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Beyond Nov. 3: The Election Fraud Debacle

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Friday update: The election has turned into a perfect storm as multiple states will require near dead heat recounts and forensic examination. You really can’t make this up but Georgia now has Biden ahead by 900 votes and in Pennsylvania Biden went ahead by 5,500 votes with 95% counted. USPS “finds” 50,000 more ballots in Philly. Nevada, North Carolina and Arizona are still tight race slow counts, and Wisconsin 20,500 vote lead to Biden is a recount. Perfect set up to angry protest and street discord – followed by organized color revolution.

As in 2016, the 2020 polls are missing the outcomes by large percentages, up to double digits in some cases. The takeaway is that almost all polls are little more than info-war propaganda. They are ideologically corrupt. Stick a fork in it. For example, the last polls in Wisconsin showed large Biden leads.

The vote updates in these battleground states can be tracked here.

In reality, Wisconsin is coming in with a very tiny 0.7% Biden lead with 99% counted. This is an important tell, even if Trump should lose this state. Green Bay’s absentee-ballot results were delayed, because one of the vote-counting machines ran out of ink.

Update 3:00 PM: Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator said, “All of the ballots have been counted.” This means that Biden unofficially wins Wisconsin by 20,535 votes.

Seven Milwaukee wards report more 2020 presidential votes than registered voters; Biden nets 146K votes in city.

Trump has demanded a recount and is mounting a challenge. Wisconsin posted a 90% turnout. That alone should raise red flags. It’s never been greater than 70% in the state.


Iowa, according to the polls, was put as a dead heat by the suppression polls. In reality, Trump won Iowa by a large 8.2% margin.


In Florida, the pollsters missed the mark by 7%, as Trump won by 3.4%.

Trump is squeezing by in North Carolina, as mail in votes are largely counted on Election Day. The 300,000 absentee votes have until Nov. 12.

The polls miss in Michigan was enormous, again 6% to 7%.

There was a late, absentee, third-world like ballot dump report out of Wayne County that could be ominous for Trump: 140,000 for Biden to 9,000 for Trump.

Wayne County only reporting at 67% at this hour, so Biden likely to overcome in this state.

Michigan was the last state to officially declare a winner in 2016, again because of Wayne County.

Allegedly, the plumbing burst in the Cobb County vote tally facility. There were 29,000 Fulton County votes to be reported at midnight Thursday. Biden has been running 72% in Fulton, so 11,000 net gain would be tight, and require recounts.  

Update: Georgia is now a dead heat.  

Indeed, voting reports in remaining battleground states with Democratic Party leadership is largely over for the night. 

Pennsylvania reports they won’t be done counting until next Friday.

About 95% of the state’s vote was counted at noon EST.  Trump leads dropped to 18,000 votes.

Philadelphia, with 92% in.Penn. will no doubt be disputed.  

Without Michigan, Wisconsin or Nevada, Trump still comes up short with Penn. at 267 electoral votes. Update: Arizona is play, see below.

About 6 a.m. EST, Philadelphia announced that the results of 65,000+ additional mail-in ballots in the city have been reported. They appear to have broken down roughly like this:  approx. 61,000 for Biden and approx. 3,900 for Trump. Goal posts of outstanding absentee ballots keeps moving and increasing into Wednesday. They have nine days to count these.

Nevada election officials said early Wednesday that they would not announce any further vote count results until Thursday morning, leaving the fate of the state’s six Electoral College votes in the balance. With about 75% of the votes counted, Biden was leading Trump by 0.6% fewer than 7,650 votes.

Nevada will not complete processing all of its ballots until November 12, but hopes to go through the bulk of remaining ballots by this Saturday or Sunday – Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria.

Arizona is not completely out of play. Biden leads by 47,000 (1.6%) with 90% counted.

Richard Baris explains the pathway to dead heating Arizona.

USPS has lost almost 300,000 ballots that a federal judge demands they discover. 

