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Alchemists and Early Modern-Era Organized Poisoning


The Alchemists knew of the existence of microbes and toxins long before the medical discoveries of the present age. Their bacteriology laboratories were working for a long time on cultures of bacilli or solutions of toxic properties. When administered in infinitesimal doses, mixed with food or drink, these toxics disseminate disease and death where it is judged necessary by the ” Masters ” that life is to be destroyed. In these cases, deaths occurred from apparently natural causes or “plagues.”

As the poison business boomed in Europe during the 16th century, an organization called The Council of Ten was established in Italy by a group of morally challenged alchemists who catered to the needs of people who needed elimination services.

Arsenic was the poison of choice. It’s odorless, tasteless and builds up in the human body. A large dose will kill someone in hours, while a steady, small dose will cause someone to become ill and appear to die from natural causes. The poison used to be extremely difficult to detect after death, until James Marsh developed a reliable test in 1832.

Many others took up this occupation throughout late Renaissance Europe, and there was a spate of young, wealthy, married women suddenly becoming young, wealthy, eligible widows. In 17th century France, white arsenic became known as poudre de succession, the “inheritance powder.”

The Catholic clergy became alarmed by the number of young women confessing that they had killed their husbands with slow poisoning, and informed the head of the church.

When the papal authorities began inquiries, they discovered a society of young wives meeting nightly at the house of a reputed witch and fortuneteller named Hieronyma La Spara. A woman was sent to infiltrate the society, and she found out that La Spara would sell an imploring young wife a few drops of poison that would send her husband to his “last long sleep.” This resulted in the arrest of La Spara and her secret society.

While La Spara maintained her silence even under torture, another member, La Gratiosa, broke down and revealed the secrets of the society. Five women, including La Spara and Gratiosa, were hanged together in Rome. More than 30 others were later whipped through the streets, hanged, exiled or fined heavily.

In Renaissance Europe, the art of poisoning came to its fore and contracts to poison one’s neighbor became a social norm. The poisoner made appointments and set prices. The client named the victim, and a contract was made. The poisoner was paid when the job was done.

A family of professional poisoners from the late 15th century were the wealthy powerful Borgia family, Pope Alexander IV, his son Cesare, and Cesare’s half sister, Lucrezia.

Giulia Toffana

A well-known poisoner of the mid 17th century was an Italian lady named Giulia Toffana. She made cosmetics containing arsenic, Aqua Toffana, and gave the tainted cosmetics with appropriate instructions on how to apply them to the intended victim. Toffana and her daughter, Girolama, were executed in Rome in 1659 for their complicity in the poisoning death of several hundred men.

The Affair of the Poisons

Catherine Deshayes (1640-1680), aka La Voisin, was a French serial killer and satanist. She was burned as a witch on Feb. 16, 1680, in Paris. She celebrated black masses, practiced abortions, and sold love potions and poisons. She is said to have sacrificed infants. La Voisin had a large network of colleagues and assistants, who performed allegedly magical tasks, and the priests Étienne Guibourg and Abbé Mariotte officiated at the black masses.

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She entertained at parties with violin music in her gardens at night, attended by Parisian upper-class society. The house also included a furnace for the bodies of dead babies, who were then buried in the garden.

La Voisin played an important role in royal circles as well. Her most important client was Madame de Montespan, official royal mistress to King Louis XIV of France. In 1667, Montespan hired La Voisin to arrange a black mass. This mass was celebrated in a house in Rue de la Tannerie. Montespan prayed to win the love of the king. That same year, Montespan became the official mistress of the king; and after this, she employed La Voisin whenever a problem occurred in her relationship with the king.

In 1677, Montespan made clear that if the king should abandon her, she would have him killed. When the King entered in to a relationship with Angélique de Fontanges in 1679, Montespan called on La Voisin and asked her to have both the king and Fontages killed. La Voisin made an unsuccessful assassination attempt by trying to pass a poisoned petition on March 5, 1679.

