Gruden Incident, Shortages and the Jab Mandate Showdowns

Russ Winter rejoins Giuseppe Vafanculo, Dave Scorpio, and Daryl Wayne (aka “The Brain Trust”) to discuss a wide range of Truman Show topics. Included is the Coach Jon Gruden and ESPN shitstorm – and the era of when men were men versus the current day emasculated denutted emotional feminized bunch.

Next up were the showdowns over the jab mandates, and the economic supply chains/lines fractures. On the backside second hour kakistocrat daddy Merritt Garland’s CRT nepotism and other tyrannies such as putting people into the ditches were discussed.

I come on here at 0:59:00, audio quality is good despite the time delay talk overs on my end.

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  1. A lot of great info on all of this here- good follow up. Simple break down of a lot of stuff people miss. You’ve covered some of it in separate articles, but she puts it all in one powerpoint and explains how it relates to what is taking place with CV, with all of this bizarre ‘Rainbow’ symbolism, ridiculous supply line shutdowns, inconsistent censorship laws, sudden sabotage and buyout of farm land and talk about eating only synthetic food or insects. It’s all under Eastern Rabbinic law. Just makes no sense if you try and look at it from a non-religious, even a simple Christian or even Muslim perspective, definitely not from a pragmatic or utilitarian perspective- so people keep being so confused, having the same debates over and over about ‘Why do they keep doing this?’ And of course you’ve used the term ‘Kakistocracy’ because of how chaotic and absurd it is, arbitrary in its ethical and legal applications. But when you see that it is based in a metaphysically (spiritually) racist, extremist cult, which is constantly re-interpreting hundreds of rules, then it ‘makes more sense’ why things are so insane.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with ‘the science’ whatsoever, which has been clear with the contradictory and business-obsessed information that has been used over and over, not to mention the vaccines now being discussed for the Fentanyl Crisis now, crossing the CV industry directly over with the Narco-Opioid industry, which killed 100,000 people in the US alone last year. But they want to do the killing, then make money on ‘the cure’ too- this is the model for what they call this ‘world to come.’ Sounds nuts, because well, it is. It’s an extremist cult from antiquity using economic power it shouldn’t have to usher in some maniacal ‘age’ it believes in.

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