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Saudi Arabia About to Snap?

‘And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother and every one against his neighbor; city against city and kingdom against kingdom. And the spirit of Egypt shall fall in the midst thereof; and I will destroy the counsel thereof.’  –– Isaiah 19:2-3

The story of the Jamal Khashoggi murder closing in on Saudi Crown Prince’s inner circle looks like a psy-op. It’s designed to pressure Saudi Arabia into delaying its petro-dollar break and to cooperate on pumping extra oil when the Nov. 4 sanctions begin on Iran. The timing couldn’t be worse for the U.S., as China and Russia have wrapped up their plans to ditch the dollar in bilateral trade. There is little doubt China has told the Saudis that it will not be buying their oil in U.S. dollars.

According to World Bank data, Saudi Arabia has one of the highest rates of spending on its military in the world, at 10.3% of GDP in 2017. Regardless, Trump has called on that country to increase military spending and pay their bills.

For Saudi Arabia’s part, it told the prior Obama administration and members of Congress that it will sell off the $750 billion worth of American bond assets it holds, if Congress passed a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Congress passed the bill, Obama vetoed it, and then Congress voted to override his veto. This is notable because it suggests that the blackmailing of the Saudis’ for their role as patsies is breaking down.

Furthermore, the Saudis might withdraw their investment dollars from various funds and banks throughout the U.S. and western world. If they try to collapse financial assets in America, it will create a buying opportunity for Cabal financiers, who can short them on the front end and then grab them on the cheap on the back end. It can also use the Russian ruble, the euro or the yuan instead of the U.S. dollar and direct OPEC to follow suit. [See the foreshadowing movie “Rollover 1981.”]

The Saudis will also react and play a role in the Great Game. One factor in this would be earth moving. According to former CIA contractor Steven Kelly, it looks as though the Saudis are going to come forward with names of the “major players” behind the 9/11 attacks, claiming that Saudi Arabia was only “a minor player in the charade” and even going as far as to warn the Rothschild and Bush families that the revelations will destroy them.

In the Ziocons’ playbook for the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is nothing more than a strategic pivot and useful idiot. This Khashoggi shit storm and psy-op is also an excuse to replace KSA leadership with different Ziocon stooges (probably with Goldman Sachs connections) and to keep the whole of the Middle East in permanent chaos and destruction, along with neutralizing any threat to Israel.

Saudi Arabia has always been easy to compromise, extort and control. Deep-state intelligence uses misinformation detours called “slides.” This is to prevent people from reasoned thinking and from looking in the right direction. Anything that has to do with the 28 (formerly) missing pages on 9/11, Zacarias Moussaoui or Saudi Arabia needs to be looked at in this light.

We see big pressure developing on the Saudi Riyal-USD. Cabalists love situations in which currency pegs can be taken down. This is perfect for insider information and infestations. They lick their satanic chops at the resulting chaos, too.

Bin Salman has no idea of the value of money and hence can be ripped off by Cabal and Crime Syndicate operatives. He must have some of the same Trumpian slash-and-burn advisers involved, because he proposed new regressive taxes, a large sell off of public assets and privatization of social services.

The Saudi fiscal house is deteriorating. The development program for Saudi Arabia, based on austerity, was written by McKinsey consultants and is thereby likely to fail. Funds were and are being squandered in divide-and-conquer warmongering campaigns around the region.

Bin Salman is not very bright, nor is he that popular. It is he who is mostly behind the Yemen atrocity. He visited Israel and is in constant contact with Israeli officials. Israel sent 18 fighter jets his way to back him against potential uprising or coup. With his extreme anti-Iran stand, he looks like a mere U.S.-Israel puppet. For Saudi Arabia as a country, that is a no-win situation. If conflict with Iran openly breaks out, there will be a Shia uprising in the Eastern Province, where the bulk of Saudi Arabia’s oil fields and infrastructure are located. In a head to head with Iran, the Saudis will fair poorly.

Smarter observers believe there will be a spark and a conflict of some sort. Qatar, backed by Turkey, is another bad actor in the region; but because they are far less insane than the Saudis, they have been targeted by the stoogery in yet another Zio divide-and-conquer operation. A trade and diplomatic embargo has been put on. Now, the Gulf States (plus Egypt) led by the Saudis have given Qatar 13 unconditional surrender demands, including closure of broadcaster al-Jazeera, a drastic scale-back cooperation with Iran, removal of Turkish troops from Qatar’s soil, end of contacts with groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and submit to monthly external compliance checks.


8 Comments on Saudi Arabia About to Snap?

  1. The Saud family is Jewish. Although there are many proofs of this, I will cite but one example.
    An Israeli nuclear engineer named Noam Mayraz told me that he and a team of fellow Israelis
    once built a secret nuclear research facility in Saudi Arabia. This facility was built back in 1977, and is located in Tabuk province, up near the Israeli border.
    Think about it- would Israel have risked a nuclear technology transfer to a Muslim country, right after the bloody war of October 1973? No way in hell would they have done that. On the other hand if they knew SA was a Jewish-run country. it would have been a reasonable risk to take.

  2. Interesting times indeed. Whatever happens I don’t think it will be in anyway good for America. As Gerald Celente says: “When all else fails, they take you to war.” Who knows, maybe the religious nut job’s will finally get their much anticipated Armageddon.

  3. Sibel Edmonds has been following this story from Turkey (she speaks Turkish) and has been posting on twitter about it. She basically sees this as some deep state operation to remove MBS.

    Here are a couple of her posts:
    Sibel Edmonds‏ @sibeledmonds
    #Khashoggi Case Expose #Flashback: Look at what I reported from #Turkey 14 Days Ago On MSM Intentional misinfo regarding #Khashoggi reason 2 visit #Saudi Consulate in #Turkey (See Screenshot):You Know Who? His High-Level NGO Partner & Friend (aka MSM Unnamed Source In all pieces)
    2- Why #Khashoggi Was In #Turkey? Debunked #MSM: He was NOT in #Turkey 4 some mundane divorce documents to be obtained from #Saudi Consulate.He MOVED to #Turkey to Set Up A new NGO (#Soros-Affiliated Mid East “Spring” propaganda work). Bought House here.Set up bank accounts W/$++

    I think she’s in transition right now (moving from USA to Turkey), so she hasn’t written anything up about it on her newsbud site, but here’s what Ian Pye has on the topic:

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