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Sandy Hook Promise Rolls Out Nationwide [Precrime] School Surveillance Program

Multimillion Dollar Charity Aligned with US Secret Service

By James F. Tracey | 30 August 2018

MEMORY HOLE — Sandy Hook Promise, the multi-million dollar 501(c)3 predicated on the Sandy Hook Massacre event, is actively partnering with school districts throughout the United States to institute a nationwide, extralegal intelligence-gathering system targeting students at taxpayer-funded public schools.

The trade-marked “‘Know the Signs’ prevention programs” feature the “Say Something Anonymous Reporting System,” which encourages minor students and school staff whose institutions have partnered with Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) to divulge observational information directly to an SHP-operated “crisis center” on peers they suspect of being future “active shooters,” or who may otherwise be perceived as “at-risk of hurting themselves and others.”

SHP’s other trade-marked “violence prevention programs” include “Say Something,” “Start With Hello,” “Signs of Suicide,” and “Safety Assessment & Intervention.”

The Broward County School Board in South Florida, led by the former chief administrative officer of Chicago Public Schools Robert W. Runcie, has already signed a three year contract with SHP to implement the Say Something Reporting System across one of the largest school districts in the state. […]

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  1. My wife and I had a frank discussion over this, being in the Houston Metro. While she is not an awoken person she rightly was skeptical of the amount of security and surveillance necessary* for our kids to go to school. We even talked if we would ever be able to see loved ones leave on a plane at the gate again before we passed away, and we are only 30. Who cares about security. Nature doesn’t lie and we are certainly mammals, we are aware of the panopticon and when we are being watched and monitored. It changes our psychology, our behavior, our stress. Public government schools are the new kolkhozes, a big lie, where conformity is bread and the individual dies. We are seeking our options when our ‘yet to be’ children start K-12 on how to get out of it.

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