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Oettinger Apologizes After Saying ‘Markets Will Teach Italians’ Not To Vote For Populists

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By Tyler Durden | 29 May 2018

Update: Following what must have been a full court press by the top brass in Brussels on EU budget commissioner, Guenther Oettinger, to retract his statement that “the markets will lead Italians not to vote much longer for the populists”, which as we reported earlier infuriated Italians because it revealed the true nature of “democracy” in Europe, Oettinger found himself with no way out but to apologize for a comment that would have assured a negative outcome in the upcoming Italian Euro referendum.

Unlike ABC and Roseanne, he doubt the EU will cancel the “Oettinger Show” as yet another unelected bureaucrat is allowed to slide after exposing the truth about what democracy really means to Europe: keep voting until you get the outcome we want.

ZERO HEDGE — When it comes to Italy, unlike most other insolvent European nations which at least have an passing ideological affinity toward the EU and the common currency project, the Italian population has been growing increasingly disenchanted and belligerent over the years toward the EU, and as shown in the BofA chart below, Italians score the lowest when answering if “EU membership has benefited the country” or if “the EU contributes to economic growth in the country.”

Between the growing animosity toward Europe, and the recent political chaos in Rome, where the country’s president – under implicit orders from Europe – blocked the formation of a democratically-elected parliament just because he didn’t like the Euroskeptic finance minister, one would think that Europe would keep a lower profile and certainly not say any words out of place that may further infuriate the Italians, who are not set to vote not only in a repeat round of national elections, but what is shaping up to be a nationwide referendum on the euro.

So what does Europe do? With all the grace of a drunk elephant (not to be confused with Jean-Claude Juncker) in an Italian China store, Europe uttered not one but several words very badly out of place. […]

2 Comments on Oettinger Apologizes After Saying ‘Markets Will Teach Italians’ Not To Vote For Populists

  1. It rather looks like the cabal has played the Italian situation rather well, despite Oettinger’s foolish remarks … another cabal victory as with the turncoats of Syriza in Greece

    As the Lega-5Star coalition thought they were going to form a government, they foolishly over-signalled their willingness to torpedo the euro currency

    This not only enabled the Italian President to block the Lega-5Star coalition from forming a government, it gives the pro-EU forces a superb scare tactic for the upcoming election – telling every slightly middle-class Italian with a few thousands in savings – in euros – that they might have the value of their small or middling savings accounts destroyed

    Plus we now find that Lega and 5 Star are descending into bickering … there has long been material suggesting that 5 Star founder comedian Beppe Grillo, was always a shill for the oligarchy

    Just llike Syriza’s leaders were actually known to have ties & support from USA oligarchs, the same is true of Grillo. From Webster Tarpley in a former article now seemingly scrubbed, ‘Italian Demagogue Beppe Grillo Exposed as Tool of US State Department, Goldman Sachs’

    Grillo’s status as a US tool is public record. When US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Rome, he told Italian political leaders that the United States was in no way hostile to Grillo.

    US ambassador David Thorne, Kerry’s Yale roommate & fellow member of the infamous Skull & Bones freemasonic cult, told students in Rome that Grillo & his neo-totalitarian Five Star Movement were the preferred alternative from Washington’s point of view

    Goldman Sachs welcomes Grillo as a Trojan horse … The Washington Post sees Grillo as “thrilling example” of grassroots power

    Grillo’s handlers are at Casaleggio Associates & the Aspen Institute, the Bilderbergers & the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy … Grillo’s personal Svengali is the aging hippie ideologue & reputed freemason Giancarlo Casaleggio …his film ‘Gaia’, a movie festooned with freemasonic symbols

    Grillo is personally a multimillionaire & one of the 1%. His blog alone is thought to be worth €10 to €15 million per year … Grillo represents a controlled opposition designed to ward off any serious attacks on the political dominance of the finance oligarchs

    Grillo has been a shock absorber for the Italian bankers, since he directs the rage of the masses overwhelmingly at the ‘caste’ of political flunkies, letting the bankers off relatively unscathed

    Bankers turn to Grillo, seen more as a short-term wrecking ball for the existing political system than as a long-term dictatorial solution. Once Grillo has further demolished the existing parliamentary democracy, Washington & London can pull out their next option. Wall Street & the City of London hope that, with a little bit of luck, Grillo might also be able to pitch continental Europe into the abyss of total economic breakdown.

  2. just who instigated the european union could it it was all jewish plan and look how well they are ruining europe. wherever they get control the native local people suffer immeasurable loss and pain russia is a smple eastern europe under jew rule andd anywhere else usa is a example china under mao and his jew biatch handler canada everywhere they infiltrate and deseacrate.a

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