The Lugenpresse narrative is “count every vote,” even where the margin is not narrow.

Trump’s delegitimize accusation: “Frankly, we did win this election…” and “this is a major fraud on our nation … We’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Trump tweet: “We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!”

Takeaway: Trump is engaging in half truths as they in no way were going to win these contested states “big”.

DHS secretary calls Twitter censorship a threat to national security.

10 Comments on Beyond Nov. 3: The Election Fraud Debacle

  1. The people of Oregon allegedly voted to commit collective suicide by voting to legalize meth and heroin. That sound you hear outside your window is every junkie and meth head in America jacking a car and heading for Oregon.

    The usual suspects financed this campaign- George Soros gave $850,000, Mark
    Zuckerberg $500,000, {{{etc, etc.}}}.

    Did voters actually approve this? I very seriously doubt it. While it is true that a plurality of the inhabitants of Commietown [Eugene] and Crazytown [Portland] are communist lunatics who would do anything their television sets suggested, most people retain enough reasoning ability to see that legalizing drugs has no upside for anyone but the drug dealers.

    So how did measure 110 pass? Vote fraud, I am almost certain. The state government is in the grip of the drug mafias- La Eme, the Russian Mob, and the CIA.

    As to how deeply corrupted the state government is, an example will suffice. There is an abandoned chip factory in the town of Forest Grove, about 20 minutes west of Portland. The Russian Mob has taken over this facility and turned it into a marijuana grow operation. The building is huge, you can see how large it is on Google Earth. It can grow enough pot to keep the entire population of Oregon permanently stoned- except the dope they grow here is all sent to New York, in blatant violation of state law, which forbids the export of marijuana. This facility is a mere 50 feet from a school, again a blatant violation of the law, which forbids grow operations within 1,000 feet of a school. No worries, though for Simeon Moglievich and his merry men, because the Oregon attorney general is a kissin’ cousin, one Ellen Rosenblum.

    • I dunno, a collective of people out of work, on lockdown, topped up on data, with a steady UBI and the prospects of flying high inside 4 walls, Well that starts to look appealing, and all I need is one vax with yearly updates??Sign me up…I’m “essential”

    • Hold on a minute man…you callin these people fuc*in cock-a-roaches? These people ain’t no fuc*in cock-a-roaches, they are just businessmen. = )

  2. I saw on the ‘fake news’ that supposedly 68% of California vote went for Biden.
    There just isn’t ANY WAY that is true. As f**ed up as Cali is – I live here – that is
    simply impossible to believe and I bet plenty do not. Everybody I know was for
    Trump, including over the past month or two, casual conversations with blacks
    and ‘latinos’. Pretty much anyone can see through the odious corrupt nature of
    Biden / Harris. A child could. Sure, there are plenty of brain dead female and
    foreigner “libtards” – to use that term – who will vote anti-Trump automatically
    and w/o conscience, but never believe those numbers. Never. Simply insane.

    • Unfortunately you live in the state where the annointed one is senator, Kamala Harris. I’m sure you’ve seen the video showing how the Getty/Newsom/Brown/Pelosi family runs the state. And it sure is coincidence Pelosi is speaker of the house. 68% does seem high though for Biden. The ‘pollsters’ said Biden was leading Texas and Texas would flip blue this election and they were off by a huge amount.

  3. The longer it goes with no winner declared, the more plausible ‘their’ long desired mass unrest becomes. Or, bonus points with one winner declared and a lawsuit after + SCOTUS ruling. Either way, it all seems scripted.

  4. I suggest everyone read Miles Mathis take on this whole Election Spectacle.
    TLDR: It’s completely fake to prop up the left/right dem/gop facade to fool people into thinking there is a choice.

    In a way it’s actually reassuring to know (though I think most thinking people had a gut feeling) it’s all bs from start to finish, because now there’s no need to get caught up in emotions one way or another. Just let it ride. These crooks eventually get called to the carpet in one fashion or another.

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