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Fed Adds $82 Billion to Financial Markets

January 14, 2020 Winter Watch 1

Banks’ demand for longer-term liquidity increases in latest repo operation By Michael S. Derby | 14 January 2020 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL — Big banks’ demand for longer-term Federal Reserve liquidity flared up again on Tuesday, […]

Was Fidel Castro Justin Trudeau’s Daddy?

January 11, 2020 Russ Winter 15

The Lugenpresse and usual suspects have spent a lot of effort debunking a theory that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s is the bastard son of Communist revolutionary and former Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro (1926-2016), […]

Trump’s Unholy War

January 11, 2020 Winter Watch 1

9 January 2020 CHUCK BALDWIN LIVE — Just as many of us have been warning, Donald Trump is joining his fellow PNAC puppets G.W. Bush and Barack Obama in taking the United States into yet another quagmire […]

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