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The Totalitarian Motive Behind the Democrats’ Fraudulent ‘White Nationalism’ Hearing

By John Derbyshire | 12 April 2019

THE UNZ REVIEW — This week on Capitol Hill the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee had a hearing on the threat of “white nationalism.”

I didn’t read very far into the transcripts of this event before I realized the complete bogosity of it. It was a pseudo-event, like one of those family squabbles about which, in calm reflection afterwards, people say: “It wasn’t really about what it was about.”

What it pretended to be about was, yes, the threat to our social order from white nationalism. Eight invited witnesses — four blacks, two Jews, a Muslim, and a lady from Google who I can’t pin down by any group affiliation — opined to 32 congresscritters: ten Republicans, 22 Democrats. (Some of the Democrats are pictured below, the gentleman in the lower right being named Hakeem.)

In his video report on the event (House Hearings on White Natio … er … Censorship, April 11, 2019), American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor called it “a miserable display of ignorance and arrogance.” I can’t improve on that; and I urge listeners to set aside fifteen minutes of time to watch Jared’s report. […]

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