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Restaurants Remove Crab From Menus Due To Skyrocketing Prices

By Tyler Durden | 17 September 2021

ZERO HEDGE — Restaurants have suffered throughout the virus pandemic, and the shortage of everything doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. We told readers in June about a worsening crabmeat shortage that sent prices soaring. Heading into September, crabmeat prices soared to record highs forcing restaurants to either pass along the costs to consumers or remove crab products from menus.

One of the top crab restaurants in Baltimore, Maryland, called Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, serves customers Maryland crab cakes, steamed crabs, crab soup, and other types of seafood. The restaurant ships crab cakes to customers all over the country and recently warned about “menu prices have recently increased due to the international crabmeat shortage which has decimated our industry.” 

Gail Furman is one of the owners of Max’s Taphouse in the Inner Harbor region of Baltimore. She told ABC News crabmeat prices are at “astronomical” levels that are forcing her to “remove crab products off our menus.” […]

2 Comments on Restaurants Remove Crab From Menus Due To Skyrocketing Prices

  1. Okay RW, now I think you might be taking the “mickey” (let’s keep it “G” rated, as in “gentleman rated” for this post). Yes, this mirror hits so many different data points “on the head” in such a way that it may be hard to begin.

    So let’s start by clearing the “clown car” out:

    Yes, DC, Maryland and Virginia are suffering under the weight of a crab shortage. Beloved Americans who feel that eating the soft shell, drowned in Old Bay (which they consider “light” eating) cannot wash this delicacy down with “curly fries” (also in Old Bay) and copious pitchers of local ale / beer (purely IPA stuff, I assure you).
    Surely Wagshal’s market (, a deep DC sort of place, has gone from $12.00 per crab cake to $? (sorry I do not go there much these days), and there are probably some folks in the NW DC up in arms.


    Certainly many of the restaurants in the DC area are moving prices upward to deal with supply; however, I may be able to assist with a little tip for the DC area, the nation, and the world…crab sashimi and crab sushi are not actual crab, but rather white fish. Therefore if your local sushi place has marked up “crab” based dishes, then they are actually lying to you.

    Now to get back to a macro view of the matter, I would suggest that the majority of global crab is Asian, coming from Thailand. To a large extent, I do not think the employees of the Thai industries have stopped working. If anything , we are speaking of a slow down on the processor side of the American industries, coming out of the south; however, they are not the dominant producers of crab.

    In the case of Asia, I would opine that it is all tied up in the logger-head of global shipping and the port system under Conjob-19. From my humble perspective, the nations that are able to harvest crab wish to do so as to keep exports rolling; however, it is the shipping lanes that are slowing their means of sale.


    • Sorry, a number list merged in Word Press and made that jumble of a paragraph up there. I keep forgetting that Word Press does not do numbered lists very well.


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