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Pro-Antifa Teacher is Among Many in California’s School System Who Are Trying to Radicalize Children

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I‘ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. California is a cesspool of bureaucracy, hypocrisy, Democrat-machine politics, oppressive taxes, ego-maniacal leftist-elite ideology, wealth disparity, entitlement mentality, eternal childhood syndrome, corrupt unions, corporate capture, pedophiles, sexual degeneracy, drugs, cultural rot, environmental terrorism, globalism, satanic worship and weaponized migration.

Take all those things, roll ’em into a dirty, furry little ball, and you have one Gabriel Gipe, a narcissistic hipster scumbag high school teacher in Natomas School District just outside of Sacramento.

Gipe’s classroom curriculum includes indoctrination of students into Marxist ideology and radicalization through incentivization. In other words, to get a good grade in Mr. Gipe’s class, you have to participate in fringe extracurricular events, such as antifa domestic terror attacks, political demonstrations and other activities that are no doubt organized by the Sacramento Party for Socialism and Liberation of which he is certainly a member.

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“I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries … Scare the f*ck out of them,” Gipe said with a chuckle in a Project Veritas hidden video.

“I have an Antifa flag on my [classroom] wall and a student complained about that — he said it made him feel uncomfortable. Well, this [Antifa flag] is meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable, so if you feel uncomfortable, I don’t really know what to tell you. Maybe you shouldn’t be aligning with the values that this [Antifa flag] is antithetical to,” said Gipe, who teaches AP government to high school seniors.

Project Veritas noted the public-school teacher went on to suggest that a viable solution for society’s problems is a violent overthrow of the U.S. Government. Gipe also talks about how his political action activities including crashing right-wing rallies.

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The announcement that this hipster doofus was outed by Project Veritas made national news. But the follow-on coverage seemed to universally neglect an important statement Gipe made: “There are three other teachers in my department that I did my credential program with — and they’re rad. They’re great people. They’re definitely on the same page.”

Solidarity with Sacramento teachers – Liberation News - Antifa Gabriel Gipe
PHOTO: Liberation News

The names of those Marxist teachers at the high school haven’t been publicly revealed, but we recall another public school teacher like Gipe who emerged several years back, spouting similar rhetoric and using identical tactics.

Meet Yvette Felarca

In 2018, a Sacramento superior court judge decided that Yvette Felarca, who’s the leader of a violent open-borders national antifa group called BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), and fellow BAMN members Michael Williams and Poririo Paz would face felony assault charges for attacking pro-nationalist demonstrators during their legal and permitted rally on June 26, 2016, near the steps of the California State Capitol.

Whatever their politics or beliefs, the Traditionalist Worker Party and Golden State Skinheads (GSS) had a right to rally. Their intent, they said, was a peaceful gathering but added that they expected violence and came prepared to defend themselves.

Antifa have the right to counter-protest peacefully — but peaceful resistance is not what the group is about. They do not honor American democratic values, such as freedom of speech and the right to protest. They abuse it. Their goal is to suppress the freedoms of others through intimidation and violence. So when antifas/BAMN got word of the “neo-Nazi” gathering Sacramento, they called on their comrades to “shut it down.”


On the fateful day, reports indicate that only about 30 TradWorkers showed up and 16 GSS. Around 11 a.m., BAMN members, about 50 in all, harassed and even attacked random white men they found in the park, including a KRCA news cameraman, a bicyclist and people just passing through.

Related image

KCRA reporter caught in the protest violence

Then at around noon, reports claim around 300 antifa members — some clad in black and wielding rocks, pipes, bats, bricks, knives, fireworks and sticks — stormed the park. Despite an estimated 100 police on duty in the area, a violent skirmish ensued.

Violence Erupts Between Anti Fascists and Neo Nazis at Sacramento Capitol

Ten people were sent to the hospital for stab wounds, two of which were critical. Among the injured, nine were antifa/BAMN and one was a Trad/GSS. Nonetheless, Yvette — who also goes by the name “Yvonne” — was happy with results.

The following Monday, Felarca returned to work as a teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School within Berkeley Unified School District. But after videos emerged in the news and online that showed 47-year-old Felarca physically attacking people and espousing Trotskyite rhetoric, the school district was inundated with complaint letters, emails and a 500-signature petition demanding her termination.

