Injecting MEN with the female hormone progesterone could reduce the severity of their COVID-19, study claims

  • Experts recruited 40 male patients who had been hospitalised with COVID-19
  • Half were treated with a five-day course of progesterone injections twice daily
  • This group scored 1.5 points better on a 7-point clinical scale after seven days
  • While results were promising, the team said larger clinical trials will be needed

By Ian Randall | 19 March 2021

DAILY MAIL — Injection with the female sex hormone progesterone could improve outcomes for men hospitalised with severe COVID-19 infections, a study has concluded.

The finding by researchers from California follows multiple reports that men are at a higher risk of severe illness and death from coronavirus than women.

Progesterone has certain anti-inflammatory properties and thus, the team said, may be able to dampen the often fatal immune responses called ‘cytokine storms’.

The research was undertaken by pulmonologist Sara Ghandehari of the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and her colleagues.

‘As an ICU doctor, I was struck by the gender disparity among COVID-19 patients who were very sick, remained in the hospital and needed ventilators,’ she said.

Progesterone is produced in both men and women’s bodies, although the latter produce considerably more of the hormone during their reproductive years.

Experts have also noted that premenopausal women tend to experience less severe cases of COVID-19 than their postmenopausal counterparts. […]

5 Comments on Injecting MEN with the female hormone progesterone could reduce the severity of their COVID-19, study claims

  1. Sounds like real Mickey mouse apprentice sorcerer shenanigans …

    How about breaking fluid mixed with some dried camel dung , maybe that’ll do the trick ?!?

    Just use medicinal herbs or essential oils … that’ll be fine !!!

    • Yes it’s shocking how many pajama people are going to believe this mockery and demand female hormones NOW. The golden goose of Covid continues to give and give!

  2. What about us poor women; should we take testosterone? I’ve heard that “experts” are claiming that women who can grow beards are protected from the Virus.

  3. >Sounds like real Mickey mouse apprentice sorcerer shenanigans

    Actually, a quick 2m search shows there are medical studies/articles going back several decades re use of progesterone to treat pulmonary disease — e.g. here’s one from 2001:

    Association of oral almitrine and medroxyprogesterone acetate: effect on arterial blood gases in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAlmitrine (A) and medroxyprogesterone acetate (MA) given separately improve arterial blood gases in some patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); the aim of this study was to assess the effect of the two drugs given together.

    (Almitrine is a … respiratory stimulant that can be used to improve oxygenation..)

    Other study abstracts say the exact mechanism of action is unknown, but it seems clear that progesterone improves blood oxygen levels in patients with pulmonary disorders.

    >demand female hormones NOW

    No, I don’t think that will happen on a large scale.

    >What about us poor women; should we take testosterone?

    Maybe; there is also medical literature on the use of testosterone to treat lung problems:

    The influence of sex hormones on pulmonary vascular reactivity: possible vasodilator therapies for the treatment of pulmonary hypertensionInterestingly testosterone has been shown to be a vasodilator in both the coronary and pulmonary circulation with a mechanism of action involving calcium channel blockade of the vascular smooth muscle and without endothelial involvement. In clinical trials testosterone confers symptomatic benefits in patients with coronary heart disease and heart failure, acting as a vasodilator. These observations lend support to the notion that testosterone could be a potential treatment for patients with PAH as vasodilator therapy remains the mainstay of treatment.

    A pulmonary vasodilator will help increase oxygen uptake (air to blood).

    Questions might be 1) why the female doctor referenced in this article did not suggest testosterone for male COVID patients, and 2) whether there is an ulterior agenda — re 1) I can’t say, but I don’t think short-term cross hormone therapy (male/female, female/male) will do any lasting harm; re 2) I doubt it.

  4. For the times you feel you’re pissing in the wind, here’s a Pro Tip: Check the ‘Best Rated’ Comments (DailyMail online, other yellow journalism may vary).
    Always good for a laugh regardless.

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