Chicken Meat Rife with Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

A study has found half of chicken meat at discount supermarkets is contaminated with antibiotic resistant germs that pose a major health risk. The results indicate antibiotics are overused at industrial poultry farms.

17 April 2019

DEUTSCHE WELLE — More than half of chicken meat sold at low-cost supermarkets in Germany is contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to a probe of meat samples.

The environmental and consumer organization Germanwatch described the results of their study on Tuesday as “an alarmingly high resistance rate” that shows the overuse of antibiotics in industrial poultry production is endangering human health.

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Germanwatch had 59 chicken meat samples from large discount supermarkets analyzed at a university lab and found that 56% were colonized by antibiotic-resistant germs. The meat samples came from the four largest slaughterhouses in Germany. […]

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