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Adieu and Good Riddance, EU Chief Comrade Jean-Claude Juncker (et al)

The European Union is about to get a much-needed overhaul. They will soon be gone, many of those leaders who made retaliatory threats against E.U. countries that rejected the notion of being forced to accept mandatory quotas of migrants and asylum seekers.

Among the departing Eurocrats, there’s perhaps none so despised as European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Reminding us of why we loath him so, on the eve of European elections in May in which eurosceptic politicians were expected to make gains in the European Parliament, Juncker lashed out at “stupid nationalists” in an interview from Brussels with globalist propaganda machine CNN.

“These populists, nationalists — stupid nationalists — they are in love with their own country, and they don’t like the others,” Juncker said.

“In some countries of the European Union, the government, parliament, major parts of society, don’t like those coming from far away. I do like those coming from far away, because the main guiding principle of the European Union should be solidarity,” he said. “We have to act in solidarity with those who are in worse situations than we are.”

The sycophant interviewer didn’t ask Juncker why loving one’s own country was a bad thing. He also didn’t propose the notion to Juncker that it was the E.U.’s own policies and actions under his leadership that led to a populist and nationalist uprising across Europe.

No, he just let Juncker ramble, like a bartender making polite conversation with a drunk.

I think the UKIP leader Nigel Farage aptly summed up the E.U.’s failures in his 2016 post-Brexit address.

Our European readers are probably familiar with drunkin’ Juncker’s antics, but we’re deprived such news in the United States. So let’s review.

At a NATO summit of world leaders in July, Juncker showed up totally shitfaced. He was stumbling and swaying to music to the extent that the presidents of Finland and Ukraine, among others, had to help keep him upright, the AP reports. Juncker’s office declined to comment on the matter, citing privacy concerns, but apologists speculated it might be related to back pain or sciatica. If it was pain-related, would his counterparts be laughing and smirking? I think not.

At an event in 2016, Juncker is seen acting drunk as he bitch slapped prime ministers and presidents, including Hungary’s Viktor Orban and called him “The Dictator!”

At an E.U. Summit in December, he was in usual form, ruffling a woman’s hair and generally making an arse of himself.

In November, he showed up for a press conference in Brussels wearing two different shoes and looking a bit unbalanced.

This guy makes creepy Joe Biden seem like a #MeToo movement poster boy.

Image result for christiane frising


Juncker said that when he goes to countries like Africa, the people there look at him like he’s a “god of peace.” Right. Really, what meant was that among these people, he’s treated like a god (period) — but that wouldn’t be a P.C. thing to say. These fawning Juncker worshipers are the people with whom Europe should have solidarity, according to Juncker.

For performing his godlike duties — such as eroding domestic sovereignty, consolidating E.U. power and imposing political policy — Jean-Claude thinks Europe should pay him more than a measly $450,000 per year, plus expenses, a fleet of limousines and a lifetime pension. He should be provided with a private jet and an official residence, Jean-Claude whined to German newspaper Bild am Sonntag in a recent interview.

Before the E.U., Juncker was on the board of governors of World Bank while concurrently serving as minister of finance for Luxembourg (1989-2009). In 1995, he became the prime minister of Luxembourg (1995-2013), but he did not relinquish his finance minister position. And in 2009, while still PM, he took over the role of minister for the treasury (2009-2013).

Just imagine if the president of the United States decided to appoint himself as U.S. Treasury secretary.

Despite his lengthy and involved career in Belgian politics, it’s unlikely he’ll be holding any public positions post-E.U. given that he was forced to resign in 2013 over the “Bombers Scandal” and an investigation that led to revelations of six or seven illegal wiretapping operations between 2007 and 2009, as well as covert operations in Iraq, Cuba and Libya.

A year later, he was head of the E.U., despite the 2014 Lux Leaks.

During Juncker’s political tenure, tiny Luxembourg — which is smaller than Rhode Island, we’re told — became the No. 1 global destination to park cash tax free, Lux Leaks revealed. That’s right. Not the Cayman Islands nor Ireland.

CNBC: The little grand duchy tucked away in the heart of Europe saw about $95 billion moved into the country from U.S. companies in 2012 alone, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Direct investment from the U.S. into Luxembourg in 2013 was $416 billion. More than 200 U.S. companies operate there.

