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Leader of National Antifa Group Will Face Felony Charges for Assault

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California is a cesspool of bureaucracy, hypocrisy, Democratic-machine politics, oppressive taxes, ego-maniacal leftist-elite ideology, wealth disparity, entitlement mentality, eternal childhood syndrome, corrupt unions, corporate capture, pedophiles, sexual degeneracy, drugs, cultural rot, environmental terrorism, globalism, satanic worship and weaponized migration.

The leader of California — one of America’s largest, wealthiest and most politically powerful states — acts like the tinpot dictator of a Marxist regime. Gov. Edmund Gerald “Jerry” Brown, Jr. and his political machine poke a stick in President Trump’s eye at every opportunity. As a result, the state is now mired in lawsuits coming from Washington D.C. and from cities within the state itself. The bottom line is this: It’s a lose-lose situation for Californians. If you’re a resident, you have the sympathy of the folks at The New Nationalist (TNN).

Despite all of this, every once in a while some good news emerges.

Last week a Sacramento superior court judge decided that Yvette Felarca, who’s the leader of a violent open-borders national antifa group called BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), and fellow BAMN members Michael Williams and Poririo Paz will face felony assault charges for attacking pro-nationalist demonstrators during their legal and permitted rally on June 26, 2016, near the steps of the California State Capitol.

Whatever their politics or beliefs, the Traditionalist Worker Party and Golden State Skinheads (GSS) had a right to rally. Their intent, they said, was a peaceful gathering but added that they expected violence and came prepared to defend themselves.

Antifas have the right to counter-protest peacefully — but peaceful resistance is not what the group is about. They do not honor American democratic values, such as freedom of speech and the right to protest. They abuse it. Their goal is to suppress the freedoms of others through intimidation and violence. So when antifas/BAMN got word of the “neo-Nazi” gathering Sacramento, they called on their comrades to “shut it down.”


On the fateful day, reports indicate that only about 30 TradWorkers showed up and 16 GSS. Around 11 a.m., BAMN members, about 50 in all, harassed and even attacked random white men they found in the park, including a KRCA news cameraman, a bicyclist and people just passing through.

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At minute 3:55, Felarca can be seen repeatedly punching a man while he tries to talk to police.

Then at around noon, reports claim around 300 antifas — some clad in black and wielding rocks, pipes, bats, bricks, knives, fireworks and sticks — stormed the park. Despite an estimated 100 police on duty in the area, a violent skirmish ensued.

Ten people were sent to the hospital for stab wounds, two of which were critical. Among the injured, nine were antifa/BAMN and one was a Trad/GSS. Nonetheless, Yvette — who also goes by the name “Yvonne” — was happy with results.

The following Monday, Felarca returned to work as a teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School within Berkeley Unified School District. But after videos emerged in the news and online that showed 47-year-old Felarca physically attacking people and espousing Trotskyite rhetoric, the school district was inundated with complaint letters, emails and a 500-signature petition demanding her termination.

Three months later, in September 2016, the district finally put her on fully paid administrative leave pending an investigation into “concerns [Felarca] may have engaged in inappropriate conduct.” The letter informing Felarca of her suspension states her leave “[was] not intended to be disciplinary.”

The following month, Felarca filed a lawsuit against the district for — ironically enough — violating her rights to free speech and to protest.

Felarca, a member of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, returned to her teaching position in November 2016, at which time she was presented with a “Notice of Unprofessional Conduct.”

On Feb. 1, 2017, Felarca received national attention after BAMN and antifas waged a riot on the campus of UC Berkeley in protest of a speaking event by Milo Yiannopoulos. They caused more than $100,000 in damage.

Two days later, Felarca gave this interview to a local news channel in which she defended her group’s violence at Berkeley as a means to stop Milo from speaking there and called for even greater militant resistance from the left. While TNN can sympathize with those who want to resist Milo, it doesn’t condone beating ATM machines with a stick, breaking shop windows and bloodying the faces of bystanders as a way to go about it.

She then doubled down by going on national news via Tucker Carlson’s show. Tucker was unable to get her recognize her hypocrisy or describe to what lengths her group was willing go to stifle “fascism.” He did, however, get her to demonstrate that she really has no idea who Milo is or what he’s about. All she knew was that he was associated with Breitbart, which is associated with Steve Bannon, who was associated with Trump. She incorrectly projects what she believes to be Trump’s values onto Milo. Laughably, she called Milo a racist anti-Semitic homophobe when if fact he’s a pro-Zionist/Jewish homosexual with a black boyfriend.

In July and more than a year after the capitol riot, Sacramento’s district attorney had Felarca arrested on three felony charges: assault, participating in a riot and inciting a riot. She was released on bail and continued her antifa activities.

On Sept. 26 during a free speech event in Berkeley that turned violent, she was arrested again, this time on suspicion of battery and for resisting arrest.

Ten days later, news broke that since 2009 Felarca had numerous fire-worthy offenses while a teacher, including recruiting students to participate in protests, court documents revealed.

