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MSM All But Silent after Multiple People Paralyzed after Receiving Pfizer Shot

PHOTO: North County Daily Star

By Geoffrey Grinder | 30 April 2021

HUMANS ARE FREE — She received her first shot of the Pfizer vaccine last week at Rite Aid in Caste Village. Twelve hours later, Cecere said almost her entire body was paralyzed.

“It was the scariest thing in the world to go to sleep completely fine and walking, to wake up 1:30 in the morning not able to move at all.”

Today comes the stunning and sickening report that multiple women, after receiving their first shot of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, are waking up paralyzed from the neck down, and remain in that condition, in some cases for days.

And even after regaining feeling and movement from neck to wait, one woman is still unable to walk weeks later. But don’t pay any attention to all that stuff, just turn your brain off and run right out and get your COVID jab today!

Go kid your grandma, I know better than that, and so do you! […]

5 Comments on MSM All But Silent after Multiple People Paralyzed after Receiving Pfizer Shot

  1. GOOGLE:

    (VIDEO) Exclusive Investigation: Separating rumor from fact on Covid-19’s origin

    Dated: May 3, 2021 by Sharyl Attkisson 71 Comments

    Sharyl Attkisson investigates Covid-19 origins

    Numerous scientific insiders are signing onto the “lab origin” theory for Covid-19 and a link to controversial research funded by your tax dollars.
    High profile health figures who have worked to “debunk” lab origin questions are linked to funding and vaccine research partnerships with China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).
    The U.S.- Chinese research involved genetically engineering bat coronavirus to make it infect human airway cells in mice, in order to invent vaccines and other therapeutics.
    U.S. taxpayer money supported the controversial vaccine research with Chinese scientists through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Some support came from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), led by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    Additional info: Analysis saying Covid-19 is lab-derived: Dr. Stephen Quay, M.D., PhD., CEO of Atossa Therapeutics conducted a Bayesian analysis that he says concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that Covid-19 is lab-derived.

    • Didn’t it originally start at Chapel Hill NC then got moved to China since questions were raised.

    • The National Enquirer‘a April issue reported a similar story – that the virus was leaked from a faulty seal within the Wuhan lab. At times the NE can afford to be more truthful than other MSM because of their ‘dismissible’ reputation.

  2. A co-worker from Florida’s father in law, who was older but was healthy and still lived on his own, took the jabs his legs became paralyzed and a few days later he was dead. Another co-workers brother plays in a band and a band member ,62, took the jabs and he also “suddenly”
    died. I know around 6 people who took it but are still alive 2 of them got shingles though ..for now

  3. I am not saying these jabs don’t kill people cause I know some who are now dead BUT this story is full of the usual MSM bullshit codes the lady Cecere..33 years old 2C’s=33 plus 33 years old the time 1:30…13 / Cleveland Clinic again the CC is 33. I don’t know why they are basically showing people that their jabs are deadly, are they mocking us? Do they have to disclose their evil? Will they tell those injured or related to the dead ones “you knew the risks but it was your choice so too bad for you!”

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