Laguna Beach Might Tone Down the American Flag Graphic on Its Police Cars

The flag design on Laguna Beach police cars has stirred discussion about whether the new theme properly reflects the community. PHOTO: Los Angeles Times/Laguna Beach Police Department

By Faith E. Pinho | 15 April 2019

LOS ANGELES TIMES — A decision to repaint Laguna Beach police cars with an image of the American flag running through lettering on the doors will return to the City Council Tuesday after some residents deemed it unfit for the artists’ community.

Though most of the comments made by residents in recent months were about the squad cars’ new aesthetics, online reaction in recent days characterized the debate as pitting flag supporters against flag opponents. City officials say the matter is far more nuanced.

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Dicterow said Monday the council is simply facing “a very narrow decision” about the brightness of the colors, but that the issue has devolved into a broader national conversation about patriotism. …

“Some of the words people used was that they felt it was threatening, intimidating, harassing and a symbol of racism,” Dicterow said. […]

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