The Potemkin Stage of Joe Biden and Kabbalah Harris

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History and Etymology for Potemkin village: Grigori Potëmkin, built impressive fake villages along a route Czarina Catherine the Great was to travel.

Joe Biden utilizes a Potemkin stage set to showcase and control his condition and conduct his shtick. This was used recently to highlight him — or his masked doppelganger — receiving a booster jab in front of the White House press corps. In photo No. 1, notice the angle of the filming relative to his receiving arm. Notice the ol’ two-hand block from view of the arm injection site. Even Joe adds his hand to the magik trick.

This photo shows the dog-and-pony stage set being deployed.

The real situation, when Biden is rolled back to his bunker, looks closer to this.

Joe Rogan noticed the obvious faux “Truman Show” quality of this (and other) scenes and said he doubted its authenticity. He added that Biden’s handlers would not allow him to take a jab on live TV, not knowing what his reaction to it might be. Can you imagine that?

Despite the impeccable logic used to analyze this fake “Truman Show” operation — set in a Potemkin White House office — the usual suspects in the Lugenpresse in a doth-protest-too-loudly fashion chimed in to chortle and mock Rogan for trusting his lying eyes. This is referred to as gaslighting.

We might add that Rogan is barely scratching the surface of what really goes on. He would have to spend time at Winter Watch for the bigger picture.

Speaking of authenticity, we have a performance by one Kabbalah Harris speaking in feigned wide-eyed wonderment to a group of young teenagers as if they were five years old. The video, released on YouTube last week, is the first of a planned series titled “Get Curious with Vice President Harris.”

Even the Lugenpresse has fessed up that paid child actors were used for this one. The video prompted comparisons to the hapless vice president in the TV comedy “Veep.”

But we really wonder why the Crime Syndicate / New Underworld Order didn’t procure a better actress for this Potemkin role. Why didn’t they just select a real actor from Hollyweird to be VP instead of the Queen of Hokey?

Next up for the “Truman Show” is the difficult-to-believe tale of an 18-year-old black man, one Timothy George Simpkins. This suspect was taken into custody Wednesday after four people were wounded in a shooting at a Texas high school, authorities say. Three of the victims, including a teacher, were hospitalized with at least one requiring surgery. Simpkins will be charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Then, we learn that Simpkins, an adult, was quickly released on bail. He then sparked outrage by posing happily with his posse. Is this for real or are we being gamed by the magicans? We have our doubts.

The purpose of this psyops is demoralization and continuing to build propaganda around the concept that there is no justice or protection for the average citizen, and that too much tolerance and no accountability exists for the evil.

Elsewhere on our radar is contrived Potemkin fake governance.

The whole mandatory jab scenario is rolling out as deadlines arrive and folks walk off their jobs, leaving companies and institutions in the lurch. Much of this is still hidden behind the façade, but the mass grounding of Southwest Airlines stands out.

Recently, a lame documentary called “Fauci” was rolled out to Potemkin fanfare from hacks, bots and shills (aka “the critics”). However, elsewhere, the reception from something known as “the audience” was not just muted but hostile.

Dave Chappelle’s Netflix performance in “The Closer” is graded by us as a classic. Say what you will about Chappelle, he is not woke or politically correct. Without being a spoiler, he skewers the whole Potemkin false façade scene quite thoroughly.

Space Jews:

Bottom line is that a move is afoot to remove this from Netflix. The chorus of hacks, bots and shills is out in force.

But something known as “the audience” is a different story, and we submit they sense the truth. If nothing else, Chappelle is fearless, which is a sight to see in the Woke sistema.

I wrap with an account from Dino Ryan, my radio show sidekick, who on Monday dove into the “retiring” and latest pile on of Las Vegas Raiders football coach Jon Gruden over some comments he made 11 years ago in private email concerning a black sports figure’s lips being as large as Michelin tires. He also called him “dumb.”

In the show, we are introduced to another intrepid commentator, Jason Whitlock, who discusses this whole Potemkin woke ridiculousness. The importance of this topic lies in the contrived-acting outrage on ESPN Live that is being called out by Dino and Whitlock. It’s like ESPN has never been around rough locker rooms and athletes and wants to emasculate them.

Read: ESPN’s Woke Kirk Herbstreit Musters Crocodile Tears for Social Justice

I also further explored Whitlock, who is new to me. His review of Dave Chappelle’s “Closer” performance lends excellent insight into the Potemkin woke façade. This all ties together well.

