Predicto: A Busted Election and a Dark Horse President

Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden leaves the lectern after delivering remarks about the coronavirus outbreak, at the Hotel Du Pont March 12, 2020, in Wilmington, Delaware. PHOTO: Drew Angerer/Getty

Winter Watch is not endorsing any of the presidential candidates. Charlie don’t surf, and we don’t do lesser-of-two-super-evils politics; or entertain tails-they-win, heads-we-lose, whataboutism choices. This has to be the poorest choice facing the U.S. in its history.

Both candidates are badly damaged, and the front runner, the aging corrupto Joe Biden, is suffering from dementia. If nominated and elected, we predict he will be another William Henry Harrison short-term presidency. Therefore, the V.P. pick will be the key to the whole fiasco.

Read “Joe Biden: A Placeholder for a New Underworld Order Tyrant”

We hold that this was the plan all along. Additionally, we hold that faux democracy vote counting is rigged anyway in a close election.

Read “Crime Syndicate Controls America’s Voting Systems”

It should also be noted that sometime over the next four years, at least one U.S. Supreme Court justice — if not two — will have to be appointed. Last week, Biden announced he has a short list of black women as potential candidates. Biden’s statement was reminiscent of Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment made during his 2012 run for the presidency, and for which the media excoriated him. Of course, the Lugenpresse didn’t criticize Biden for his short list announcement. Quite the contrary.

Trump must have been fantasizing about filling the 19,200-seat venue in Oklahoma — but only 6,200 showed up. He has to know that much of the magic was gone. Many forget that he lost the popular vote in 2016. The notion of a V-shaped economic recovery is more problematic by the day. And indications are growing that fresh lock downs and quarantines are forthcoming.

Actually, Trump is suffering from the Covid-1984 knucklehead factor as a majority criticize him for attempting, rather unsuccessfully and clumsily, to reopen the economy. He will now be bowled over by the second-wave scamdemic. By sheer coinkydink, the most impacted states are ones essential to Trump: Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Arizona. We predict the second wave going into the late summer and early fall will be much worse and real than the first wave.

While Trump has not worn a face mask in public, most swing-state voters have not followed his lead. The polls shows 75% of knucklehead respondents say they are still wearing masks in public, up from 68% two weeks ago. Obviously, the scamdemic has a secondary goal of harming Trump politically and reinforcing New Underworld Order step-and-fetch it policies. But mostly, it’s about undermining and uprooting the whole political system.

How Social Distancing and Scamdemic Rules Are Created

CNBC/Change Research poll in key battleground states show Trump in trouble. Biden is competitive even in Texas. Trump has a 55.8% job disapproval rate. As long as they can keep Dementia Joe in the basement running down the clock combined with staged diversions, it should be smooth sailing.

  • Arizona: Biden 51%, Trump 44%
  • Florida: Biden 50%, Trump 45%
  • Michigan: Biden 48%, Trump 43%
  • North Carolina: Biden 51%, Trump 44%
  • Pennsylvania: Biden 50%, Trump 44%
  • Wisconsin: Biden 51%, Trump 43%

Various networks are now speculating that Trump will drop out before the GOP convention in late August. That’s my bet, too. (Torchy disagrees.) I think he will serve out the remainder of his term as a lame duck. But it may get bad enough that he quits the job altogether.

Given that both Trump and temporary placeholder Biden are operating on such tenuous threads, what follows are the rules in the event a candidate is gone. Essentially, the process moves into the back of “smoke filled” rooms. There, the “donors” and hacks will pick the candidates.

Rule 9 of the Republican National Committee governs the “Filling of Vacancies in Nominations.” It stipulates that should the party’s presidential or vice presidential candidate leave the ticket for whatever reason, the hole may be filled either by a reconvening of the national convention or by the party committee itself. The vice presidential nominee is not given any preferential consideration.

Should the committee elect to fill the vacancy — a seemingly more likely scenario given the logistics involved in organizing a second convention during Covid-1984 conditions — the Republican National Committee members representing a given state are entitled to cast the same number of votes as that state was entitled to at the convention. If the RNC members from any state are not in agreement about casting of their votes, the votes of that state are divided equally among members of the RNC who are voting.

The final stipulation of the rule is that no candidate may be chosen to fill a vacancy except by receiving a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the RNC election.

On the other side, the Democrat party’s charter and bylaws stipulate that the Democratic National Committee has responsibility for filling vacancies in the nomination for president and vice president. The rules say that “a special meeting to fill a vacancy on the national ticket shall be held on the call of the chairperson, who shall set the date for such meeting” in accordance with procedural rules. The procedural rules say that — with some exceptions — all questions before the DNC are determined by a majority of eligible voters. Proxy voting is not permitted to fill a vacancy on the national ticket.