The arrest of three poisoners — Magdelaine de La Grange, Marie Bosse and Marie Vigoreux — in January 1679 made the police aware that there was a network in Paris who dealt with the distribution of poison.

On March 12, 1679, La Voisin was arrested. During her arrest, La Voisin’s maid Margot stated that her mistress’ detention would mean the end for a number of people in all positions of society. The arrest of La Voisin was followed by the arrest of her daughter Marguerite Monvoisin, Guibourg, Lesage, Bertrand, Romain and the rest of her sinister network. La Voisin was imprisoned at Vincennes, were she was subjected to questioning.

She confessed to the crimes of which she was accused and described the development of her career. She never mentioned the names of any of her influential clients during the interviews and was not subject to torture. Referring to the elite Police Chief Reynie, she said, “The enormity of their crimes proved their safeguard.” Some things never change.

Marie Anne Mancini, Duchess of Bouillon, sought to get rid of her husband in order to marry the Duke of Vendôme. Louis XIV quietly banished her to Nérac.

Also involved in the scandal was Eustache Dauger de Cavoye, the eldest living scion of a prominent noble family. De Cavoye was disinherited by his family when, in an act of debauchery, he chose to celebrate Good Friday with a Black Mass. Upon his disinheritance, he opened a lucrative trade in “inheritance powders” and aphrodisiacs. He mysteriously disappeared when it hit the fan. Louis de Guilhem de Castelnau, Marqee de Cessac; left country to avoid trial, but returned in 1691.

Thirty-six people involved were executed, and a number of them for witchcraft. Five were sent to the galleys and 23 were banished.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Has the underlying proclivity of the alchemist poisoners gone away? Hardly. They’ve gone legit and have multiplied in efficiency in this modern technological era. Want some toxic aluminum or genetic alterations in your vaccine, pyjama person?

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The Impossible Whopper Estrogen Burger: Helping Men Grow Boobies Since 2019

‘Tinfoil Hat’ Folks Get the Last Laugh: Former CIA Chief Brennan Lauded Chemtrails in CFR Speech

Dr. Tenpenny has written, “According to the Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker, as of Dec. 26, 2020, 83 vaccines are in Phase 1, 2 or 3 human and animal clinical trials, with 18 approaching the final stages of testing. Never before have so many companies tested so many different vaccines at the same time, against a virus that has not been isolated. Of those in the trials, five vaccines are now early use, with three vaccines approved for clinical use Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.”

“Are you willing to be injected with something unknown and never tested before in humans?” she asks. After all, humans are now the guinea pigs for these injections.

Tenpenny warns that those who have taken the vaccine will begin to become sick and many will die within 3-6 months.

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  1. Poison had a great effect on the course of WW1. Some prominent victims include

    General Alberto Pollio, who was chief of the Italian General Staff and a good friend of Germany. General Pollio was struck down with a ‘heart attack’ on June 28th, the same day that Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie were shot.

    Nicholai Hartwig, Russian ambassador to Serbia, hit with a ‘heart attack’ two weeks later.

    Count Serge Witte, leader of the peace party in Russia, had just about convinced Tsar Nicholai to quit the war when he suddenly died of ‘meningitis’ in March 1915.

  2. From the looks of it (based on initial comment dates), an excellent thread that has been updated to include current events; I am very appreciative that it is here.

    The question toward the end was interesting (proposed by Dr. Tenpenny):

    “Are you willing to be injected with something unknown and never tested before in humans?”

    My answer is “no thank you”, and I pray a lot of individuals will follow this idea for their own response, as I do not wish for anyone to be hurt by an unnecessary drug / toxin.

    In support of this thread and the question, I would like to offer the following:

    Since I have already discussed the how, why and (where) original source of Conjob-19, as well as how to know that it is in fact not what it seems

    (still waiting on them to close BSL-4 facilities or at least suggest a unified, global, security protocol — oh well, I should not hold my breath as I need each inhale / exhale when a mask is not on = ),

    I will not be too redundant here; yet, I am very optimistic that many citizens, around the globe, are beginning to become very aware that the whole last year (as we approach the one year anniversary of house arrest and the decline of any, global, economic sanity) was never what it was advertised to be.