Three months later, in September 2016, the district finally put her on fully paid administrative leave pending an investigation into “concerns [Felarca] may have engaged in inappropriate conduct.” The letter informing Felarca of her suspension states her leave “[was] not intended to be disciplinary.”

The following month, Felarca filed a lawsuit against the district for — ironically enough — violating her rights to free speech and to protest.

Felarca, a member of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, returned to her teaching position in November 2016, at which time she was presented with a “Notice of Unprofessional Conduct.”

On Feb. 1, 2017, Felarca received national attention after BAMN and antifas waged a riot on the campus of UC Berkeley in protest of a speaking event by Milo Yiannopoulos. They caused more than $100,000 in damage.

Raw footage from protest of Milo Yiannopoulos’ event at UC Berkeley

Two days later, Felarca gave this interview to a local news channel in which she defended her group’s violence at Berkeley as a means to stop Milo from speaking there and called for even greater militant resistance from the left. While Winter Watch can sympathize with those who want to resist Milo, it doesn’t condone beating ATM machines with a stick, breaking shop windows and bloodying the faces of bystanders as a way to go about it.

“No Regrets” Organizer calls for more militant protests

She then doubled down by going on national news via Tucker Carlson’s show. Tucker was unable to get her recognize her hypocrisy or describe to what lengths her group was willing go to stifle “fascism.” He did, however, get her to demonstrate that she really has no idea who Milo is or what he’s about. All she knew was that he was associated with Breitbart, which is associated with Steve Bannon, who was associated with Trump. She incorrectly projects what she believes to be Trump’s values onto Milo. Laughably, she called Milo a racist anti-Semitic homophobe when if fact he’s a pro-Zionist/Jewish homosexual with a black boyfriend.

Berkeley riots backer proud of shutting down ‘fascist’ Milo

In July and more than a year after the capitol riot, Sacramento’s district attorney had Felarca arrested on three felony charges: assault, participating in a riot and inciting a riot. She was released on bail and continued her antifa activities.

On Sept. 26 during a free speech event in Berkeley that turned violent, she was arrested again, this time on suspicion of battery and for resisting arrest.

Yvette Felarca Arrested At Berkeley For The Second Time While On Bond

Ten days later, news broke that since 2009 Felarca had numerous fire-worthy offenses while a teacher, including recruiting students to participate in protests, court documents revealed.

[Felarca] “repeatedly solicited students to participate in protests against the proposed charter school in the District” and was issued a formal reprimand for her “improper involvement of children in this matter.” In 2011, the notice says, Felarca promised parents and students a trip to a rally at UC-Berkeley before obtaining permission from the principal to take them. The principal ultimately denied Felarca permission, because “it was an opportunity for [Felarca] to indoctrinate students and use them to support [her] own political agenda.” Felarca acted “unprofessionally toward [the principal] when she denied [her] permission.”

Felarca was issued another formal letter of reprimand in June 2012 for an unauthorized after-school trip where she left a student behind and later claimed he “wandered off,” according to the notice, which goes on to document numerous instances of “abuse of leave” over the years, during which time Felarca lied about sick and personal leave to attend political rallies.

Her November 2016 reprimand notice (revealed through court documents) states that the district interviewed eight of Felarca’s students who said she used class time to talk about protests she was planning to attend, asked students to raise their hands if they wanted to go with her, took down their names and told them she’d be contacting their parents for permission. Several students reported that they had gone to protests with her and that she drove them in her car on the weekends.

Last November, Felarca’s attorney Shanta Driver, who is also the national chairwoman of BAMN, tried to get the Sacramento charges dropped, claiming it was a “witch hunt,” calling BAMN’s actions “peaceful” protest and invoking images of Charlottesville. The judge on May 4 said he didn’t buy her argument.

Where Are They Today?

With both Gipe and Felarca, parents demanded that the school board fire the teachers for trying to brainwash and recruit their children. So where are they now?

Gipe’s school district on Wednesday announced that he has been placed on unpaid administrative leave, Project Veritas reports, and the districts intends to terminate his employment. Intrepid investigative reporter James O’Keefe notes in his video announcing the good news that his viewers don’t seem to believe that Gipe will really get fired.

There’s valid cause for doubt.

For all the criminal charges Felarca faced, she ultimately received nothing more than probation. And she retained her job as an English teacher at the very same Berkeley junior high school.

