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Reparations bill gains steam following death of George Floyd

By Mike Lillis | 30 June 2020

THE HILL — Legislation exploring whether Black Americans should receive restitution for slavery may soon get a huge boost, as a growing number of Democrats are hoping to move reparations this summer as another response to the death of George Floyd.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) will huddle Wednesday to discuss their next legislative steps as Democrats seek to confront racial inequality following the police killing of Floyd last month.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), the lead sponsor of the reparations bill, H.R. 40, said her proposal is attracting greater interest within the caucus since Floyd’s death, which sparked mass protests for racial justice around the country and the globe. She’s hoping to tap that energy to bring her bill to the floor for a historic vote before year’s end.

“We now have an opportunity, through H.R. 40, to have the highest level of discussion about systemic racism and race. And we are able to do it in a manner that is bringing people together; that acknowledges that Black lives matter; and acknowledges that there has to be a response,” Jackson Lee said Tuesday.

“There is no better time for H.R. 40 to be part of the national dialogue, and part of the national legislative response.” […]

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  1. Let’s face it, there are plenty of reasons to despise Judaism and Zionist supremacy(the true supremacy). Here’s the short list: instigation of both world wars, WW2 in particular; the holocaust hoax; the U.S.S. Liberty attack; their part in Sept. 11, 2001(along with other entities); chaos in the Middle East; Palestinian terrorism and murder. But reparations for their part in the Slave Trade is a non-starter. Any kind of reparations is ridiculous. No black people in the U.S. have been slaves for many generations, Many blacks are African immigrants, students, etc. How do you determine who deserves it, and who doesn’t? How far do you go with reparations? Does Britain charge Rome with reparations for the 43 C.E. invasion? See how absurd it can become?
    Though I pointed out Judaism, by no means does Christianity and Islam get a free pass.

  2. Sounds like the “sins of the father to the third and fourth (and more) generation” thing…Supposedly the bill 40 does not call for reparations from individual whites at this point. Exactly…at this point, but don’t worry, the fact that white taxpayers are already paying “reparations” to blacks on welfare won’t matter….as with the you-know-whos, it’s always for some “give an inch, take a mile” deal. But they won’t get a dime or a penny out of this descendant of Scots-Irish white indentured servants!

  3. I work for a major hospital system. The other day we received an email referring to race factors and kidney transplants and how blk race factor will no longer be consider for rejection. The 1st sentence for the justifcation: race is social, not a biological construct…

    The CEO is a jew incase you were wondering.

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