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Russ Winter Joins ‘Operation Scorpio’ and the Brain Trust to Discuss Pfizerstruck Tyranny, 9/11 Pilots and Other Titillating Topics

Russ Winter rejoins Guiseppe Vafanculo and Dave Scorpio (aka “The Brain Trust”) to discuss a wide range of topics. Russ is also introduced to Daryl Wayne Claymore, who is definitely at Brain Trust level in terms of input. There was a strong call in last hour and some good questions and discussion. There is some talking over — mostly by Russ — which is caused by the transatlantic sound delay.

The show is available here, as well as below. Russ comes on at minute 01:05:00.

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25 Comments on Russ Winter Joins ‘Operation Scorpio’ and the Brain Trust to Discuss Pfizerstruck Tyranny, 9/11 Pilots and Other Titillating Topics

  1. Speaking of this ‘If you don’t believe X, I’m glad you die or hang yourself’ talk, mainly coming from mainstream media. Now we have some of the original ‘9/11 Truth’ crowd, in the ‘alt’ or ‘independent media,’ saying that anyone claiming that ‘Jews or Zionists control large portions of the global or US media should hang themselves or stick their heads in an oven.’ Pretty sure that includes many writers on this site, and people on this discussion. All you have to do is look at the top executives of the major media conglomerates, as well as in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, in addition to the top TV/Film producers. Not hard. It’s right there. What world is this where so-called independent media ‘truthers’ tell people they should off themselves for just affirming obvious, observable, verifiable fact?


    2.) I mean c’mon

    3.) And this is just one fraction of it—Part-Two:f

    • Good stuff I was reading about the little weasel DiCaprio but I couldn’t find anything on his mother? I will go back and see if I missed it, cause I am wondering if the father is basically a sperm donor like DeNiro or Stallone both mothers were (((you know)). Never heard of the radio host from CLIP 1 and he is probably ((one)) also.Thanks

  2. Thanks RW – I wish I had more time to listen to more of these Operation Scorpio podcasts.

    Re COVID, I usually start a conversation with “have you heard of … “ and work through the list below without overwhelming the listener – and even write it down (or carry copies of the list around). I say “that’s okay if you haven’t heard of so-and-so – I hadn’t either a year ago – I am just gauging where you are at with your journey”. Important to keep their trust. Never get heated and emotional.

    I had such a conversation with a receptionist at a dental clinic the other day in explaining why I could not bring myself to wear a mask (it was about to come off anyway!). She was most receptive – people know something is wrong but just don’t know where to start as they are still captives of the TeleVision and smart device brain-numbing feeds.

    COVID discussion points for those prepared to listen and think

    • Georgia Guidestones
    • Kary Mullis – Nobel prize winner PCR Process (not a diagnostic test)
    o All testing has been fake or fraudulent – all cases are voodoo non-science
    o There have been no COVID deaths – governments have hidden/removed historical data on cold and flu deaths as well as from all other comorbidities (eg COPD, respiratory illnesses, deranged immune systems) – all rebranded as ‘COVID’ – PLUS – elderly have been murdered to boost the numbers with ventilators and/or drugs.
    • Neil Ferguson – computer simulations to establish fearmongering in the UK – he was also the central figure in the mad cow disease ‘hoax’ of 20-odd years ago.
    • Anthony Fauci – liar and fraud – has a history of similar frauds with previous pandemics including AIDS – these people belong to secret ‘elite’ death cults.
    • Bill and Melinda Gates – Foundation (ditto)
    • Event 201 at John Hopkins University – proof of pre-planning
    • Rockefeller Institute Project Lockstep document –proof of pre-planning
    • Klaus Schwab – WEF (World Economic Foundation) – laying out the New World Order / The Great Reset – now he is ’predicting’ a massive ‘cyber pandemic’ (because that’s what they have planned).

    There are so many links – your acquaintance needs to be ready and willing to take the journey themselves.

    For example:

    • After 18 Months, We’re Still Doing ‘The PCR Hustle’ (21st Century Wire)

    It includes various links including this one.