We discovered that Felarca appeared in a story in March in which she complained that she shouldn’t have to get a Covid-19 vaccination because she has a medical exemption. She’s special. She also stated that schools should not reopen until every child has been vaxxed. Jabs for thee, not for low life me.

You cannot make this shit up.

11 Comments on Pro-Antifa Teacher is Among Many in California’s School System Who Are Trying to Radicalize Children

  1. As usual Torchy, great thread, depressing topic, and I am appreciative that you brought up the subject matter here.

    Now on this part (not ignoring the thread, but time is a little short this Labor Day):

    “Project Veritas noted the public-school teacher went on to suggest that a viable solution for society’s problems is a violent overthrow of the U.S. Government.”

    As I age, I begin to mellow and even will permit the occasional Fleetwood Mac sound to be played around me (there was a time when that was not permitted = ). Also, as I age, I begin to think that for some folks divorce is not a bad idea. Not in Simple’s case, I am perfectly happy with my own situation; however, I see married couple out and going at it. There was a time, I felt that they should work to overcome their differences and try to move forward; I am not feeling this way so much anymore.

    My point:

    WE all probably should subdivide one of the last remaining supra-nations and “go our own way”. It could be done in an orderly and peaceful manner if care was taken in the execution. It would mean that like minded folks may need to relocate next to other like minded folks, but as I said it could be done. Then peace accords should be entered into and respected. Plain and simple.

    Unfortunately, I do not buy the old theories of how we would be placing one another at risk of an armed conflict with another nation is we separate. Trust me, we have so many armaments to split up that each side would be “armed to the teeth” and MAD (mutually assured destruction) would apply.

    Any corner of this nation and / or the middle could be extremely wealthy and quite nice, so long as the areas kept their heads down, worked hard and lived in peace. We do not necessarily need the big states for inclusion to be successful. It could be nice if one of them was happy to associate with another group of like minded states and citizens, but it is not mandatory.

    As for the thread’s main topic, Mr. Gipe, he should be fired for not understanding what a fascist actually is, the ANTIFA is a fascist tool for big corporate $$$, and of that fascism in the United States actually began with the two “Progressive Presidents” Roosevelt (the first one) and Wilson. In fact Wilson was the prototype for Benito and please do not get me started on FDR, who Benito had a cordial running dialogue with. This whole nation went fascist a long, long time ago; it is just (to quote on author) “Friendly Fascism”.

    The solution, LET MOMMY AND DADDY GET A DIVORCE. Let each of them claim the children they like the most (California can keep Mr. Gipe) and “go their own way”.

    All my best,

    • Keep on postin’, Simple Citizen! Love your comments, and I agree with likely most of what you say in your comments. Divorce? Being from Texas, in the most remote and maybe even the free-est part of Texas (those mask and whatever mandates went away back in May of last year, except Marfa, which is artsy-farsty and therefore as “blue” as a small town can get if you know what I mean), this divorce scenario is even supported by much of the Texas legislature (which, if secession is approved, it becomes reality…which is one reason the criminal psycho elites are trying to foce all those illegals on us since they’ll all vote Democrat of course…but would they if they had to rot in those detention centers for how long???). what with the Supremes not stoppiong the abortion law Biden and Co. hate do much, and with Gov Abbott allowing the border wall to be rebuilt again (unfortunately, the wall at El Paso extends into NM where it is left open! You can see it from El Paso’s west side near I-10), I’d say in many ways Texas already has “seceeded” from Biden’s and Harris’s and Pelosi’s and Shumer’s vision of USSA (or rather, the “Unuion of American Socialist States”-UASS)

      • First, thanks, always great to hear from you.

        Second, I acquired your trilogy, but I hesitate to mention it because it will be a while before I can begin reading the text. My schedule is about to get nuts between now and Christmas. No complaints from me, but it will delay my reading.

        Since I had been meaning to get it and you mentioned it last month; I thought I should purchase it now, before I forget again (its not you, its me = ). Either way, I am looking forward to enjoying it.

        Third, “…unfortunately, the wall at El Paso extends into NM where it is left open! You can see it from El Paso’s west side near I-10” I had no idea, Thank you for telling me about this aspect of the border.

        To be honest (and maybe Torchy can help me here) I always thought that an original wall was started in California during the Carter administration to slow movement between the state of California and the peninsula in Mexico.

