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Sweden’s 1st 5G Network Opened: ‘Europe Has a Challenge to Keep up With’

In August 2018, automobile manufacturer Audi and Ericsson announced plans to pioneer the use of 5G technology for automotive production. IMAGE: Ericsson

Winter Watch used Google’s translate feature to convert the following article from Swedish to English.

5 December 2018

SVT NEWS — Telia, Ericsson and KTH today pressed the button for what is Sweden’s first 5G network. It is a system that will change our lives but unlike before, Sweden and Europe no longer lead the development. The development regarding health, for example the possibility of being able to keep track of whether someone has a heart attack, is particularly interesting, ”says Börje Ekholm, CEO at Ericsson.

It is not about a commercial launch, but now at least Sweden’s first 5G network has started at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Telia and Ericsson today start Sweden’s first 5G network based on the international 5G standard. It has not been available until now and previous tests have been carried out with different types of test technology. […]

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