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ESPN’s Woke Kirk Herbstreit Musters Crocodile Tears for Social Justice

Wokeism is the new religion, and it is destroying the sports world.

College football returned Saturday, and ESPN viewers of “College Game Day” were forced to witness a sickening performance from one of its Caucasian contributing game analysts, Kirk Herbstreit, who openly wept crocodile tears about racial justice.

“Look how much I care!!!” he appeared to cry.

To our eyes, it looked like Herbstreit’s tears a plea to hold on to his job.

ESPN: “Sorry, Kirk. You are just not woke enough for our network.”

Herbstreit: “Oh yeah … watch this!”

What could motivate a guy with a quarter century of broadcasting and commentary under his belt to pull such a pathetic and brainwashed stunt replete with such cliches? Is it really heart felt?

Herbstreit’s reported annual salary as a useful idiot is around $2 million. That might explain why people like this are willing to eat shit.

ESPN, Inc. is owned by Hearst Communications (20%) and the notorious and sinister Disney Media Networks (80%). Disney has become one of the worst mega-corporations in America.

For further reading on Disney:

In media circles, Kirk is being lauded for his woke performance. But this clown might take a beating over his pitiful act. Atta boy, Kirk. Get woke go broke.

Watch the hack in the upper right panel of the following video. At 2:35 she just so happened to have a tissue on hand for her crocodile tears in this clown world performance.

Our radio show partner Patrick “Dino” Ryan skewers Herbstreit. 

How to cry on cue.

What is management thinking? Do they have a death wish? Or do they have some soft money being fed in from some Crime Syndicate oligarchical slush fund to cover for the resulting audience swoon?

ESPN’s studio programming, which has become MSESPN’s WokeCenter on steroids 24/7, hit a 41-year ratings low — in the entire history of the network’s existance.

In a piece published in “The Athletic” last week, Ethan Strauss reported that the ratings for network NBA broadcasts have declined by 45% since 2011–’12. Games on TNT are also down by more than 40%.

A new Harris Poll indicates 39% of sports fans say they are watching fewer games. The chief reason why: woke politics.

Demonstrations of social justice warrior arrogance, such as demonstrated by the aforementioned Kirk Herbstreit, obliterates a large segment of the potential audience.

Listen at minute 00:00:58 as LeBron James proclaims that the basketball community is indifferent to the loss of its paycheck. Talk about entitlement. Oppressed LeBron James signed a 4 year – $153,312,846 contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, including $153,312,846 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $38,328,212.

NFL TV ratings are souring as well. Incredibly the league just doubled down on the insanity. End zones will be inscribed this season with two slogans: “It Takes All Of Us” on one end line and “End Racism” on the other.

As part of its social justice awareness initiatives, the NFL also will allow similar visuals on helmets and caps.

Players can choose either a name of a victim or one of four preferred phrases the NFL has approved: “Stop Hate”; ”It Takes All Of Us”; “End Racism”; or “Black Lives Matter.’”

Major league baseball television ratings are turning south. A regional primetime FOX Sports Network outing between the Cubs and Kansas City Royals garnered 1.49 million viewers. It marked the network’s worst-performing MLB game in two years. When compared to other MLB primetime showings, it was the worst in four years.

Over on ESPN, a game between the Mets and Nationals had only 298,000 viewers, while the game between the Angels and Seattle Mariners drew 249,000 viewers. For context, the worst-performing ESPN-hosted game of the year last season was between the Angels and A’s, and that did 368,000 viewers.

17 Comments on ESPN’s Woke Kirk Herbstreit Musters Crocodile Tears for Social Justice

    • Yes- & also the tv in a room within our residence where someone of long time companionship continues watching commercial sports, indifferent to its ‘down with whites’ bias in between the fixed plays amidst fanless super stadiums. It is hard to take & bringing up the idea of ‘professional sports agenda or manipulation’ is risky at best.

  1. Ah yes, the fake criers. This is an important video for all Whites who are attempting to keep your career alive in this woke world. It’s also a must for all you crisis actors out there.

  2. If you read the comments in the Kirk video on YouTube you will find he’s fooling no one and is totally derided by those commenters.

