2020 Vision Monday: Polls Show a 17-Point Swing Toward Impeaching Trump, Which Could Drag Down His Reelection Bid

By Andrew Romano | 14 October 2019

YAHOO NEWS — As of three weeks ago, a majority of Americans — 51.1 percent, on average — opposed impeaching President Trump. Only 40 percent supported it.

But that was before the Ukraine scandal snowballed.

As of today, opposition to impeachment has plummeted 7 percentage points (to 44 percent) and support has climbed nearly 10 points (to 49.8 percent), according to FiveThirtyEight’s preliminary polling tracker.

That rapid 17-point shift means a majority of Americans may soon support impeachment, or, taking margin of error into account, might already. And that’s terrible news for Trump. […]

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