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‘Dumbfucks’: Russian Troops React to US Forces Using Firearms Against Syrian Villagers

IMAGE: via InfoWars

14 February 2020

SOUTH FRONT — Deatils of the Great Victory of the US military convoy supported by warplanes over Syrian villagers in Khirabat Amu, the Syrian province of al-Hasakah, continue appearing online.

On February 12, the US military convoy was blocked by angry locals in the village of Khirabat Amu and found itself in the center of a firefight with them after US troops had reportedly shot and killed a local 14yo boy participating in the protest.

After this, the US-led coalition send warplanes to support its surrounded troops. Nonetheless, the convoy was able to flee the area only after the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police had deployed to put an end to the violence. […]

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