These replacement rules are mouthwatering for the New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate. One can only image who will receive the nominations, and we suggest it could happen with both parties.

Recent polls suggest Democrat voters increasingly agree that the time has come for a woman of color on the ticket. A Politico/Morning Consult poll released last week found 46% of Democrats consider it important for Biden to pick a candidate of color, up from 36% two months ago.

Best 30+ Trojan Horse fun on 9GAGThat’s the backdoor to install a Cheka type operative. Junior U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-California) fits the ticket perfectly. Michelle aka Michael Obama shouldn’t be ruled out either. Whoever it is, she ultimately becomes president when placeholder Joe “William Henry Harrison” Biden is removed because of cognitive mental issues. The “election cycle” will be rife with racial tension, factional warring and lock-down gaming.

For veep, Biden has already committed to picking a woman and, according to Forbes, he’s reportedly considering two dark horse candidates: Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-New Mexico) and Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nevada).

On the GOP side, the donors will pick former South Carolina Governor and Trump’s ousted U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nicky Halley, who will amp up warmongering as well as authoritarianism. She, however, will lose to Harris or Michael Obama.

The ongoing trend of electing Fifth Columnists and foreigners in the blue states and cities will continue in spades, mostly prompted by getting illegals to the mailbox and electronic voting hacks. Read ’em and weep.

Next year, there will be an amplification of what has emerged this year but with the political police or Cheka playing a greater and greater role. Reeducation and Covid-1984 camps will make their appearance soon after the Chekists come to power.

Hidden, Suppressed History of Red Terror in Post-WWI Europe

24 Comments on Predicto: A Busted Election and a Dark Horse President

  1. Its not over until the fat heeb sings (Ghislaine Maxwell).

    She is going to finger someone, that is why the FBI finally “found” her. Will it be Clinton or Trump?

    • Trump, but when faced with the alternative, most will rally with the orange man. I hope your all ready……if Trump wins the Left is going to go ballistic. If Biden wins the Left is going to go ballistic.

  2. Another prominent BIden VP choice / new President

    Ms Val Demings, black Florida Congresswoman born in 1957

    More truly black and fewer negatives than former mass prosecutor of blacks Kamala Harris

    Interesting post on 4chan suggesting the Ghislaine Maxwell arrest – bizarre and inexplicable as to why she was even in the USA at any time after Nov 2018 when the Epstein case was revived –

    Could be connected with the political implosion of the USA this autumn, when runaway riots plus covid may make the election itself non-viable

    Epstein tapes taking down a lot of the US leadership, could be helpful in legitimising an emergency powers government, maybe Bill Barr is helping get that ready

    • More truly black and fewer negatives than former mass prosecutor of blacks Kamala Harris

      How can any prosecutor in urban America avoid being/not be a “mass prosecutor of blacks”?

  3. Many if not most people think of Bill Moyers as a moderate, even a kind of elder statesman — yet here he is saying Trump has an “open sore” instead of a soul –> link

    Voting won’t change anything — one side seems to realize violent revolution will — waiting for the other side to notice/realize that.

    And why was it decided to revive the Epstein case now by arresting Maxwell? — it will be interesting to see what charges she faces — is this a ‘modified limited hangout’? — recall Trump was seen with Epstein — do they have or are they hoping to uncover or manufacture dirt on Trump?

    Trump should have used wholesale firings to really clean house at both the DOJ and the FBI — he is either weak and stupid, or captured.

  4. Trump is a shoo-in. Its why they keep running abject losers against him.

    It is only Kabuki. Trump is their Hammer and things are about to get broken badly.

  5. Russ has nailed it again. I think all his scenarios make perfect sense to the few who remain “with eyes to see and ears to hear”. As for Biden’s VP pick, I pray it is Michelle “Wuhan Lujan” Gruesome, as it will get her the hell out of my state.

    What is coming is going to be ugly, as we no longer even have a “pretend government”. America is under full control of the international (((banksters))) with their main goal now being the total destruction of America. That noise you hear is in fact, the fat lady singing.
    fat lady

  6. She could been returned to the US to hide the fact that she had been hiding out in Israel. Maybe Bibi is returning a favor to Trump to keep Trump in power. But Biden himself has been a solid stooge of Israel for years.