Comedy G.O.A.T.: Dave Chappelle’s Controversial Netflix Special Is the Bravest Stand-Up Ever | Ep 66 (Jason Whitlock)

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  1. Before you judge D.C, Have a look at this vid….This man is straight up and knows the industry

    Whitlock is a Christian man of faith and genuine. A former KC reporter with a conservative inclination

    They both are calling out the charade. Neither is anybody’s fool…

  2. Just going to say pro sports is completely rigged. The NFL is a TV show that was created by organized crime to rig games for gambling. Gruden may have ruffled some feathers by not following the script. Just my take.

    • Yep, all one has to do is visit “The Fix is In” website. When I followed the NFL (which I stopped doing in 2020) I visited this site regularly. Brian Touhy does an excellent job. What with political correctness and forcing coaches and players (but not owners) to be vaxxed, I had to say goodbye to the NFL.

    • Ryan,

      Even though there is no evidence to support your specific take, it is an interesting one and generally an appropriate speculation because these emails from Gruden were ‘leaked’ from a June court filing involving the Redskins(yes, I typed Redskins!)football team executive Bruce Allen and Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. There is NO QUESTION that Gruden was targeted in the leak and it had nothing to do with him calling out the NFLPA’s lip size. This is ‘payback’ for something else! Gruden’s connections run deep within the NFL and have for years.

      Also, the NFL office has come out and stated that they will NOT release any of the other 650,000 emails in the probe and inquiry. Their legalese reasoning is because it would violate the ‘confidentiality’ of other parties you see. Keep in mind as well, Daniel Snyder, who is Jewish, has had his own issues within the NFL since his ownership of the team started with his purchase in 1999. Dozens of women have come forward claiming sexual harassment and in fact Snyder settled with one woman for almost 2 million dollars. There have been numerous other claims of work intimidation and bullying over the years. The NFL fined Snyder around 10 million!

      Even with all of these ‘issues,’ Snyder has still remained a very powerful owner, so it is hard to know what exactly is going with these emails!

      • Evidence? Go look up comments by Jalen Ramsey when he was in Jacksonville. Bottom line, when a new stadium goes in, a team usually has a winning record, the back of your ticket Terms and Conditions refer to an Entertainment Event not a Sporting Event. The officials call arbitrary holding calls at opportune moments. Its as rigged as anything…Pro tip…Make longshot bets between week 10-12 they may surprise you. Not sure how this year will go due to 17 games vs 16 but as far as a dramatic affect, the upsets usually occur at this point and don’t usually derail the direction of the anointed teams..

        • Yep, BullionGrower….when the Buffalo Bills owners the Pegulas threaten to move the Bills to another city is when the Bills are suddenly a powerhouse? Their loyal “Bills Mafia” type fans don’t deserve this kind of treachery! I predict if the Bills move to another city, they’ll suddenly become “the Jills” again…. Bwahahhahahah!

        • BullionGrower NZ,

          I’m aware of Ramsey’s comments. Former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has also voiced his issues with gambling and the league on his Twitter account since his retirement.

          My issue was with Ryan saying it is COMPLETELY RIGGED! Too many variables involved to completely control individual games such as turnovers, the players have to put in max effort or they don’t play or get cut. The better a player performs, the better contract he sets himself up for after his initial rookie contract. Also, weather plays a big factor in determining certain games and the decisions coaches make(last second field goals)!

          Now, do I stand on the other end of the spectrum and think all the games are not steered and are genuine and authentic-no! But saying the games are completely rigged is just faulty or lazy thinking.

          • Most games are given a 4.5 point spread in Vegas. A ref need only add a single possession to a team and those numbers become a reality. Why so much importance attached to turnovers? Answer: They add an extra possession. Players are not in on the scam. The refs, coordinators, and owners play their part more than you may think. Its rigged. The Washington Football Team seems to be the target here more than Grudenia….My money is on the team finally getting sold

            • Forgot to add: Gruden had a 10 year 100 million guarantee …Why resign? He doesn’t seem to be in breech of his contract. My guess is that he sat down with all parties and got paid to go away. The NFL is a 12 Billion dollar industry comprised of 32 teams.

              • BullionGrower NZ,

                More info will come out on this in the next 6 months or so! Still many pieces to this puzzle!

      • Ed,
        You’re right I don’t have any real evidence, just speculation. Carr is in a contract year and the Raiders seem due for the postseason, gruden may have not followed the script because he felt like he was owed. but that may not be enough, another possibility is that since the Raiders are in Vegas it would be easy for gruden to be making side bets, knowing the scripted outcome of games, essentially double dipping. Now I believe that all the coaches and refs are allowed to profit from insider info, but there are very serious unwritten rules on doing so, probably it’s handled as a black fund. Gruden may have been caught double dipping. This would make sense in light of his quick dismissal.

