Battle in Sacramento: Nationalists Clash with Marxists

An 'anti-fascist' protestor (C) confronts a man said to be antagonizing them after multiple people were stabbed during a clash between 'neo-Nazis' holding a permitted rally and 'counter-protestors' on Sunday at the state capitol in Sacramento, Calif., June 26, 2016. PHOTO: Max Whittaker/REUTERS

TNN learned a long time ago to let people speak for themselves. And there is no better example then the brouhaha in Sacramento Sunday. The details, as we understand them, relate to a properly permitted demonstration held at the Capitol grounds by a group called the Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP). Full video showing 25 nationalists taking a stand starting at 2:10 and a melee ensuing. Last four minutes shows Marxist wounded. Lesson learned for SJWs: next time leave the pussies, women and sightseers behind.

This group has been labelled as “neo-Nazis” by the opposition. A look at the messaging at their website looks straightforward and is clear and is one to which TNN in general lends support. There are several statements of note, including its 14 sacred words, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

This is not a white supremacist statement, it is white preservation. There is also a well-written, intelligent tome written on the concepts of ethnic consciousness, traditionalism, localism and ethno-pluralism. There is a well-presented platform laid out on faith, family and folk. Nowhere does TWP identify itself as neo-Nazi or promote genocide. Call us odd, but we don’t consider faith, family and folk memes as negative, even if other national socialists movements used them. Their entire conversation is intelligent. There is little here that TNN has a quarrel with, and we see TWP as contributing to the discussion.

BAMN dindu gets the short end of the stick in melee. PHOTO: ABC3

Even if we had an issue with TWP, we definitely support their right to peaceably assemble and demonstrate without being subjected to an attack by Marxists thugs (a group called BAMN, or By Any Means Necessary). TWP demonstrators had to cancel the demonstration and retreat, but bravely fought off the attack.

Local ABC reporter Frances Wang described the scene as 10 to 1 against TWP. The TWP cohort survived with one injury requiring hospitalization. Despite the odds, TWP defense resulted in six hospitalized injured among the BAMN mob. There are preliminary reports of a fatality in the BAMN ranks. The police appeared to handle a tough situation in a professional manner. This BAMN call to Marxists is what precipitated the melee.

PHOTO: Frances Wang/ABC3/Twitter

The intention of the BAMN counter-protest was made clear in this statement by their leader, who states straight out, “There’s no free speech for Fascists … anyone thinking of joining them, don’t.”

TNN has some thoughts on nationalist demonstrations on the street. Our movement needs to appeal to or at least be understood by normal people or normies. It would be effective — not counter-productive — if the decorum, attire and presentation would emerge as disciplined, similar to the Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden. Note the orderly carrying of banners and flags, replete with black pants and footwear combined with white shirts and ties.

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  1. You’ve forgotten to mention Jews, who ‘pay’ for and promote anything anti-white and anti-intellectual.

    • So basically they are the biggest promoters of Hollywood filth these days. Which is filled with Anti-White, Brain-Drain crap movies.

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