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Illinois school district agreed to pay anti-racism speaker $10,500 for 1-hour talk: report

‘Make America Great Again,’ ‘denial of white privilege’ reportedly described as covert forms of White supremacy

By Sam Dorman | 22 March 2021

FOX NEWS — Newly released documents show that an Illinois school district agreed to pay an anti-racism speaker $10,500 for an hour-long event for faculty and staff earlier this year.

A whistleblower reportedly informed the Federalist that diversity coach Dena Simmons told attendees at the Feb. 26 event that Americans were “spiritually murdering” students and that “our education is based on a foundation of whitness.” Materials obtained by the outlet showed a slide describing “Make America Great Again,” “denial of white privilege,” and “colorblindness” as covert forms of White supremacy.

On Monday, The Federalist published the results of an open records request, which revealed the $10,500 price tag. That was on the lower end of Simmons’ advertised range of $10,000-$20,000, but translated into a rate of $175 per minute.

Simmons is the founder of a group known as “LiberatED,” which describes itself as “[a] social and emotional learning approach to racial justice and healing. A movement. A collective. A path towards liberation.” […]

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    • >Twitter/RealPeerReview is an interesting timeline to watch

      OT (yet somehow relevant)

      As a reminder that ‘diversity’ and AA combined with junk intellects are gifts that keep on giving, here’s Charles Blow of the NYT arguing (seriously) that cartoon character Pepé Le Pew’s ardor/amorous escapades contributed to ‘rape culture’: link

      Oddly, Pepé seems to have caused Blacks to rape at far higher rates than Whites (or any other race) — at the link below is a compilation of studies over the years showing the vast over-representation of Blacks among rape perpetrators, especially interracial rape, where white women are the most common victims:

      US rape statistics by race

  1. With their endless supply of Fiat currency , they can hire any useful idiot they want anytime …

    That’s just par for the course …

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