        • Ryan,

          The NFL resisted moving to Las Vegas for years due to its already ever-present stigma with gambling. That’s why I think there is something much larger behind the Gruden resignation. It was just after it was the process was initiated that the Raiders would move to LV in 2017 that Gruden was hired as the head coach.

          Gruden has been very well-connected within the league for years. Also, his brother Jay was the head coach of the Redskins for a few years. Of course, the emails that did Gruden in are from an initial inquiry into the Redskins organization dealing with owner Daniel Snyder and former President and GM Bruce Allen.

          The emails are just a cover for something else going on here. There is building some pushback against the NFL to release the rest of these 650,000 emails involved in the inquiry, but they are protecting something of extreme importance. If they do release some of these emails at some point, they will be highly redacted as well.

          Whether it has anything to do with this, I do not know, but remember when Gruden was coach of the Raiders against the Patriots in the 2001 Div. playoff game and the infamous ‘tuck-rule’ was invoked out-of-nowhere that cost the Raiders from advancing to the AFC Champ game. There could have been over the years a handful of quid pro quos between the NFL and Gruden that simply evolved into some corrupt exchanges which finally reached a head this past week.

          I believe we have not heard the last of this story at all! Take care!

      • Ed,
        I would also like to add that to my knowledge nobody has actually seen any email. All we have is the NFL’s word that said emails exist and the NFL’s characterization of what they contain.

        However since this is clown world I would just like to say it first: Trump-Gruden 2024


        • Ryan,

          I’ll get the Trump-Gruden banners printed out and get a Faceberg page ready to go to mobilize the millions out there who are waiting in anticipation for Trump’s ‘comeback.’ The media should be starting the non-stop ‘election season’ here any week now. Lol!

          • ED / RYAN! You mean President Orange Baked Potato is a comin’ back? Get outta town!

            See I knew the Qufalon, Qualllon, Quaplon, awe fuk’it that Q alien fella was right all along. I knew everything. I watch Alex Jones, I buy the supplements, I now have a body just like his — LEAN AND MANLY — I just can’t lift my arms in my suit dew to all dem muskles!

            = )

            Okay, I will stop now. So I am short on time (again), but this is what I might offer to you fellas:


            It is a fascinating read and does back Ryan’s initial point to some extent. Now to Ed’s credit, tennis is a lot harder to fix. Sure Serena can hide in her “safe room” when the USTA comes for a drug test, but overall the game is a bit fairer. So in essence, I think you are both quite right.

            Ryan, Ed and I like boxing a whole lot; however, I think both of us would concede that Ali / Liston II was a straight up fix and the “phantom punch” is problematic if one is trying to prove an “above board” fight.

            So gentlemen, I will conclude that I think you both made for a very interesting conversation and I endorse both of your perspectives.


  3. No one in any position of power has taken the shot. Because even ‘all the kings men’ have no idea how anyone will react to the shot. The stock market drops when any president is sick, goes into the hospital, etc. Again, doesn’t happen, all for show.

  4. Jason Whitlock is as tired of the ‘woke’ garbage as many of us are! And he could care less what many of his colleges think of him as he is willing to call them out anytime, anywhere! When he first started rising to prominence a few years back, he was pampered and coddled by ESPN and the like until many of the networks started to see his ‘conservative leanings’ if you will. He has changed a few jobs over the years because of it! He doesn’t care. He still relentlessly calls out his fellow ‘brothas’ in media and entertainment for always using the race/victim card!

    But, I find it interesting Russ that you post a video by Whitlock here, because I was watching one of his videos from Oct. 11th when, lo and behold, he posts a screen image of your very own Winter Watch. The world comes full circle in a microcosm! Go to 4:29 of the video:

  5. You can add our dear Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen to Potemkin as well! Look at her Twitter joined date with the amazing and sudden explosion of followers to her account; and, of course, the blue checky! All organic and natural and earned!

    • Yes – it’s all as real as Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, & the easter bunny, all 3 who of whom are more believable than than this current disreality state of affairs as presented by 5th grade level old people in ‘media’. True mature adulthood does not exist in any communist/commercial crap entering our heads. Don’t attend to any of it, but carry on as separatists from it.