  7. There is some logic in this article that I don’t follow. First, regarding polls as tools for prediction- they’ve been shown in multiple recent instances to have been wrong. Badly wrong at that, so combining that with the facts that the poll takers are untrustworthy media apparatchiks who’ve been proven to weight these polls leftward, polls seem like a dubious source to tap. Also, regarding this following statement, I have to take issue:
    “We predict the second wave going into the late summer and early fall will be much worse and real than the first wave.”
    Perhaps it should be made clear how “real” the first wave was. It should be made clear if this was real at all, or if it was a plandemic or scamdemic etc. The statement above suggests winter watch buys the mainstream pandemic line, I thought they didn’t. Unless they’re going to go out on a limb and say that this covid is a lab made bioweapon that’s about to show off its shiny new gains of functions. I’ve read about that possibility and don’t discount it. It could very well be that.
    For the record I believe there is a “novel coronavirus” out there. I use that term because I feel it’s the most accurate term for this thing that has been used, because it essentially means “a new coronavirus variant we just discovered”. It could even be lab created, but as such, it has similar properties to the other coronavirus variants that have already been discovered. It’s been over reported as a cause of death by a factor of 10 during this psyop. Other causes of death like pneumonia are miraculously lower than average during this pandemic, this site covered that. The virus, while real under a microscope, is really nothing to worry about for the vast majority of people and it never was. It was simply used as the antagonist in their play, which was put in motion to trigger their mandatory once per decade (and overdue) money panic.
    Predicting a bad second wave means you believe one of three things:
    1. Virus is real and dangerous per MSM and Bill Gates
    2. Virus is a bioweapon gaining functions
    3. Sicknesses being caused by something else like 5g

    • “Predicting a bad second wave means you believe one of three things:”
      You failed to mention number 4, which I feel is the most likely and dangerous scenario.
      “Mass vaccination, and likely eventual mandatory vaccination, is on the horizon, and has already been accepted by most in this country and around the world as a necessity for avoiding the so-called novel coronavirus. This false notion being pushed on the people by the state and its media is but a lie masquerading as the truth. Propaganda at this level would make Hitler proud. It will not be a godsend for the world, but will be the state’s weapon of choice for mass murder for the purpose of genocide and population control. No coronavirus or RNA vaccines have ever been effective, but have been very dangerous to the health of those inoculated. In the case of this new vaccine being fast-tracked, it will be untested, and the risks due to many factors will be astronomical.”

      • I feel I’m the only person on the planet who finds it logical to request that if something is said to “exist,” it must be SHOWN to exist. And yet, in this case, the so-called “corona virus” remains nothing but a mystery, never isolated via a scanning electron microscope and thus never actually identified. Still, billions of idiots continue to walk around wearing these ridiculous masks (in my part of Asia it is a 99.99% mask-wearing population, foreigners included) in morbid fear of something that, if they just took off their masks and breathed and acted normally, they would discover is an absolute NOTHING! You can’t say that something exists if you can’t prove that it exists. So again, I ask: where is this so-called “virus”? Show me a picture (and not a drawing produced on a computer). An actual SEM photo.

        But no, let’s continue to talk about it as if it’s real. Just mind-blowing. I guess this is the “post Truth” world we now live in, aye?

        • It was my bad for not making myself clear on the so-called CV. I believe the virus was absolutely a big nothing burger. What I was trying to get across was the same will not be true for the vaccine, on that you can bet your bottom dollar.

          • The vaccine is really the contact tracer enabler in your body, and will be upgraded regularly whenever they want to by coming up with new virus mutations and so on.
            I encourage all of you to search videos where Catherine Austin Fitts is the first. She has many interesting takes.
            As one YouTube comment says, nobody redpills like she does.

  8. And if the VP pick is Kamala Harris, WHOSE ANCESTORS OWNED BLACK (AND MAYBE WHITE) SLAVES, then it really might be Civil War 2.0. Not even sure the white guilt types will put up with her, she is as racist as a black can be.

    • …, WHOSE ANCESTORS OWNED BLACK (AND MAYBE WHITE) SLAVES, then it really might be Civil War 2.0.

      That’s right! — forget about decades of all kinds of affirmative action, including discriminating against white kids in university admissions; grossly disproportionate violent crime victimization rates, especially in the worst kinds of violent crime, like homicide and rape, with tens of thousands of white women raped by black men every year; white kids being taught about their “privilege” and that they’re part of “institutional racism”; “hate crime” prosecutions and numerous hate hoaxes; nearly constant denigration of “whiteness” and white people in the media, even for the mildest of transgressions, like the Covington kid; etc etc — even all that together is nothing, nothing I say, compared to Kamala Harris as VP nominee — and her “ANCESTORS OWNED BLACK (AND MAYBE WHITE) SLAVES” too! — holy shit, that does it!!

      Oh, and “the Democrats are the real racists”.

