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#Shitholecountries and #inDefenseofNorway

We greatly dislike Donald “The Red Queen” Trump, but his timing and delivery on the shithole countries and Norway was one for the ages. We are sure he intended it to be divisive, but we have a new more positive make-lemonade-out-of-lemons angle on it: #InDefenseOfNorway. Get it trending.

Norway didn’t do nuthin wrong. UN happiness report: Norway No. 1 (U.S. No. 14). America could use happy Norwegians, too! Of course they would never come to a shithole.

Haiti has 219 murders per year per 100,000 residents. Norway has 0.56 murders per year per 100,000 residents. US is 5.2.

And beautiful women. What’s not to like?

Norway, NOT a shithole country. What’s not to like?

Ten great things about Norway and Norwegians — what’s not to like?

#vikingsdidntdonuthinwrong hymn

Old Norway Between 1890 and 1900

America was a second homeland to Norwegians — a  historical precedent.

8 Comments on #Shitholecountries and #inDefenseofNorway

  1. So FISA gets a new life and so that no one in the media or general public at large is the wiser, Trump belches out some old school “Archie Bunker” and the media cant get enough coverage of every subtle innuendo regarding racism…He’s playing us for fools….

  2. You could open US borders to Norwegians and they probably still wouldn’t come here for the same reason Americans typically won’t migrate to shithole countries: It would be a downgrade in quality of life. America has to be among the best first-world countries in order to attract first-world migrants. We’ve slipped, big time. Bad culture, looting and trickle-down economics aren’t going to get us there.

  3. Norway happens to be the richest country in the world, hence, easy for them to feel ‘special’. Corruption, perversions, and ESPECIALLY politically-correct culture are on the rise there.

    As an ‘invandrer’ (literally, incomer; more truthfully, perpetual outsider) I always knew where I stood – even though blue-eyed, über-healthy, and pretty good at languages. The under-30’s in Norway are spoiled, lazy, and feel entitled, and they are going to have a very hard fall when oil hits bottom. Oh – let’s not forget hypocrisy. The ‘most environmentally aware’ people produce oil, and toxic farmed fish. So they can buy cars and travel the world. And be proud of being able to just trust their politicians to always do the right thing (you go, Jens! War with Russia? If Jens says so!)

    And those beautiful women are like a steamroller if you get in their way, dude.

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