  6. Okay, I may provide something more substantive on this thread later, but I am pressed on time and thought I could start us off with this article: Death and the All-American Boy

    Torchy, I highly recommend this one to you as I think you might find Uncle Joe’s creepiness transcendent. Pick a decade in which this guy’s name was known and all you get is icky, stupid, ugly and vain. Plus Torchy, I think you might like how the piece is written / structured.

    As for everyone else, I still think you will get a good deal from the read. Now, I was speaking to Skoolafish a few days ago (after I read this article) and I came to this conclusion (from an email I sent Julius):

    “What dawned on me about the article was a macro idea about both Trump and Biden being Rockefeller properties that were set up for this moment in history, decades ago. This got me thinking about the life and times of Senator Jay Rockefeller:

    which had me scratching my head quite a bit. Long story, short, I have arrived at the opinion that during my lifetime, these are the folks who provided our fearless leaders:

    Nixon – a Bush product and the military industrial complex brand

    Ford – an accident and Rockefeller product

    Carter – Rockefeller product

    Reagan – military industrial complex product

    H.W. – product of the CIA

    Clinton – product of the CIA

    W. – product of the CIA

    Barry – product of the CIA

    Trump – Rockefeller product

    Biden – Rockefeller product

    With the exception of the last 2, I had made up my mind on the origins of the others a while back. Yesterday set the final two up in my mind and a basic understanding of the why / how.”

    Then we were speaking some more and I mentioned this bit:

    “First we go here:

    Then we go here:

    Once I read the Kelley article, it all hit me in about 1 hour. Biden is easy because he is coming from Delaware (the state that Rockefeller built), but Orange Potato was harder because I was actually thinking that Langley let DIA have a shot at the office; however, yesterday I figured out that I had been wrong all along.”

    You see that article did two things for me:

    It made me think of how creepy this chuckle-head has been his entire life…a cutout / actor par excellence with a really creepy role to play


    He has the hand of Rockefeller all up in his cavity, working his stupid puppet self.

    The ancillary benefit was that it got me thinking about Orange Baked Potato and the fact that he had to have been controlled; however, as I say to Skoolafish, I now think / know that I was wrong with who was doing the controlling. Now, I have grown up with Orange Baked Potato in my life for decades, so I do have other possible support for my claim; however, as I am short on time, I would just ask that we start with the two links.

    More later…

    All my best,

    Simple Citizen

  7. In looking at the thread, I noticed:

    “The purpose of this psyops is demoralization and continuing to build propaganda around the concept that there is no justice or protection for the average citizen, and that too much tolerance and no accountability exists for the evil.”

    Then there is the cartoon character (Sponge Bob) and the comment about the nursing shortage, as well as the National Guard, which brings us to an how gaming theory is being utilized to elicit an emotional response that is driving folks to act contrary to previously held beliefs. Basically, the gaming of society is off the charts. Please consider:

    The marketing of mask wearing as an indication of rebellion in not taking the shot. So now, quite voluntarily, folks are “proud” to wear the masks (which was the original goal to get the mouth breathers to STFU — First Amendment can go “suck it”) in defiance of Uncle Joe…nice one — feels a bit like the Christmas bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War when Kissinger personally ensured that the USAF only used Jewish pilots, which made all of it just fine.
    So we end the longest running war in the history of the very violent United States of America (a nation that has pretty much been in perpetual war since before its founding) over in Afghanistan, yet we do it such a nonsensical manner as to leave even proponents of ending the war with the sense that we need to go back and correct our mistakes.

    This leaves the neocons and their even less intelligent scions open to going back for another round of indefinite warfare with a giant middle finger and a “see, I told you so” to anyone who would never want our nation to consistently kill in all corners of the world. The game is afoot and people are being not-so-subtly turned against their own better selves.


    There is the bait and switch on the new pill for Conjob-19. People wanted Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. The 1 % of the 1 % thought:

    “Oh, they just do not want a shot and would rather a pill instead. I mean after all the cyanide that they will eventually take to escape this reality comes in a pill; might as well get them practicing for the moment.”

    Yet there is research that indicates that the new Mereck pill could be a Pandora’s box.

    Now I could go on and on regarding how an Apple IPhone gets “normal folks” to love actual human slavery, but this post would become really, really long. There is a game afoot that is more dangerous than we have previously witnessed in recent history in which very destructive behaviors are being sold as the right / rebellious / smart “ALTERNATIVE”; however, this Simple Citizen would contend that the whole choice is corrupt and self destructive to all in some form or fashion.


  8. Okay, a moment to reflect.

    As some of you already know, I have posted the work of Mr. David Khari Webber Chappelle a couple / few times on Winter Watch. I was just thinking that perhaps I should not take such a step again, as he is integral to this thread and it might feel like bringing water to a well.

