Paris Attacks Looking Back: More Oddities, Lack of Substantive Eyewitness Videos

After Paris attack, 'forensic experts' spotted smoking on site in violation of all basic protocol. PHOTO: RT

As a followup to yesterday’s article discussing the mirroring and new sites for critical work on false flags and deceptions, I am rerunning an older article on the Paris attacks that is not on TNN. This is also intended to get this online for others, before TNN is taken down.

After the Paris attacks, one would expect more substantive images and quality videos from the millions of residents there. After scanning through thousands of media quality Google images and other sources, I found next to nothing substantive that couldn’t be stagecraft. Similar to Las Vegas, Nice, London and other big city events I was shocked at how few quality eyewitness social media videos are on Live Leaks or anywhere. Par for the course no CCTV footage ever emerged either.

There is also nonsense out there that people were too busy fleeing and hiding to take high-impact images.  True, no one would necessarily expect to see images looking down the barrel of a gun. But imagine the commercial value of such a photo or video. And how about a few taken by a local of a dead terrorist after the hide-your-women-and-children suicide packs went off in six different locations around Paris? Again, images like that have excellent commercial value, so there is a real incentive to take them. Hundreds of casualties and nothing but covered forms on the ground. Very staged looking.

This curious instagram video emerges of the scene inside the Bataclan theater. (See original Instagram and note reporters attempting to follow up.) At last, this video is the proper quality for modern recording devices. It lasts 13 seconds, with the last 2 seconds consisting of firecracker-like reports. Per usual, in these events once it gets interesting the camera is turned off. Notice all the cell phone filming in the foreground. The second video demonstrates a test firing of a AK-47 with and without a muzzle. The sound is completely different.

This dark, grainy, rather absurd imagery emerged using technology from about 1852. Did they use an old timey wet plate collodion tintype process here? Even if real, it begs the question about gate crashing and security. Terrorists mounted with suicide packs and AK-47 assault rifles are allowed to enter a theater wily-nilly? Highly unlikely.

Some wags have attempted to explain away the locust plague of horrible video quality as an issue of night lighting. Here are night video tests on the older generation 2012 iPhone 4s and Galaxy s3 cameras. The quality is not even remotely as problematic or as poor as what we got from Paris. The second video is the current generation iPhone 6s taken at a dark night club. First class technology, better than my old eyesight.

This video shows three body-armored police carrying somebody off. Not sure what to make of it except to ask if the injured might be better off left in place for medical personnel as the location seems secured?

Yet another blurry photo that doesn’t quite add up. Notice the guys “running for their lives” while the older gentlemen just sit there calmly at their sidewalk tables. One would think they might have a good observation point or some clue about what’s going on?

After last year’s Paris attacks, “forensic experts” were seen examining a terrorist’s suicide vest located right next to a restaurant’s windows. They can also be seen smoking and joking on the job at 0:52.  According to a U.S. national crime investigation manual (page 5): “Persons should NOT smoke or chew tobacco … within the established boundaries of the scene.” These are internationally applied standards.

The Work of “Peekay Truth”

One of the intrepid researchers into staged deceptions was Peekay Truth or Peter Kusznir. Peter had a solid ability and legendary instinct to spot skullduggery. Further he was a prolific observer. At this point all of Peekay’s You Tube videos have been pulled down and his channels gone. He was subjected to arrest and harassment after the Melborne “vehicle attack” in February, 2017, which was one of the final straws in his courageous activism. He was also endlessly tormented by the nastiest shills one could ever imagine. He does selected interviews on occasion but at present is no longer making videos. He had a great run.

Fortunately others have mirrored his prolific, one of a kind work. They are scattered around You Tube on smaller sites, but I won’t mention them here as it could direct unwanted attention from the thought police.  I used many Peekay videos in articles, and am now going to try to restore them using the new Hookspace venue where they can now be found. 

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  1. Hey Russ, ever heard of Dmytro Yarosh? I came across him looking at Tryzub christmas items and found the Tryzub Right Sector group. Seems like an upright guy.

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