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Gallup poll says 51% of health care workers refuse to vaccinate

By Martin Armstrong | 14 March 2021

THE BURNING PLATFORM — I have reported that my cousin who was a frontline nurse in New Jersey got COVID. They insisted she still gets vaccinated. After the first dose, she had a stroke. She has recovered, thank God, but has refused the second dose. In Italy, they have pulled the AstraZeneca anti-Covid vaccines after the reporting of “three fatal adverse events” linked to it. Now according to a Gallup poll, 51% of health care workers and first responders remained unconvinced of the merits of getting vaccinated even if it “was free, available, FDA approved and 90% effective.”

Gallup also reported that despite the political propaganda, “Tier 1A workers” who are in healthcare were the likeliest to refuse vaccination (34%). The Epoch Times also reported that in California, over half of Tehama County’s hospital workers at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital, an estimated 50% of frontline workers in Riverside County, and 20% to 40% in L.A. County refused the vaccine, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. […]

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  1. It’s easy to say ‘No’ when asked in a poll if you will take the vaccine — it’s also fairly easy to refuse to voluntarily take the vaccine when offered by an employer, especially when colleagues also refuse — the real test will come when these employers mandate the vaccine, and the mandates survive court challenges, for which there is some precedent (link, link).

    When SCOTUS can say affirmative action is OK because the state/society has a ‘compelling interest’ in achieving ‘diversity’, then it is not far-fetched at all to presume courts will allow vaccine mandates in the interest of ‘public health’.

    • I firmly believe mandatory enforcement will be impossible to enforce. Go long fake health passport documents and work arounds such as people getting physicians to sign off on exemptions.

      • Assuming they are enacted (very likely) and survive a court challenge (seems likely, although the mandate may be suspended via injunction until the court issues an opinion), the mandates will be enforced in a straightforward way, albeit this may vary.

        Yes, some may try to get around a mandate via forgery or fraud — but the new(er) antibody tests require only 2-3 drops of blood via a pinprick; they could also claim they want to check vaccination/immunity status via an Ab test, and require vaccination (again) if Ab levels are not sufficient.

        Doctors generally make a good living everywhere; this is especially true in the US (per USNews, median salary/income in 2019 was $206k, meaning half made more than thatlink) — I think very few will risk sanction, or worse problems with their medical license, by helping with COVID vaccination fraud.

        Generally the situation does not look good (‘narrative supremacy’) — the unrelenting fear-mongering propaganda seems to be having an effect: I see more people walking around wearing masks than I did 6 months ago — also there was a line outside the quick (Ab) COVID test center which just opened nearby.

        So re COVID tyranny, it looks like things are getting worse, not better.

        • Patients may appeal to doctors because of allergies or some other real counter indications. Start looking at the vaccine labels for one’s best options in this regard. Typically the patients themselves describe allergic reactions and few doctors are going to challenge a patient for using license in this regard.

          CDC Updates Contraindications to COVID-19 Vaccination — Casts wider net on allergic reactions to vaccine components

        • >allergies or some other real counter indications

          Those would be classified as exemptions — some people may be recognized as exempt from the mandate due to a preexisting condition, a contraindication, or something similar — if such exemptions are (officially) allowed/recognized, then of course doctors will grant them when/as appropriate, perhaps even when not entirely appropriate, i.e. rather liberally in some instances (perhaps even upon request of the patient) — but that is not really the same as outright fraud, as there a doctor has some official cover.

          I do not know if exemptions will be granted, or if so how long the (official) list of preexisting conditions, contraindications, etc will be.

          It must be said I also am not 100% sure there will be mandates, or if courts will uphold the mandates — but things are heading in that direction.

  2. Rechtswidrig: Potsdamer Verwaltungsgericht kippt Shopping-Testpflicht

    Das Potsdamer Verwaltungsgericht hat die von SPD-Oberbürgermeister Mike Schubert mit einer Allgemeinverfügung erlassene Shopping-Testpflicht gekippt. … Die gerichtliche Überprüfung hatte nach Informationen der Potsdamer Neuesten Nachrichten der Baumarkt Hornbach in einem Eilantrag angestrengt.

    The city of Potsdam introduced a requirement that for shopping you need to show a recent negative Corona test — Hornbach (a chain like Home Depot) went immediately to court in order to stop this, and the court threw out the testing requirement.

    In general I’ve said people should stop discretionary spending in order to pressure retailers into lobbying for an end to mask mandates — here’s an example of how this could work.

    In other locales you actually need an appointment to enter a store; I’m not sure if this has been challenged in court anywhere — ?

    In general courts in Germany are very government friendly:

    Oberster Verfassungsrichter Harbarth verteidigt Corona-Management

    In a weird bit of public propaganda, the guy who’s the equivalent of the SCOTUS chief justice (quasi) defended the Corona measures of the German federal government (which many criticize).

    Die Entscheidungen würden unter Zeitdruck gefällt, Fehler seien verständlich.

    The decisions are taken under time pressure, so it’s understandable if they make some errors.

  3. Pastor in Calgary throws out COVID police — a heartening video, but against the combined power of government and media operating in lockstep to enforce COVID tyranny, a LOT more of this will be necessary.

    Note the robotic, emotionless faces of the cops, who showed up to do something they know is wrong — I’ve never understood unqualified ‘Back the blue’ sentiment, since I’m generally suspicious of cops in their role as praetorian guard for the Establishment, which controls them via salaries and extremely generous pensions — few Americans recognize police pensions for what they are: a kind of corrupt bribe to keep this armed force in line.

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