    Still, one has to wonder about the attempt to use him in a divisive manner, which is completely out of his control. My (humble) feeling is that Mr. Chappelle is not going to be eliminated, but rather raised even higher as a divisive tool on a level that is far greater than he has ever intended in his stand-up routines.

    Now we could start with the extreme satanic connections of Netflix, a company that (like Amazon) was on life support for years, until… Well a con is a con and they are designed to make money for the “con-artists”; I recommend giving Netflix another look if you are interested…very deep state indeed. For every decent documentary Netflix may give us, there is the support for, global, ideas including pedophilia another film. Heck, I would not be very surprised if there is a documentary in the “pipeline” to rehabilitate the Podesta brothers. Yet we should focus on Dave.

    When I see BGNZ state “D.C.” I kind of giggle, because D.C. is from D.C., and that just gets me in an ironic way. His mother was a Minister at one of the oldest Unitarian Universalist Churches in Washington District of Columbia. Please trust me that the building, which could use a buff on the exterior, is quite impressive. Dave is a Muslim gentleman that resides in Ohio. A contrarian? Yep. A free thinker? Yep.

    As we know, his claim to fame was the Chappelle show, which he evidently ended based on this skit and a reaction that it received:

    Unfortunately, the entire skit is not easy to come by on YouTube these days (it used to be fully on the site), but I think we get the basic premise of the skit. Humor about us all. A study in stereotypes that is not truthful, but exaggerated to give us a chance to laugh at ourselves, one another, and the very premise of these stereotypes / labels / ideas.

    At the time, many folks thought Dave was “nuts” to walk away from is lucrative contract with the cable channel, Comedy Central, over his dissatisfaction with the results of this skit; however, I do not think the general public gave much of a thought about the pressure and corporate politics behind the scenes. It would be my (humble) opinion that Dave made the right choice to leave as he was being pushed to a box of conformity…plus I liked his Block Party concert film, so f*ck-em.

    The fact remains that Dave does not conform, and through the grace of God, keeps on keeping on. Comedy is not dead and we can be thankful for Dave keeping it alive. Most of our great comedians have transitioned (many under questionable circumstances) and therefore political comedy and questioning is nearly gone. We can easily find a foul mouthed lady, who may have done a “ROAST” in Las Vegas, and would prefer to give us the insane details of her sexual inadequacy. Yet where is the Robin Williams at the Met, taking on Reagan with unrelenting fortitude?

    As this thread, rightly, identifies, Mr. Biden is right for a comedic take-down, a media take-down, and a musical take-down (where are all those musical Baby Boomer protestors?). America is asleep, and I sure as heck think Dave (my generation) is trying to wake people up.


  9. “Speaking of authenticity, we have a performance by one Kabbalah Harris speaking in feigned wide-eyed wonderment to a group of young teenagers as if they were five years old. The video, released on YouTube last week, is the first of a planned series titled “Get Curious with Vice President Harris.””

    Has anyone else noticed the evolution of her face, both in live and taped broadcasts? I do not like this link so much, but YT scrubbed all analysis and just has two propaganda pieces:

    The back story is such a mess of “cut and paste” regarding the parents that it makes Barry’s story
    look sane. Yet, I would answer that she is one evolutionary step away from Barry in the minds of the 1% of the 1%, which is a way to break it in slowly for all of us “mouth breathers”. “BEIGE” is the new servant class and y’all best either breed this way or go away…plain and simple.


    P.S. Yeah this is Anglo-American empire and Tavistock, but I like the song (I enjoy the German mislabeling)

    and an accurately labeled version (but I like the first one better):


  10. Since we were talking about the myth of “Joe Biden”, I thought I could speak to his generation and the “take over” in a small way — not comprehensive.

    “You say you want a revolution, well you know

    we were all made by Tavistock.”

    This is not a real band:

    A band that stopped playing live gigs, ages ago and will only give a selective look at their “majik”, is not a real (musical) band of any kind. It is simply a cult of personality.

    Now what I was reminded of in a recent documentary is that is you have 60% (or a shaving less) of a nation’s youth unemployed, you could create a movement through very simple means. Basically, if the “kids” have nothing to do you could introduce a movement to just fill the day.

    The opposite of this would be to “employ them” to stay home via a government payment. Then you will have no movement.


    Postscript: The answer to the video above:

    Please recall that for every Adorno, and in this case Martin, bands, there are still natural answers to the issue…a couple more:

    and (although I now doubt this next one…I am beginning to think Tavistock)


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