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Fed Chair Powell: Wearing masks can lead to ‘enormous’ economic gains

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By Brian Cheung | 4 September 2020

YAHOO! FINANCE — Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell said Friday that Americans should wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines to ensure an economic recovery.

“There’s actually enormous economic gains to be had nationwide from people wearing masks and keeping their distance,” Powell told NPR. Powell added that short of a vaccine, such measures enable people to “go back to work and not get sick.”

Powell also spoke about the August jobs report, describing the addition of 1.371 million payrolls in August as “a good one.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the new numbers on Friday morning, which also showed the unemployment rate falling to 8.4% — below the street’s expectations.

Powell pointed out that the August gains were not as large as those in May and June[…]

4 Comments on Fed Chair Powell: Wearing masks can lead to ‘enormous’ economic gains

  1. “WEARING MASKS CAN LEAD TO ‘ENORMOUS’ ECONOMIC GAINS”….yeah, if you’re in the Mask manufacturing business.

  2. So sayeth the same criminal psycho elites who refuse to wear masks…masks are only for us “little people,” right? And, oh yeah, same for “social distancing”….they don’t have to “socially distance” in their 100,000 square foot mansions and castles now do they?

  3. So now a cabal puppet head that works for the bailed out Federal Reserve will be giving us medical advice also! This jackass can’t even manage the job he has f@cking up the monetary system and now we must adhere to his retarded babbling, well maybe he has a dog in the race like Gates and Fauchi who are highly invested in those vaccines they want to chip us with $$$$$ All cabal satanists

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