  3. Growing up in Dallas during Roger the Dodger’s reign made it difficult to finally see how fixed the league is and all the college games, too. It doesn’t mean these games aren’t still quite the spectacle, sometimes comical in the end. I would still watch hockey, believe it or not for a born and raised Texan, were it available without paying monopoly pricing for cable.

    So, on Sunday, I was able to watch what may be one of the only Stars’ playoff hockey games available to me in D/FW this year. Games period, not just playoff games. Fixing seems more difficult in practice in hockey, but who are the Stars playing in the conference finals? The Las Vegas expansion team, what 3 years in now, already a Cup under their belt? Come the fuck on.

    I watched that playoff game for posterity: like hockey’s 90% white asses are making the Marxist Nationalized sporting event final cuts anyway. It might be my last time to see the Stars get scripted out of the season again!

    • And the games with their empty stadiums become such the stupid farce.

      If my Cowboys fan friend was still listening after my unsolicited opinions on the fixed nature of the league, I said, “Sure, I’ll look up when they show Jerry Jones’ eyeballs roll back into his skull in ecstasy as he rides up and down on Governor Chris Christie’s hot beef injection. I’ll look up, sure I will….” Hehheh.

  4. Great site for understanding just how rigged sports are–the fix is in (Google or whatever it, I don’t remember the link URL) and Brian Touhy. Only watched the NFL for the past 30 years or so (no longer though), and the rigging is obvious (for instance, why is it that the year the NE Patriots were accused to deflating footballs and Brady was suspended 4 games, which was 2016, they won their fifth Super Bowl? The accusation was rigged so that the Pats would be compensated with a Super Bowl win! That’s the year the Seattle was “forced” to have their coach, a former cheater at USC, tell Russell Wilson to pass when they should have just sent in Marshawn Lynch and he get intercepted…the coach lost on purpose.)

    IMHO. sports deserves the crapola they are getting, and ESPN and MSNBC sports deserves to be kicked off whatever….the worst PC asshole is ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio, who, would you believe, lives in “cracka-ville,” aka West Virginia? If he hates “white trash” that pay his salary so much, he needs to move to Washington DC or NYC or Philly or LA or Portland or Seattle of Chicago or Denver or Louisville or even Austin…that way, BLM thugs can burn his home to the ground….Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  5. Herbstreit has always been a sanctimonious scumbag, though he was more subtle in the past. Sports have always been “fixed spectacles”. The black sox to the astros, ped use, college basketball points shaving and ncaa coaches’ player buying, nba referees fixing playoff games- these are the proven examples we know about… Imagine what we don’t. The fact is sports are a con, as far as honest competition is concerned, and if people are just coming around to realizing that they’re propaganda vehicles, they weren’t paying attention. Makes you wonder what the Jackie Robinson psyop was really all about. My guess- just another increment of cultural marxist programming for that particular generation.

    • Regarding sports’ current programming for this generation- K.C. Chiefs game reads like Orwell 2020:
      1. 21% capacity (Part of psyop that makes #3 possible, I’m sure the teams will appeal to uncle sam for a bailout to cover their losses)
      2. Masks required at all times (psychologically damaging and part of mandated artificial economic stimulus)
      3. Social distancing strictly enforced (psychologically damaging extra control measures to further enforce said con)
      4. Food served in closed containers (another part of mandated economic stimulus and constant reminder of con)
      5. No cheerleaders (another psychologically deadening aspect of psyop- no spirit)
      6. IT TAKES ALL OF US in one end zone (below)
      7. END RACISM in the other end zone (part of larger overall psychological assault, coming from a different direction)
      8. Announcers telegraphing that the season will not be completed, while they act as if this virus situation is dangerous and exhibiting duping delight (As someone who detests what sports have become, part of me wants this to happen for the benefit of the people who buy this con, but I reckon if this happens, the overall situation will worsen further into a dark winter)
      9. Cashless transactions (another salvo from a different direction and one of the crime syndicate’s top all time goals)
      10. Nearly constant wear your mask commercials messaging with 100% corporate/media participation (Uber won’t give you a ride without one- just another reason to own your own stuff, and be nowhere near places where Uber operates, my sentiments)
      I’m sure I’m missing plenty more effects. If all this can’t wake up a critical mass of pajama people, I don’t know what could. Perhaps we’ve collectively consumed too much aluminum…