      Take a look at the latest from Steve Sailer: What’s the End Game, Jeff? — he’s asking ever so nicely, even plaintively, when Jew adulterer Jeff Bezos and his WaPo will take their collective foot off the BLM pedal: But after one month of Hate Whitey Year Zeroism, does it seem like the country after four more months can immediately flip back to business as normal under the Biden Administration? Or has The Establishment unleashed more than it counted upon? … What exactly is the end game here, Jeff?

      Yes, can we please, pretty please just go back to “normal”, where “normal” is, honestly, pretty much just as described it above? — he even calls him by his first name: Jeff.

      Congrats dude — you and that fucking cuck Sailer take the prize for the most pathetic shit I saw on the internet today.

      • Ouch – nicely done sir. The idea that even one voter would give any thought to
        the notion whether ‘ancestors’ of Kamala Harris owned any slaves is laughable.
        And certainly no need to PUT IT IN ALL CAPS. Infinity times more are surely
        aware that the only reason she has any political legs to stand on is because
        (a) jews want her & (b) she spent the early years of her ‘career’ off her feet
        giving Willie da mayor Brown a place for his, er … willy. For which she was
        rewarded with some nice ‘appointments’ and jobs. Therefore she’s familiar
        with the whole ‘quid pro quo’ thing, & Washington transition will be smooth.
        And since you brought up her ancestry, a black father and an asian Indian
        mama are definitely two groups that many millions of Americans are likely
        weary of. Finally, any American even in the vicinity of the woke spectrum
        doesn’t give a hoot if some other non-White is ‘racist’ or not. Talk about a
        faggy ‘liberal media’ democrat canard. We just don’t want ’em here. They
        can be a racist as they like SOMEWHERE ELSE. That number is also in
        the millions, so there’s that. But keep ’em coming ‘something happening’.
        I’ve read you before, no worries. Maybe next time ‘eah’ won’t hold back.

  9. I predicted at the beginning of the year Trump would be whacked in June or July – or at least his doppleganger. This would set up an interesting ‘democratic contest’ between enraged Republicans suddenly split in supporting candidates, and the rump of Trump supporters vs the corporate Democrats (effectively Republicans) and the rudderless progressives flailing about, who are infested with questionable characters such as AOC.

    In US elections all the action seems to actually happen in the week before the polling. The American Idol style ‘he/she seems nice’ optics and personality marketing all happens immediately before pea brained voters go and tick boxes. Right now this is very far off – we still have the October surprise to factor in.

    If Trump isn’t whacked and is still standing, assuming the Israel territorial expansion happens and he is doing what his Chabad faction wants, I predict Trump will win in a landslide in November.
    ‘The silent majority’ are enraged by ‘Black Lives Matter’, street violence and virus fear.

    Trump successfully conveys a Mussolini style confidence that continues to play well with middle America, ironically particularly with Blacks and Hispanics….it’s all totally fake of course but continues to play well particularly vs the barely there and incoherent Biden. The Black female VP may well finish Biden off as part of a credible team post middle America BLM anxieties

    • He has been figuratively “whacked” since the beginning of his presidency — treated like shit by Establishment players who obviously despise him and did everything they could to undermine and neuter him as president (never seen anything like it) — yet he caved like a wimp at every confrontation, and spit in the face of the Whites who elected him by constantly bleating about low non-white unemployment and doing nothing about tech censorship; also saying he wanted more immigrants than ever, nearly all of them non-white of course (who vote overwhelmingly against guys like him) — and he spent literally the entire first half of his term sucking up to Jews.

      Fuck him.

  10. I don’t get it – if Trump really believed Covid-1984 was b.s., he would have just said so and kicked Fauxi and Birx and all of the other pseudo-expert con men to the curb.

    He also would have used his bully pulpit to “strongly advise” all states keep their economies open.

    Instead he stepped aside and let the kakistocracy take direct control.

    All this just reinforces that Trump was a plant and is simply doing the bidding of the syndicate that got him “elected”.

    As such, they can keep him installed using Biden the idiot corruptocrat as his foil who can be easily taken to the cleaners this fall based on his obviously and rapidly deteriorating mental state.

    • I don’t get it – if Trump really believed Covid-1984 was b.s., …

      Admittedly I do not watch TV, nor do I follow politics closely (it’s too disgusting), but I have not seen or read of anything that giving the slightest hint Blumpf was/is in any way skeptical re COVID-19 — he did repeatedly say it was all China’s fault, i.e. for not being honest about the extent and seriousness of the outbreak there (so the rest of the world would know) — Trump is too infantile and approval-seeking to go that much against the grain — criticizing extensive/prolonged closings is not the same thing.

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