    • Kary Mullis on the PCR

  3. Nice to see and hear Scorpio back again; I guess he is back in the U.S. at this point.

    Still listening right now, but I also get concerned about the occasional fake account on here.


    • RW,

      I have mentioned HP on WW before (H2O2). The reason we used distilled water (and this is important) is due to the binding nature of the food grade product and the possibility that we may deliver impurities in the process of taking the substance. Heavy metals in tap water could find an accelerated delivery from the H2O2 mix, which could eventually defeat the entire purpose of using it. I know this is a crude explanation, but I think the basic idea is there.


    • I think Daryl is a midwesterner or even a Kansan. He has that dry humor, speech manner and a smart certain timed pregnant pause delivery that I really like from my own roots- and rarely encounter anymore.

      • RW,

        Yeah, I hope they have him back and I would opine that you may wish to mention him to Dino. He could make for a good third on any future podcast.

        I still have not finished the podcast yet; I have a few new tasks today that I was previously unaware of. I will get back to it this afternoon of evening.

        Overall it is a good one and I encourage everyone to give it a listen.


  4. Listening to Dr. Mary’s Monkey today as I do some manual labor (no not on a chain gang — you WW folks, always with the humor = ):

    It fits in quite perfectly with this very podcast. Hey did y’all know that NIH nearly went out of business over the Polio shot, and it was V.P. Nixon who brought it back in 1955? I totally missed this one in my prior readings of the text and listening to the audiobook.


  5. Does anyone here possibly know what has happened to Tim Kelly of ‘Our Interesting Times?’ He hasn’t posted a show in over 3 weeks! I assumed he was just taking a break or on vacation, but Tim is pretty prolific usually doing 2-3 shows a week. Tim generally does a solid show and comes across as a very likable guy. Just a bit concerned at this point and hope nothing has happened to him!

    I remember a few months back when ‘Jeff Censored’ all of a sudden disappeared from YT and an APB went out on the Net for him and he was, of course, eventually found deceased in his bed at home.

    • No but if you reach out to RW’s friend, Mr. Eric Gajewski (Trad Cath), he might know any new news. They have worked together on the blog in the past.

      If I see anything, I will let you know; however, that is all I have for this moment.


        • P.S thanks for mentioning how tRUMP may be with the ((Russian)) seems to me he is a Russian money launderer because he has had many failed businesses and many bail outs yet still retains his wealth. Some shady business with tRUMP renting or selling condos to ((Russians)) There is truth to the Russian collusion but no one is willing to peel that onion because it will lead to all their ((masters)). I have no proof but it is what makes sense to me

    • @Ed- Yes, I’ve been wondering about what happened to Tim Kelly too. Like you said, he’s pretty consistent in putting out a number of shows a week. I always listened to his show with Joe Atwill on the weekends. There’s no website with contact info and nobody seems to know.

  6. Thanks Amanda!

    Yes! If no news comes forth over the next week or so, it is definitely cause for concern. I’m gonna contact E. Michael Jones’ wife and see if she can ask him about Tim. I’ll fill everyone in if I get some info.

    • Thanks, Ed! Also, fwiw, I just found Joe Atwill’s website ( and contact info, so I sent a quick email asking what happened to Tim Kelly and their show together. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

    • @Ed- I just heard back from Joe. He said Tim has been sick for a while, so that’s why there were no shows. But he’s feeling better now, so they will start up shows again in 2 weeks.

  7. Re: Ivermectin, the poison is in the dosage. This is true of ALL medications… that’s why we have bloody dosages. For the love of Pete. Such a ludicrous allegation!

    BTW, black seed (nigella sativa) is an alternative to Ivermectin according to America’s Frontline Doctors. It is noteworthy that these medicines are anti-parasitics, which points to the actual cause of many ailments.

    Look at the efficacy of Ivermectin in Africa:

    I have to echo Daryl Wayne: Big up to you Russ–you are really knocking it out the park. You’re are doing very impressive work. Keep it up. Cheers.

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