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Anthony Bourdain’s Final Interview Involving the Clinton’s is Raising Questions About His Death

PHOTO: Men's Journal/Mark Seliger

In Brief

  • The Facts: Anthony Bourdain allegedly committed suicide a couple of months ago. He was no stranger to politics or speaking his mind about his view of the Clinton family, Barrack Obama and other politicians.
  • Reflect On: Could this be the real cause of Bourdain’s death? Was he potentially rocking the boat of truth too much within the eyes of powerful individuals?

By Alanna Ketler | 1 August 2018

COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION — While it has been a couple of months since the death of popular American chef, Anthony Bourdain, but there are still some concerns being raised about the official story of how he died, allegedly having hung himself. Now, with the release of his final interview before his death, it is raising even more questions. These questions deserve to be looked at and addressed so that this beloved chefs death wasn’t in vain.

The interview featured Bourdain speaking about the Clinton’s and how the Monica Lewinski scandal was handled, he had also tweeted about experiencing Hillary Clinton’s wrath for speaking out about such topics. He claims that Bill Clinton was “entitled, rapey, gropey, grabby and disgusting” and Bourdain even expressed his little respect for Barack Obama.

Bourdain went as far as describing how he imagined the death of Harvey Weinstein, who his girlfriend, Asia Argento, publicly shared in her Cannes speech of having raped her in 1997. […]

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