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The dictators have taken over – and we didn’t even notice

By Peter Hitchens | 31 October 2020

THE DAILY MAIL — There was once a famous Chinese executioner so skilful with his razor-edged sword that crowds would pay to watch him behead criminals.

One day he came to a small provincial town where the authorities had given him a large fee to do away with a notorious killer.

He entered the arena and made several elegant and delicate passes with his weapon.

The condemned man sat gloomily before him, looking unimpressed with all this fuss. ‘Just get on with it!’ he growled.

The executioner bowed politely, smiled and said softly: ‘Kindly nod, please.’ The murderer did so and his head, already parted from his body by a stroke of incredible swiftness, tumbled from his shoulders.

I think we in this country are like that condemned man. A terrible thing has been done to us but we have not yet realised it.

It may even be that the British Revolution, a horror that this country has repeatedly escaped by good sense and natural conservatism, has actually taken place.

In a lecture of astonishing power and force last week, the former Supreme Court judge, Lord Sumption, revealed in sad detail what has happened to our country in the name of Covid. […]

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  1. Peter Hitchens (brother of the late Christopher) has written some important things this year… but please! – “… we didn’t even notice” … ?! – speak for yourself! Many of us have “noticed” – LONG before (what I call) the terror attack of Mar 11, 2020.

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