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New Netflix Movie Fantasizes About Time-Traveling Liberals Carrying out the ‘Pre-Crime’ Murder of Patriots to Prevent an American Uprising Against Globalism

By Mike Adams | 28 September 2019

NATURAL NEWS — As the delusional, insane cult of liberalism continues to infect every institution across America, Hollywood has been transformed into the place where left-wing fantasies are played out on the big screen to satisfy the delusions of the brainwashed masses. The latest example of these left-wing fantasies is found in a new Netflix feature movie called “In the Shadow of the Moon.”

This new film imagines time-traveling liberals who wear Antifa hoodies murdering patriots across America, following a pre-crime kill list that includes a concert pianist, a grill cook, a bus driver and other people who have done nothing wrong. The pre-crime murder is intended to execute these people before they start an uprising against globalism, which of course seeks to overrun America and destroy our national sovereignty. The entire point of the film is to make sure all these people who defend America are killed, ensuring globalism succeeds in overrunning this nation and enslaving humanity. (The film’s writers are clearly in the pro-enslavement camp and believe that the ends justify the means.)

In the Shadow of the Moon, starring Boyd Holbrook and Cleopatra Coleman (see comments below about their acting skills, which are superb) depicts patriots as so evil that “their crimes defy time.” With all the usual smears you would expect from a left-wing Ministry of Truth propaganda operation — after all, even the NY Times now just fabricates total fantasy to try to destroy Trump — this new film conflates patriotism with white supremacy and anti-globalism paranoia. All the typical symbols of patriots are demonized in the film, including the American flag, AR-15s and resistance against global tyranny. […]

4 Comments on New Netflix Movie Fantasizes About Time-Traveling Liberals Carrying out the ‘Pre-Crime’ Murder of Patriots to Prevent an American Uprising Against Globalism

  1. “As the delusional, insane cult of liberalism continues to infect every institution across America”

    Quit sugar coating it Mike, what we face in America is our very own full blown Bolshevik revolution. The “Red Terror” is about to be foisted upon Americans if it is not stopped. How long before we experience our very own campaign of intimidation, arrest, violence, and even executions? I submit we are already suffering under the first three.

    We are very close to experiencing our very own “Cheka” where agents target any individual or group considered a threat to Bolshevik rule or policies. Victims of this Red Terror will surely be genuine liberals, constitutionalist, so-called right wingers, all followers of any religion deemed hateful or intolerant, any one banded an anti-Semite.

    Red flag gun laws are the first serious step in this direction, being allowed and even promoted by many Republicans. One can only imagine what will happen if a Marxist/Leninist Democrat wins the next election. Dire times ahead indeed!

    • Yes, the problem isn’t “liberalism”. This is being misidentified. It’s neo-Marxism, and neo-liberalism/neo-conservatism: two sides of the same Illuminism coin.

      • At a cultural/sociopolitical level, I think the correct terms for what we’re seeing today should be neomarxist and neosocialist. From what I understand, the terms neoconservative and neoliberal are typically applied to foreign policy. Both are globalists. The difference is approach.

        Neocons seek to achieve world dominance through military war. They attack with weapons to decimate populations and political institutions.

        Neoliberals seek to achieve world dominance through financial attacks and social unrest (e.g. migration). They attack with debt, sanctions and propaganda to decimate cultures and bring down political institutions.

  2. I’m not so worried about Progressive fantasies. The fact of this new generation predominantly made of flood pant, pocket protector, bi-focal wearing, pale-pasty faced code monkeys who grew up on “participation trophies” & seasonally locked up in their bedrooms learning algorithm diagramming & programming in between “Harry Potter” books does not impress or scare me in the least. They always talk a tough game, but fact is when rubber meets highway, especially from people who have eaten mud, tasted adversity & lived disciplined lives to carry out those challenges, their offensive will collapse like a chocolate éclair on a hot summer’s day. They’d be stacked like chord wood along the roadside in just the first hours. It would be hard not to feel sorry for the poor fool that thought he was going to live out his Marvel Comic super hero fantasy if only for a day. You know why Confederate kids were able to cross a one mile open field, ranged with artillery & muskets, against fortified defenses on a hot early July afternoon? Because they possessed even the simplest virtues of duty, honor, courage in the face of adversity. The simplest of all the virtues really, but they possessed them by the bucket loads. This was buoyed by the fact of their religious beliefs also. The pagan kids of today don’t spiritually have what they need to sustain them let alone the character & physical attributes. I am not afraid. Bring it!

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