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Did Rochester Institute of Technology Class of ’07 Grads Provide Fake Personas for the Vegas Shooting?

‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave … when first we practice to deceive.’ — Walter Scott

From a 2002 article, we learn the CIA forged a new relationship with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Next, this Wall Street Journal article describes the CIA’s hiring of RIT grads. In the book “Campus Inc.: Corporate Power in the Ivory Tower” by Geoffry D. White there is a chapter called “RIT, The Spook School, the CIA at RIT.” Back in the day, in 1992 before full-court lugenpresse, Jennifer Hyman of Democrat and Chronicle was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for an investigation that revealed secret links between the RIT and the CIA.

The photo below shows the 2007 class. The source of this photo is this pdf. Scroll down to page 9. Hat tip to You Tuber Charles Walton for spotting this- and his video on the matter can be viewed here.

Now, when you go to RIT’s alumni page, this 2007 class has no photos. They’ve been scrubbed. It is the only year that appears this way. Whodathunk.

Many of the students at RIT were from Kosovo. This includes several individuals identified below. Also, these personas are now 10 years older than the 2007 photo. The search comments are from Miles Mathis research using Intelius. We covered more in our previous article on false personas. At the time of writing this, Intelius appears to be offline. V marks alleged victim. RIT photo is also noted.

Of 17 “victims,” there are burial details for only two at  For the record It is about 55-45 cremation versus burial. However even when cremation is performed, in the vast majority of cases the ashes are sent to cemetaries to be placed in columbariums, urn gardens or plots. To have 15 out of 17 unknown should raise a huge red flag.

Rachael Parker: burial unknown

Kelsey Meadows: Burial unknown

Age 28, no location given by media.  She is listed, but we see why they didn’t give her location. She lives in Taft, on Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 2. Instantcheckmate had her listed as 29 and living in Lake Elsinore, California, not Taft, California.

Rhonda Leroque: No burial found

Sandy Casey: No burial found

Mainstream media says age 34, from Redondo Beach. The only Sandra Caseys in that age range in California are 37 and 40.

Tara Roe: Burial at Brandon Municipal Cemetery, BrandonBrandon Census DivisionManitobaCanada

Bailey Schwitzer: No burial found

No middle name given. She is supposed to be the 20-year-old daughter of the family that owns Bakersfield Speedway in Bakersfield, California. Bailey is said to have attended Centennial High School in Bakersfield. That’s strange because according to a people search on Bailey Schweitzer of Bakersfield, Bailey Schweitzer is from Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, where she went to Wilcox High School. No age is listed for her. But this can’t be her, because the relatives are wrong. They gave her relatives in memorials, and there is no match.

Also curious is that a general search for Bailey Schweitzer nationwide finds five total, all age 26 or under. We find a 21-year-old in Connecticut, and a 19-year-old in Minnesota. None are found in Bakersfield. Instantcheckmate does list a Bailey Schweitzer of Bakersfield, but she has no age. But why doesn’t Intelius know she exists? At any rate, I discovered Bakersfield has a large presence on this victims list, so someone else might research that angle. I will undoubtedly be told it’s because Bakersfield is near Las Vegas, but it’s no nearer than Riverside or Glendale, and those places didn’t come up at all.

Susan Smith: No burial found

James Melton: Burial unknown

We have a big problem with James “Sonny” Melton, since Intelius has never heard of him. No James Melton, age 29, of Paris, Tennessee, related to Heather. In fact, no James Melton anywhere near that age in all of Tennessee. Instantcheckmate has a James N. Melton of Paris, Tenn., no age, no relatives. Just that suspicious “i.” The big computers know of no relatives for this person? Not even his wife, Heather? Hmmm.

Terri Lynn Galvin: No burial record found

Heather Alvarado: Burial at Enoch City Cemetery, EnochIron CountyUtah

Jessica Klymchuk: No burial found

Instead of taking us to her page, Intelius takes us directly to a Juliya L. Klymchuk, who I guess is supposed to be the same person. But shouldn’t the mainstream media be posting the real names of these people, not their nicknames or aliases? Plus, how does Intelius know Jessica is the same as Juliya L.? Are we supposed to just take their word for it? If it is not her, why are we directed to her page? Why not just say “none found”?

Juliya is supposed to have a sister named Yuliya. But wait, isn’t that the same name? Yuliya and Juliya? Instantcheckmate apparently hasn’t yet been informed that Jessica is the same as Juliya, although they are tied into the same big government computers as Intelius. That site tells us there is no such person as Jessica Klymchuk.

Could be because Jessica is supposed to be Canadian, and these sites only scan the U.S.? That’s convenient, since several of the other victims are also Canadian. What are the odds that so many Canadians would be in Las Vegas listening to country music? However, has no listing for a Jessica Klymchuk in all of Canada. There is a J. Klymchuk in Edmonton, but Jessica is supposed to be from Valleyview. And no, Valleyview is not a suburb of Edmonton. Valleyview is about 150 miles away.

Carly Krelbaum: No burial record found

Brennan Stewart: No burial record found

Lisa Romero-Muniz: No burial record found

Age 48, of Gallup, New Mexico? Intelius brings up nothing. A search on Lisa Muniz takes us to Lisa V. Muniz, but she is in Taos and not Gallup, and she is listed as 47. A search on Lisa Romero takes us to Lisa M. Romero, 48, of Gallup. But if this is her, why can’t the mainstream media get her name right?

Candace Bowers: No burial record found

Age 40, from Garden Grove. Intelius has never heard of her. We find only Candice R. Bowers from Garden Grove, but she is listed as being 71 years old.

Patricia Metas and actress Diana Dickey: No burial record found


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  1. This makes two fake events in a row with connections to the CIA. First was the CIA cameraman in the Charlottesville NC hoax, now a connection to a CIA sponsored ‘school’ in the Las Vegas hoax.

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