    The destruction of “Main Streets” all over the globe and ZERO return (even after masks, social distancing, and even vaccines) to anything remotely “normal” is wearing thin as the 1% of the 1% continue a “losing hand”. The channeling and splitting of what might historically be an American response, from a unified citizenry (as happened throughout the nation’s history on many topics of mutual interest) interested in protesting this madness, was very shrewdly split by using a “game show host” as a political martyr; however, that shadow is beginning to fade into a memory hole.

    The orange potato is beginning to fall back into obscurity either right on time, or too early (this part is hard to know at the moment) as people move on to new food for thought. Although I do no have a single doubt that spring and summer will bring new violence and domestic terrorism in a further attempt to split the citizenry, I am beginning to wonder if it will have the same effect in this seasonal cycle. If it does not, and I am right that a trend has been exhausted, then we may se more association between family, friends and neighbors that could begin a real response to this whole matter of lock downs, pandemics, and vaccinations.

    The Chief Circus Potato has left to be replaced by “the guy who forgot where he left his keys for the clown car”, and yet the circus still goes on. If it does not remain entertaining, then the crowd may want its money back and / or set fire to the tent. Should this happen, I do not think there will be red and blue, or left and right, arsonists. My guess is that everyone will work together in locating the matches.

    Please be well.


  3. Many claim ritual murder is still going on today. Is this song by The Police telling us just that? You be the judge.

    “This video is footage from the suspicious deaths of Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington & Prince Rogers Nelson. Gematria appears to play a role in their untimely deaths.”

    For further analysis of “murder by the numbers”

    • Good morning JWR; hope all is well on your end.

      Well we do know that The Police were influenced by the CIA:

      1. both Copeland parents were CIA

      2. the family was stationed in Lebanon on behalf of the Company

      3. the family was close to the Philby family (and I even suspect they knew the Dunhams. although I cannot prove it yet)

      4. the middle brother (Ian – deceased for some time now) was on a U.S. Army kill team at one point (he also worked for the band)

      5. the oldest brother Miles Copeland III also had an interesting background (but that would take a while to write about and could go very long),


      6. we know many of The Police songs reference a whole host of ideas that we tend to speak of here on WW.

      A. Every Breath You Take (surveillance)

      B. Don’t Stand so Close to Me (sexual depravity)

      C. When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around (nihilism)

      We could go on and on…

      However, in the end I think you are very much on to something with your point and I can easily agree with you. There could have been a nod to ritual killings that was indicated in the song and reflected some insider knowledge at the time.


      As with the Beatles and the Stones, I have often wondered if the Tavistock Group produced more modern examples of (alleged) rival groups as time proceeded. Certainly the Clash and the Sex Pistols occurred to me as a (potential) example. Yet with The Police, because the group’s Anglo-American composition had a strong CIA influence, I wondered if plans (competing bands idea / program) had changed coming out of the 1970s.

      One begins to consider if The Police were a primer to pass on success through a line to follow, which may have begun with the rise of U2 and proceeded accordingly with other bands to follow in succession during each new decade.

      Either way, I think you have a valid point here.


      • OH YEAH…

        Speaking of Stewart Copeland, he used to write and produce music for a favorite television show of mine, when I was about to become a teenager. It was called:

        The Equalizer

        It had spies, Cold War intrigue, a Walther PPK, Dunhill Suits, a Jaguar XJ6, notable guest stars, lots of NYC locations, good manners, tea time, the occasional Judo move, and an excellent lead actor.

        Now a few years back, Mr. Denzel Washington was cast to act in two films along similar lines (Mr. Copeland was not involved):

        So, The Equalizer went from an older, white, British gentleman, to a slightly younger, black, American gentleman. Okay, a little different, but I can role with the times for this change.


        This year The Equalizer is getting yet another update, and it is truly GROUNDBREAKING and BRAVE. (/sarc).

