Jewish Kleptocrats Looted Ukraine’s Biggest Bank. Was Ukrainian, Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan Gold Stolen, Too?

PHOTO: Wolna Polska

In typical fashion, yet another inexplicably bizarre story emerges of a deal clinched between the United States and its boogeyman “ISIS” (ISIL/Daesh) in which Washington, D.C. received massive amounts of stolen gold in exchange for providing safe passage to the group’s members in Syria.

US soldiers ‘repair’ gold plated door in Saddam’s palace

The deal gave the United States “tens of tons of gold that the terror organization had stolen,” Sputnik reported Feb. 27, 2019, citing Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). The loot was put at 50 tons. Some of it was Syrian gold, but much of it was Iraqi. In return, U.S. forces allegedly provided safe passage to terrorists and their ringleaders holed up in hideouts in the eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr.

This hearkens back to another gold-flight op that was said to have occurred in the Ukraine in 2014. Soon after the Crime Syndicate-backed coup d’etat occurred in Kiev, a convoy of four trucks and two cargo minibuses pulled into Kiev’s Boryspil Airport in the wee hours of the morning. A band of black ops loaded an aircraft with heavy boxes and the plane then flew off.

Rumors emerged that Ukraine’s official gold reserve was “hauled off to the U.S.,” but there was no official confirmation from the new kakistocracy government as to whether there was an operation or where the gold went. There was also no official confirmation on the receiving end either. Per usual, those who questioned the incident were mocked as “conspiracy theorists.” Elements of the story can be gleaned here.

Meanwhile, as Ukraine’s currency, the hryvnia, collapsed, the central bank duly reported 42.3 tonnes of gold in its vault. Then, suddenly, the head of Ukraine’s central bank let it slip (memory holed) in a TV interview that the vaults are essentially empty.

The Mystery of Ukraine’s Gold

The question begs: Did the new kakistocrats of Ukraine make some kind of non-transparent deal with the Cabal psychopaths? Or were the Crime Syndicate psychopathic kleptocrats just given access to vaults and permitted to loot the gold? From the following these stories, I’ve learned to expect the worst, so the latter is my theory. I no longer think Ukraine’s gold is in so-called “official hands” anywhere.

According to one of version of the rumor, it was not just monetary gold that was removed from the country but objects of cultural and historic value. This was also gold, so-called Scythian gold. Yes, and here comes that familiar IMF looting mechanism: Washington promised to help its Goldman Sachs puppet Yatsenyuk “the Yid” obtain an IMF loan, and the Scythian gold was used to fulfill the function of securing future credit. The value of the stolen cultural objects far exceeds the value of the gold that the objects are made from and is as much as $20 billion. Without a doubt, someone somewhere in the Crime Syndicate was cut a great bargain.

The Mystery of Libya’s Frozen Accounts

Some €10 billion of Libyan government funds, frozen as part of sanctions against the late Muammar Gaddafi’s inner circle, has mysteriously disappeared from a Belgian bank sometime between 2013 and 2017, according to local media.

Back in November 2013, four Euroclear Bank accounts belonging to the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) and its subsidiary Libyan Foreign Investment Company (LFICO) in Bahrain and Luxembourg contained some €16.1 billion in frozen assets. However, when authorities tried to seize the funds in 2017, it turned out there was only just over €5bn left in those accounts, an investigation by Le Vif weekly revealed.

Ukrainian-Jewish Kleptocrats Strip the Cupboard Bare

The Ukraine and its people have a severe Jewish kleptocrat and kakistocracy problem. It was manifested on Dec. 19, 2016, when Ukrainians awoke to learn the country’s largest bank, PrivatBank, had just been nationalized after its two owners used depositors’ money to build a business empire and distributed the money among Jewish organizations in Europe. Coverage on this was non-existent in the West.

PrivatBank used to be Ukraine’s largest bank with 20% of the sector and $53 billion in assets. The abuse and criminality involved is mind boggling

The “bad loans” share of PrivatBank’s portfolio was assessed at 97% by the “regulator” and at 80% by market participants. Some 97% of PrivateBank corporate loans had gone to companies linked to its two owners and principal shareholders, Gennady Bogolubov and Igor Kolomoisky. Loans to ordinary citizens and small companies were almost non-existent.