  6. “Disney has become one of the worst mega-corporations in America”

    Ever since Michael Eisner and his cohort of Jews were brought in by Walt’s brother Roy in 1984, it has been all one long, protracted slow death for Disney. As the CEO and Chairman of the Board, Eisner basically turned Disney Inc. into just one large share-holding company by acquiring such assets as ABC and ESPN and expanding Disney’s reach with his ‘Decade of Disney’ projects beginning in the 90’s. One of Eisner’s first projects when taking over was Disney’s first R-rated movie.

    ESPN was founded just prior to Eisner taking charge and has polluted the minds of countless people over the years and their recent overhaul of their radio talk-shows and Herbstreit’s effeminate, virtue-signalling tirade along with their collapsing ratings manifest just how fed up people are with the constant multiculturalism being forced into the narrative of sports.

    Sports and competition originate from ‘Greek genius’ and in their essence they can help cultivate and sublimate our warlike drives and impulses into healthy cultural accomplishments. If one were to look deep enough, one would find a deep Hellenic thread that connects our modern day sports with their ancient ancestors. However, with Jews like Eisner and Ovitz laying their filthy hands all over these gems, these turn into just another endeavor for profit-making greed and cultural degeneracy.

    • Disney is now facing backlash for filming “Mulan” in China province with human rights issues… But has not responded with any comment yet.. Sports does the same thing- MLB loves buying whole towns of “prospects” in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela etc. It’s a numbers game for them- liken this practice to Nike-esque slave labor augmenting (((professional sports))). I reckon the NFL and NBA do the same thing with American blacks, NBA loves eastern bloc slavs also. These employees are cheaper and more plentiful than white Americans, and can be easily “released” back to their squalid hometowns or countries without a care if they don’t work out. Big time corporate behavior, whether making movies, sports, shoes etc. has nothing to do with making the best product for the consumer, and everything to do with making the biggest profit, which means finding the cheapest labor.

  7. I’m so glad I missed this. I like Herbstreit and don’t wanna be nauseated. I generally like
    College Game Day and would normally look forward to parts of it on a Saturday. Call it
    old habits or tradition if you like. But I do indeed watch little to none of ESPN which is far
    different than years ago, when I used to enjoy many of their hosts and programs. 30 for
    30 was actually quite good depending on the topic. But there came a point, no doubt
    about it, when it was hard to miss the over representation of the non-white rainbow
    formula (esp. women), sub continent Indians (huh ?!) arabs, and various mochas.
    Add to this an increase in preachiness and non sports related takes of “issues” du
    jour and I, like millions of others, had enough. Multiple times I yelled at the TV. So
    you are exactly right, “THEY” (odious, annoying weirdo jews) RUIN EVERYTHING.
    As usual.

  8. I tried listening to ESPN radio’s new morning crew that includes Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, and Zubin Mehenti and it was painful. Generally, two primary factors go into whether one is a good ‘radio personality’ or not. One is a certain charm or charisma that translates well over the airwaves. Second, a great voice or command of the voice that conveys confidence and that listeners want to know the face of.

    Though Mehenti has a good voice, they all fail on the ‘interesting’ or personality test. They are boooring! They have only been on the air for going on 3 weeks and they are continually discussing ‘race’ at every opportunity. No surprise!

    All three of these guys were intentional ‘affirmative action’ hires, if you will. It went from Mike Golic Sr., Mike Golic Jr., and Trey Wingo(3 whites) to two blacks and an American-born Indian. This was all buy design and part of the much, much larger agenda(that we here at WW are well aware of)of displacing whites more and more in their jobs and in their country at large. Very few primary white faces now at ESPN that have their own show or are relied upon to bring in viewers! Michelle Beadle’s was also recently run out of ESPN and replaced by the black Maria Taylor.

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