But these gains are bringing controversy. Critics argue the country’s success is based on accounting practices that lure multinationals with the promise of being able to shield profits from taxes. That works to the detriment of taxpayers in other countries, particularly the United States, and makes Luxembourg’s European neighbors look less competitive.

For its part, Luxembourg says it’s an attractive place for multinationals to operate for a variety of reasons, including political stability, fiscal policy and labor tranquility. It rejects the notion that it has simply become a popular tax haven, adept at helping companies dodge their tax bills.

Uh huh.

Global enterprises shifted vast amounts of revenue offshore to screw over bricks-and-mortar countries out of vast sums of tax revenues (untaxed profits are kept offshore). Amazon, Verizon, FedEx, The Walt Disney Co., Koch Industries, Pepsi, Accenture, Abbott Laboratories, American International Group (AIG), Blackstone, Deutsche Bank, Coach, H.J. Heinz, JP Morgan Chase, Burberry, Procter & Gamble, the Carlyle Group and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority are among the list of 340 companies revealed by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on May 7.

Now, Juncker is facing scrutiny from the E.U. over “freeports,” which are controversial tax-exempt storage warehouses located near airports and ports that enable money laundering.

BBC: Freeports were originally designed as bonded warehouses to exempt goods in transit from import duties or sales taxes such as VAT. But they are now used to store high-value items such as paintings, precious stones, gold and antiquities for indefinite time periods.

Ownership of the goods can also legally be traded, transferring large sums without any public disclosure of information about transactions.

Paintings, gold and other artifacts can potentially be bought and sold within the freeports without physically leaving the warehouses, enabling their owners to bank large gains without notifying tax authorities. Information on price, buyer and seller is not publicly disclosable.

The MEPs heard evidence that freeports were “being used for shady, illegal transactions” in a “system that can be used for illicit economic activity all the time”.

“The high level of monetary transactions, the unfamiliarity of enforcement agencies with values and the portable nature of art itself all contribute to making the art market a suitable vehicle for illegal activity,” the committee’s report found.

Among the international freeports under investigation is one in Luxembourg, called Le Freeport, that was authorized by Juncker when he was prime minister.

And if that’s not enough to close the book on Jean-Claude, it turns out that he’s a raging fanboy of Karl Marx, author of “The Communist Manifesto.” For reasons I cannot fathom, the German town of Trier, where Marx was born, chose to celebrate his 200th birthday with 17 events, including the unveiling of a giant statue of the evil ideologue. The statue was a gift from communist China.

Juncker not only attended the celebrations, he was a key speaker at the unveiling.

“Marx is the mentor of the revolution of the proletariat and working people all over the world. He is the main founder of Marxism, the founder of Marxist political parties and the creator of international communism, and the greatest thinker of modern times,” Juncker said in his speech.

Of course, this outraged many across Europe.

Image result for JEAN CLAUDE JUNCKER DRUNKFamous Last Words from the Marxist Lout from Luxembourg

“With the death of Fidel Castro, the world has lost a man who was a hero for many.”

Juncker on the financial crisis in April 2011: “Monetary policy is a serious issue. We should discuss this in secret, in the Eurogroup. … The same applies to economic and monetary policies in the Union. If we indicate possible decisions, we are fuelling speculations on the financial markets and we are throwing in misery mainly the people we are trying to safeguard from this. … I’m ready to be insulted as being insufficiently democratic, but I want to be serious … I am for secret, dark debates.”

On the introduction of the euro, in which he was pivotal player: “We decide on something, leave it lying around, and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”

“Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty. But would I be intelligent to draw the attention of public opinion to this fact?”

“Whenever Europe speaks as one, we can impose our position on others.”

“Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.”

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  1. the EU and whatever follows it is a big, complex topic.
    The challenge with Farage in the UK, who is effectively the Brexit party, is whether the crime syndicate and Zionists are behind him. Aangirfan feels the US is undermining France (gillettes Jeune etc) as they don’t want any military competition form the euro army merkel and macron were pushing with the aachen treaty.
    The EU is out of date, epically bureaucratic and corrupt, and was designed from the outset as a new world order federal jigsaw piece.
    the lack of democracy is what astounds me about the EU…

  2. the eu how did iit and who got it in place i understand it is a jew tool from jewbabaland as obvious as the kukunhover kalgieri plan, tine to ban jews.

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