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The Demcrat Party’s Next Obama Receives 21-Count Federal Indictment for Conspiracy, Wire Fraud in 2018 Florida Gubernatorial Election

Former U.S. President Barack Obama’s money was on Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson. Both were projected in November 2018 to have lost their races. PHOTO: Market Watch/Getty

Last we visited the topic of Florida politician Andrew Gillum, it was March 2020 and he had been found by police intoxicated in a Miami Beach hotel room at 1 a.m. with three plastic bindles of drugs suspected to be methamphetamine, boner pills, a disco ball and two men, one of whom was a prostitute who had overdosed.

Read “The Gillum Chemsex Gay-Orgy Story: Another Political Compromise Operation Gone Awry?”

As you may recall, the former Tallahassee mayor emerged from nowhere in 2018 and became the Democrat Party candidate for governor. Despite receiving $10 million political contributions from California hedge-fund billionaire Tom Styer and countless millions from globalist puppetmaster George Soros and Michael Bloomberg — as well as having Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama campaign for him — Gillum lost the gubernatorial election to Ron DeSantis by 0.4% of the vote.

George Soros’ son, Alexander Soros, wrote on Twitter: ‘Welcoming AndrewGillum back to NYC’ … Loving his initiative to register 1 million voters by 2020!’ PHOTO: Twitter

Maybe voters didn’t like his backers. Maybe they were turned off by his race-based politics. Or perhaps Florida voters were concerned about FBI investigations involving Gillum and Tallahassee politics. CBS’ WCTV provides a quick-and-dirty tally of events:

Timeline of events for Andrew Gillum, FBI investigation into Tallahassee politics

2003: Gillum elected Tallahassee City Commissioner at age 23, becoming the youngest person ever to serve on the commission
2014: Gillum elected Mayor of Tallahassee
2015: FBI investigation into Tallahassee development deals begins
August 2016: Undercover FBI agents arrive in Tallahassee and begin meeting with City Commissioner Scott Maddox & developer JT Burnette
June 2017: Two federal subpoenas served at Tallahassee City Hall seeking development documents
2017: Photo surfaces of Gillum on a 2016 outing in New York City with undercover FBI agents
Aug. 2018: Gillum wins Democratic primary for Florida governor

It’s interesting that despite Gillum’s lack of experience, FBI investigations and potential personal liabilities, there were so many out-of-state billionaires and political heavyweights who chose to back him. Or did they back him because he was so compromisable?

Oct. 2018: Documents show undercover FBI agents provided Hamilton tickets during Gillum’s NYC trip
Nov. 2018: Gillum narrowly loses Florida gubernatorial race to Ron DeSantis

Though he lost the election and was the subject of FBI investigations, this post turtle’s political career wasn’t over. Far from it. The husband and father of three, became a CNN political analyst and “Democratic Party kingmaker” because of his ability to rally the Democrat base ahead of the 2020 election, according to analysts. Clearly, the powers that be had plans for him even though the noose was tightening.

Dec. 2018: Scott Maddox and Paige Carter-Smith indicted on 44 counts; Gov. Rick Scott suspends Maddox from city commission
May 2019: JT Burnette indicted
June 2019: Ethics commission finds Gillum violated ethics laws, he agrees to pay a [$5,000] fine [per count]
Aug. 2019: Maddox, Carter-Smith plead guilty to honest services fraud and tax fraud conspiracy
They agree to testify against Burnette

On Friday, March 13, 2020, Gillum was found wasted, lying in his own vomit inside the bathroom of a Miami Beach hotel alongside overdosing male prostitute and surrounded by illegal drugs and soiled linens. There were no arrests, but the story made national news. Much to our surprise, leaked photos found their way onto the internet.

Whose bare foot is that? Who took these photos?

Lucky for Gillum, the U.S. went into a pandemic lockdown days after the incident — and so did the story of Andrew Gillum for a time. Reports claim that he went to rehab and marriage counseling. Six months later, he appeared with his wife on the talkshow “Tamron Hall” to tell his story about how he saved his marriage after the scandal and came out of the closet as bisexual. I’m not going to post the seven-segment tapdance. You find it on YouTube, if you’re curious. I can sum up his story with a few words: He sees himself as a victim.

During 2021, Gillum tried resurrecting this political career, using his newly acquired LGBTQ badge as his passport. GQ magazine featured him in “Modern Lovers” edition. But his stories started to contradict themselves. Then the escort, Travis Dyson, refuted Gillums accounting of events in Out magazine. Meanwhile …

Aug. 2021: Burnette convicted of extortion, honest services mail fraud and lying to the FBI
Sept. 2021: Maddox sentenced to 5 years, Carter-Smith to 2 years

In June, Gillum and communications director for his gubernatorial campaign, Sharon Lettman-Hicks, were indicted on charges of conspiracy and fraud. The two are accused of funneling contributions from Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign for personal use. Both pleaded not guilty to the charges. Trial is set for Aug. 16.

4 Comments on The Demcrat Party’s Next Obama Receives 21-Count Federal Indictment for Conspiracy, Wire Fraud in 2018 Florida Gubernatorial Election

  1. There’s more here than meets the eye, that’s for sure.

    Also Hunter Biden has filmed himself (apparently; who does that? and why?) taking illegal drugs and cavorting with prostitutes — maybe if the Establishment has decided to deep six Biden we will see some action against Hunter Biden too (finally) — to date there has been no purpose in that.

      • Yes- and any future candidates will be mush mouth, milk toast homo/pedos who lick the lying tongues of their ‘global globulist’ masters to get their way. It may be an indefinite period of judgement against a people who precipitated this ungodly phenomenon, but now awaits a generation worthy to defeat the Cain effect.

  2. These are the types behind the Soviet nightmare. A quote from a 19th century book I don’t recall the title of comes to mind. “Lust and cruelty are twins, they walk hand in hand.”

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