Surprisingly, the bank’s main stakeholder, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the second richest person in Ukraine, did not raise any objections. Kolomomoyski was once the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast but had left the country. He’s well known for his dealings. The Swiss corporation Swissport accused Kolomoysky of illegal confiscation of its majority stake in its Ukraine subsidiary. Also, Crimea authorities accused Kolomoyskyi of plundering the deposits of 200,000 Crimeans.

A criminal case against Kolomoisky was started in Russia in January 2016, where he is accused of organizing murders and the use of prohibited methods of warfare. Russian President Vladimir Putin described Kolomoyskyi as a “unique crook.”

Kolomoysky and Gennady Bogolubov are a driving financial force within the European Jewish community. The former is the founding father of the European Jewish Parliament.

In a similar donor pattern to Oxycontin opioid kingpins the Sacklers, Bogolubov can be seen in the clip below being feted and bragging at the International Conference of Shluchim about his donations worth millions of euros to the Jewish community. And he even pleaded for more money from the audience in the video below.

This must-view spectacle has to be seen to be believed.

Read “The Alexandre Stavisky Affair: Jewish-Immigrant Swindler Took Down 2 French Premiers”

VIDEO TITLE: “PrivatBank owner distributing depositors money at International Conference of Shluchim”

The kleptocrats ran an import scam that illegally transferred $2 billion abroad during the two years leading up to the bank’s bust. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko doesn’t seem to want to prosecute the bank’s infamous owners. In fact, just one day after PrivatBank was nationalized, his losses were compensated for by an amendment to the tax code. The amendment reduces oil-field operation charges by almost half. Kolomoyskyi still holds a large stake in Ukraine’s oil industry.

Politicians in Ukraine, like Poroshenko, depend on the Kolomoyskyi Media Group for reelection. The only losers in the deal are already impoverished Ukrainians, who were looted to pay for the bank’s problems through bailout financing from the National Bank of Ukraine.

IMF keeps Ukraine on the debt-slavery leash. The IMF in December 2018 issued a US$3.9 billion loan (previously US$5.5 billion) to pay for the bank nationalization. Holding up these loan disbursements were what dementia Joe Biden used to squeeze out one of the few honest prosecutors the Ukraine ever had.

Ukraine’s foreign debt will continue to climb. In reality, there is no counter to corruption, because all the usual suspects at home and abroad are working over this poor, sad, unfortunate country and its people without any end in sight.

Ukrainian “international supporters” demanded the nationalization of PrivatBank. The state’s decision was positively received by the IMF, G7 and European Union. Of course, these usual suspects have more debt with which to carry out the latest scam. Ukraine’s history suggests that after nationalization, the bank will probably be sold on the cheap to the same wash-rinse-repeat, privatize-gains/nationalize-losses oligarchs.

On Dec. 18, 2016, the bank was nationalized by the government of Ukraine to protect its 20 million customers and to preserve “financial stability in the country.” A forensic audit showed that the bank had been subjected to a large scale and coordinated fraud before nationalization resulting in losses of at least US$5.5 billion. In July 2017 the bank’s auditors, a Ukraine subsidiary of Price Waterhouse Coopers, had its audit license revoked for its alleged “verification of misrepresented financial information.”

Kolomoyskyi, on his end, is not only walking free, but is using an empty promise technique to keep his other Ukrainian assets intact. He has committed to a three-year plan to repay US$5.3 billion in shady insider loans to cover the PrivatBank losses. Given the history of Kolomoiskyi’s shifting financial obligations to the state, his vast business holdings in airlines, media and oil, and his extensive political connections, many remain skeptical as to whether the oligarch will return the money and whether the power of the kleptocrats will be contained.

According to Forbes, a number of the other cronies who got credit from PrivatBank — including Natel, Zebrina and Palmira Trading — have already begun bankruptcy proceedings. PrivatBank’s depositors cannot withdraw foreign currencies. The huge recapitalization of PrivatBank will lead to a further devaluation of the hryvnia and increase inflation.

To put the multi-billion-dollar rescue program in perspective, the whole foreign exchange reserves of Ukraine pre-PrivatBank loot stood at around US$16 billion to US$24 billion. Consequently, two Jewish Ukrainian oligarchs managed to drain, or steal, a third of the total of Ukraine’s foreign exchange reserve, making the country extremely vulnerable to speculative attacks.