        From there, I though each state along the border built some sections of walls or fencing to have a make shift way to monitor immigration into their states. What I thought President Trump was intending to do and did a little of was nationalize, formalize, rebuild and link these sections together, adding more wall where things were open. Yet, I concede that I could have really gotten all of this wrong and appreciate when you give me real perspective from the area.

        Lastly, as for Texas, yes the independent spirit of that state and its free thinkers strike me as having departed from the USSA in recent times. To a large extent I think Florida has headed in a similar direction, albeit in their own unique manner. Personally, I think the nations should consider a formalized breakup. Heck Vermont and New Hampshire have been throwing the idea out for decades. Even the more conservative southern section of New Jersey has wanted to break away form the progressive north for decades, so why not just let us do it?

        If it will make people happy and allow groups to live with one another any way they wish, in peace, then why not give it a shot. Certainly, I am one of the residents that I speak of who would have to relocate to a more conservative and free thinking environment; however, I think all of the states have something beautiful to offer, and I am not opposed to a move if it makes life better for us all.

        The nation is already completely bankrupt as it stands. A reset, if done correctly would not be too much different than a Chapter 11 filing for bankruptcy and reorganization. Then the new nations can look toward fiscal responsibility any way they choose. I would be happy to help any new nation that would wish to have an adult mindset with regard to not overspending and balancing its books. Further, I would be happy if I could live in a nation where I did not always feel guilty, by proxy, for hurting other folks in this world simply because it is deemed in the best interest of the place where I lived. No one asked me if I wanted to kill all sort of people in the world as a “best interest”.

        Truly, I am proud of this nation’s founding and a great deal of its early history. I can spend literal days at Mount Vernon and / or Monticello and really try to soak it all in. Yet, to quote Mr. Axl Rose “what’s so civil about war anyway?” After 1860 when things could have been worked out by adults had yet another dictator not been “elected”, the nation loses me on the “why” it had to be that way, and the “how” it continued to decline to where we find ourselves today.

        So now that we have the means to live and make any part of the nation into a viable economy that can peacefully trade and function rather well through some of the more decent technologies we have been able to create, why not just have an amicable split?

        Well I am working on 2 threads for WW that I would like to get done before my schedule changes this week into the following one. They will not be up for a while (I think), but I just wish to make sure I turn them in as promised. So I am going to say “goodbye” for now and that it was great to see you!

        Hoping you and yours are all well.

        All my best,

          • Thanks. I was just unsure since I do believe the fist section was in your neck of the woods during Carter, but it was either done by a local or state decision. It was one of the “waiting room” type of articles that I cannot recall the source, but I just happen to catch while I was waiting = ).

            I think I read it in ’08. Oh well.


    • I have no problem with teachers teaching critical thinking. In such a setting, he should encourage students to challenge and critique HIS world view without fear of consequence. But doesn’t appear to be part of Mr. Gipe’s syllabus.

      Regarding another “depressing topic,” the good news is that parents are identifying the issue, calling it out and demanding redress. That’s a start.

      • Too bad the ‘loyalty oath’ for ‘teachers’ is now to the mentally disturbed communist clowns they work under which is why these 2 commie-bull pushers get off the hook for what use to be treason. Yes- in many states, pockets of Americanists may separate from their state-run communist mad houses.

      • Ironically, Torchy, I was not so depressed about what this fool was teaching. It was that he was (yet again) blathering on about violence (we do love talking tough in America). Fools like this one are keypad tough guys on the old Charlie Sheen Twitter; not so much in person.

        Actually, I am very happy to hear what you are saying about the parents, and actually in reading the thread I felt a good deal of faith in the students. The fact that you (and he) point out that a student was not comfortable with his corporate, branded, fascist flag does show that not everyone wishes to accept this fool or his ideas.

        All my best,

  2. Hey Russ – is there any way you can reign in these overly verbose love-fest diatribes
    between ‘Simple’ and ‘Something’ that seem to occur on almost every article like they
    live in the comments section or something 🙂 I used to, or would normally look forward
    to seeing the commentary after many articles, but anymore, I seem to be put off by the
    scrolls I had hitherto enjoyed. Well, I guess someone will be calling me a hater 🙂 Well,
    in my defense, I guess I can (only) say it’s limited. My irascibility knows bounds !

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