        WAIT FOR IT…

        WAIT FOR IT…


        The (NEW) Equalizer is now a ROTUND BLACK WOMAN in 2021! NO, SC IS NOT KIDDING HERE…READ ON.

        “The series centers around Robyn McCall, an enigmatic woman and single mother to teenage daughter Delilah, with a mysterious background who uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn, acting as a guardian angel and a defender for those who cannot defend themselves while pursuing her own redemption. ”

        Because nothing would make the “bad guys” (most likely white, soy, boys) quake in their boots then a, FAT, BLACK WOMAN with “a mysterious background” and “extensive skills”.

        (Since ladies may read this thread today, [including our friend Torchy] I shall not go into what a “mysterious background” and “extensive skills” could mean in this instance. There is a very old profession, possibly the oldest, that comes to mind when I read this statement; however, I will stop right here.)

        The original Equalizer had British SAS, as well as SIS, and also American CIA training. His final “career days” ended in the CIA, where he retired and began to help the innocent citizens who found themselves in situations they could not possibly handle. He used a small group of friends and former colleagues to assist these citizens in dealing with their problems in a manner that would end dangerous situations, with a good outcome. He was Michael, the Archangel. a protector. Civilized, knowledgeable, compassionate and adept in several areas of espionage training, The Equalizer was could turn around the darkest situations and level the worst odds.

        Wonder if the FAT, BLACK, WOMAN will have a similar training and skill set? Maybe the SAS does not deprive you of food or sleep anymore for the better part of a week in Scotland as a part of just BASIC.

        Instead, maybe they recruit people from the local “CURRY”, seeking the largest FAT, AMERICAN, BLACK WOMAN they can find, and refine her ability to engulf large amounts of food, while wondering why a MYSTERIOUS, FAT AMERICAN, BLACK WOMAN would ever even be hanging out in the local “CURRY”.

        I would bet that instead of a Walther PPK, she probably gets a Cadbury Milk, for her plus size coat, and a Milk Tray for her “kit”. Hey, maybe they even let her drive a KIA SOUL in the show.


  4. Very interesting article, love the history part it gives more background understanding, also very interesting is the history of vaccine, “Lethal Injection 2: a corruption of blood” handles that topic well, i learned lots new things watching that documentary. Sure its quite long with 8 hour runtime, but well worth, increases your vaccine hesitancy alot.–A-CORRUPTION-OF-BLOOD-(PART-1):4

    You wont find that on YT.

  5. Does it not seem like the bodies natural immunity to fight toxins, which ultimately end ‘pandemics” might also, in our anatomy, have a neurological immunity response to Bullshit ? I don’t think these guys gamed this virus thing out so well, or maybe they don’ really care..

    Even the poor have cottoned on

    “Just as we’ve seen a much smaller portion of vaccines going to Black and brown New Yorkers, we see these geographic disparities bearing out as well,” said Torian Easterling, chief equity officer of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

  6. There is collision coming at some point in the future between these various professional sports leagues and their players as the phony vaccines become ‘eligible’ for the general public at large.

    The NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. are one of the administering and enforcement arms of the hostile kakistocracy and they will at some point start pressuring their players to fall in line- or else! The recruiting has already started taking place since the deployment of the ‘vaccines’ some weeks back. This is just an early first salvo from NBA players!

    • Since most NBA, NFL, etc. athletes are black…Tuskegee Experiment and all that…their hesitancy makes perfect sense. But can the NBA and NFL etc. exist without these players? Or does the NBA, NFL, etc. want to just fall off a cliff? The covid “no fans in stadiums” (or a few anyway) nonsense has already begun the fall. What will the “pajama people” do without their bread and circuses? Hmmmm….. But the arrogant elites will always wind up screwing themselves somehow.

  7. David Whitehead (TruthWarrior) is in the process of publishing what I’ve found to be an excellent series called “Cult of the Medics” that might be of interest to some here. He’s just about to publish the 4 or 5th part.

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