Trump’s Unholy War

IMAGE: The Daily Mail/Reuters/The White House

9 January 2020

CHUCK BALDWIN LIVE — Just as many of us have been warning, Donald Trump is joining his fellow PNAC puppets G.W. Bush and Barack Obama in taking the United States into yet another quagmire of a Middle Eastern war for the benefit of the military industrial complex — and Israel, of course.

Here is General Wesley Clark exposing the U.S. (PNAC) plan to topple the governments in seven Middle Eastern and North African countries back in 2007.

I expressed my deep concern that Trump would do exactly what he’s now doing from the time he was elected. All of Trump’s talk about ending America’s endless wars in the Middle East was just so much hot air. I’ve said that from the beginning.

Now, here we are: ramping up another stupid, unjustified and totally unnecessary war predicated upon nothing but lies, deception and joint U.S./Israeli provocations. […]

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  1. Somehow I just can’t get past the feeling this whole thing was just another “made for TV drama” with all parties involved somehow being in cahoots and somehow benefiting. Perhaps a “wag the dog” moment for Trump; A re-kindling of the “hate the Muslim’s” fire in America; The best way to unite the people of Iran under the Ayatollah’s; A way to give Iraq a reason to demand America to get out; And, to keep our beloved Bibi Nutanyahoo deeply involved in Israeli foreign affairs and out of jail.
    Absolutely no proof here, only the ramblings of one who has learned to question the statements/agendas of known liars.

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