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13 Comments on Jewish Kleptocrats Looted Ukraine’s Biggest Bank. Was Ukrainian, Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan Gold Stolen, Too?

  1. “the U.S. gave passage to terrorists”…

    What value is your analysis when you apply this designation coined by the U.S. government? You imply that “ISIS” is actual, and does what the USG says it does.

    How do you know that these people exist, and do what the media says they do?

    • We in no way ourselves implied that ISIS is actual. We discuss ISIS as cutouts elsewhere as a topic. Can’t do it justice in a short amount of space on this post. You read way too much into that one. This is simply the official narrative which we do mention in our work.

  2. Reminder, there are still email like this in the wikileaks out there

    clearly hints they were after his gold and sure got it.
    ” According to sensitive information available to this
    these individuals, Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver.”
    And read the mention of the golden Dinar, Gaddafis murder and the bombing of libya was a planned crime.

    • My guess would be the NY Fed in August of 2001 (ten minute ride between the Fed and World Trade Center complex).

      Additionally and very respectfully, I would suggest that the missing billions Rumsey spoke about went to CIA, Carlyle and (potentially) the Saudis, who used to keep fueled 747s on the tarmac in case the nation collapses. Those planes are (allegedly) brimming with gold and constantly left running for an escape to Switzerland. The airport and the route are allegedly the most guarded places in the nation.

      On a different front, the unclaimed puts on the airline industry, purchased through DB, is the one that still leaves me scratching my head.


  3. If we are to believe Dr. Steve Pieczenik (which I would say you could give a 50/50 that this individual will give you a little truth sprinkled with some disinformation — please recall that he may have gotten his start on the Phoenix Program as an interrogator for one of the ops teams), the devil’s bargain left General Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi alive if the nation could be easily overturned and he disappeared, without a fight.

    In part this was allegedly to stop any renewal of Northern Africa, any progress on the continent along the lines that the General had been working toward, and shut down any non-Anglo American attempts at unification. The perks were: control to place the nation in disarray, and the seizure of its natural resources, along with the gold deposits. The General was then permitted to go off and live a very wealthy, Bedouin, existence in the desert.

    This would allow Barry’s administration to claim a victory and tout white supremacy through “Juice Box, hey its got to be 5PM somewhere” Clinton (she did die in the first race against the orange television personality, right?), while trying to be funny in delivering a modification of, “Veni, vidi, vici”; no one laughed with her.

    My (humble) guess is that the body double was truly murdered, in exchange for his family being taken care of in the future, the nation was permitted to become a “hell hole” for a majority of Libyans as a reprisal for the 1980s /1990s / as well as just being too forward thinking from the year 2000 in ever considering a modern African renaissance. The gold was collected (yet again) to add a new payment to the Fed balance sheet, since the United States has been in arrears circa 1933 (and will remain so in perpetuity, unless a miracle occurs).

    As for the Ukraine, I am not surprised, but had no idea until I read this thread. Thank you.

  4. The Jews also got all of Venezuela’s gold. They paid for it. But Venezuela was really forced to sell due to trade sanctions imposed by the USA.
    The gold was flown to Israel, BUT at a stopover in Uganda, the local military chief cut himself in for a piece of the action. (Seems like a seriously bad move.)
    It’s also seems likely that All International Currency will shortly be backed by gold.
    The new gold standard is coming to a country near you!

  5. They also grabbed Chile’s gold during the PInochet take over …

    But that’s small taters compared to what the British Zionist ripped off when they got kicked out of India , back in 1947 , with their ” Home bill ” , you’re talking ALL of India’s gold reserve ( the biggest in the world at the time ) , the silver , jewels ( even ripped out of temple deities ) , art etc …

    ” Never waste a good crisis ” ( Emmanuel Rahm )

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  7. “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

    The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem by Henry Ford (1920).

    Judas-ism: it’s NOT a religion, it’s a satanic, criminal conspiracy/cult.
    If you really want to make a difference, EXPOSE judas-ism’s bible, the talmud.
    Show regular Americans what satan’s rats are all about.
    That’s all you need to do.
    EXPOSE the talmud!

    MUST read:

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