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Final Verdict Handed Down in One of Germany’s Most Shocking Paedophile Trials

Berrin Taha and her husband, Christian Lais, were handed prison sentences on Tuesday. PHOTO: DPA

7 August 2018

THE LOCAL — On Tuesday, a mother and stepfather who prostituted their young son on the internet were sentenced to over 12 years in prison by a court in Freiburg in the culmination of a sprawling, horrifying case.

48-year-old Berrin Taha and her 39-year-old husband Christian Lais, both German nationals, admitted to the abuse and rape of the former’s son, as well as to having sold the now ten-year-old boy to other men on the dark web since the age of 7.

On Tuesday, the mother was sentenced to 12 years and six months in prison, while her partner received a 12-year sentence with preventive detention. Together, the pair have been ordered to pay €42,500 in damages to the boy.

Both had been charged with around 60 cases of sexual abuse and forced prostitution. The prosecution had demanded sentences of 14 years and six months and 13 years and six months for the mother and her partner respectively.

The two were found to have repeatedly raped, abused and degraded the boy over a period of more than two years in the small town of Staufen, near Freiburg. They also shared images of the crimes on the dark web, and prostituted the boy to at least six other men, including a Spanish citizen who was sentenced to ten years in prison on Monday.

Investigators told of how they had been “brought to their limits” by the video footage they had seen, while police said it was one of the most atrocious cases they had ever investigated. […]

3 Comments on Final Verdict Handed Down in One of Germany’s Most Shocking Paedophile Trials

    • Yep. 12 years. If the mother and her Fag/pimp boyfriend had killed the boy, they would have gotten only slightly more time. Europe is sooo civilized. This is the standard of justice that Progressives desire to impose on the the uncouth Americans.

  1. The judge and prosecutors are obviously running interference for their child raping masters, and/or are pedophiles themselves. When these justice system employees abdicate their responsibility to dispense appropriate sentences, they should be dispensed with. If the system won’t correct itself, which it likely won’t, the people in the community have to take it upon themselves to get the job done.

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