[Felarca] “repeatedly solicited students to participate in protests against the proposed charter school in the District” and was issued a formal reprimand for her “improper involvement of children in this matter.” In 2011, the notice says, Felarca promised parents and students a trip to a rally at UC-Berkeley before obtaining permission from the principal to take them. The principal ultimately denied Felarca permission, because “it was an opportunity for [Felarca] to indoctrinate students and use them to support [her] own political agenda.” Felarca acted “unprofessionally toward [the principal] when she denied [her] permission.”

Felarca was issued another formal letter of reprimand in June 2012 for an unauthorized after-school trip where she left a student behind and later claimed he “wandered off,” according to the notice, which goes on to document numerous instances of “abuse of leave” over the years, during which time Felarca lied about sick and personal leave to attend political rallies.

Her November 2016 reprimand notice (revealed through court documents) states that the district interviewed eight of Felarca’s students who said she used class time to talk about protests she was planning to attend, asked students to raise their hands if they wanted to go with her, took down their names and told them she’d be contacting their parents for permission. Several students reported that they had gone to protests with her and that she drove them in her car on the weekends.

Last November, Felarca’s attorney Shanta Driver, who is also the national chairwoman of BAMN, tried to get the Sacramento charges dropped, claiming it was a “witch hunt,” calling BAMN’s actions “peaceful” protest and invoking images of Charlottesville. The judge on May 4 said he didn’t buy her argument.

In January, an Alameda court ordered Felarca to pay $11,100 to former Berkeley College Republican president Troy Worden for filing a frivolous civil harassment restraining order against him last year. The judge ruled that the restraining order had not been filed in good faith and ordered Felarca to pay Worden’s attorney fees.

Meanwhile, Judicial Watch has petitioned the school district for Felarca’s campus emails containing the words “Antifa,” “By All Means Necessary” and /or “BAMN.” To stop the FOIA release of the emails, she filed another lawsuit against the district. The district said it will comply with whatever the judge(s) decides. By the way, Judicial Watch is the same group that forced Clinton’s emails to be released from the State Department.

What will the emails show?

TNN suspects (as others do) that a significant number of California teachers, union members and related organizations are not just involved in democratic machine politics and the indoctrination of children in Marxist/globalist ideologies but are also directly involved in recruiting students to participate in radical antifa-BAMN protests. The following video (with almost no views) from May 2017 provides proof of this. If you’re short on time, skip to minute 11:00.

TNN Takeaway: It’s great to see antifas forced to take responsibility for their bad behavior — even if in the most token of ways — and it’s important to expose to daylight the institutionalized political mechanisms operating within California. This, too, is what the battle against degeneracy is about. If Felarca is found guilty of felony assault, she will no longer be allowed to teach in California, which is a good thing. The bad news is that even with Felarca gone, California students are still being actively recruited by adult antifas within the classroom. And, if put behind bars, Felarca would have the opportunity to recruit actual criminals into her violent BAMN cult.

15 Comments on Leader of National Antifa Group Will Face Felony Charges for Assault

  1. Yvette Felarca is a Filipina-American – apparently born in the Philippines in 1970 – and her apparent violent aggressiveness is quite unusual given the Pinay female culture

    Most Filipinas are quite agreeable in an adopted or host country, even after becoming citizens, with people from the Philippines being quite favoured as migrant workers because of their typically pleasant attitudes

  2. Instead of trying to extinguish the burning Tesla state on the West Coast, lets save everyone some time and grief and just start pouring gasoline on it and get it over with.

  3. Antifa = Neo Bolshevism in it’s infancy. A trial run so to speak. 10 years they will have permission and authority. Meanwhile, our men are too busy hitting golf balls and filling their belly with chicken wings.

  4. The AntiFirstAmendment types are terrorists, simple as that. If they accost citizens on the streets citizens should respond as they would to any terrorist attack, with force.

    This is one reason why we have the Second Amendment folks, citizens must defend Society, family, community, friends, themselves.
    The terrorists attack us all when they attack our Society, defend against them THEN call the cops after the fact.

  5. it’s absolutely pathetic that this woman wasn’t fired a long time ago from her job. she should be locked up for domestic terrorism.

  6. Anybody know what’s going on with Judicial Watch’s website? I’ve been getting this message for days: http://www.judicialwatch.org’s server IP address could not be found. Yet, I see on Google search that they’re publishing articles. When I click them, I get that same damn IP message. Can you guys access the website? Curious.

  7. CORRECTION: Laughably, she called Milo a racist anti-Semitic homophobe when if fact
    he’s a pro-Zionist/Jewish homosexual with a black boyfriend. <--- they are now married.

  8. Torchy Blaine was inquiring about judicialwatch.org website and if it was active? Yes, it certainly is. I have here the IP address of judicialwatch.org:
    You can enter that IP address into the URL frame of your browser and it should take you to their website. If it fails, then switch browsers to a non-corrupt one. I currently use Opera which works for that IP address.

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