Reddit Bans Largest Pro-Trump Forum As Election Season Heats Up

By Tyler Durden | 29 June 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Having been convinced by the latest batch of national polls that Trump can’t possibly win in November, dozens of major companies are joining a Facebook advertising “boycott” intended to punish the company for refusing to censor conservative views, opinions and even facts that contradict the official far-left narrative. And now, more social media organizations are turning their own virtue-signaling dials up to “11”, with Reddit shutting down one of the most popular pro-Trump subreddits.

Reddit’s “r/The_Donald” subreddit garnered plenty of media attention during the 2016 primary, and later during the campaign, as a popular online gathering place for Trump’s most fanatical supporters. According to a recently archived copy of the site, the subreddit had nearly 800k subscribers, making it one of the most popular conservative-focused subreddits on the site.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman told reporters – according to Axios – that the company “tried everything” to avoid outright banning “The_Donald”, including approaching users in good faith, but they continued to break Reddit’s rules, including by upvoting more prohibited content and antagonizing other communities. […]

2 Comments on Reddit Bans Largest Pro-Trump Forum As Election Season Heats Up

  1. Reddit CEO Steve HuffmanHe is on the board of advisors for the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Technology and Society.

    Here’s a foto of Huffman –> foto — he’s a goofy looking cuck.

    His college friend and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is married to Serena Williams, who looks like a gorilla (“not that there’s anything wrong with that”) — more than anything she’s an example (admittedly a rather extreme one) of the fact there is a lot less sexual dimorphism among Blacks.

  2. Everything is a lie. Did you see biden’s turnout for a rally? Four people sitting around a table (likely paid) and the rest were journalists. Another clinton repeat. Brainwashed sickos all over. We are living in upside down world and it’s getting worse by the minute. It’s all written in the Bible – but living through it isn’t easy.

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