Texas Church Shooting Update, And On To The Next Mass Event

Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church, the site of a mass homicide 10 days prior, receives a white-wash makeover and transformation into a memorial sanctuary. PHOTO: Twitter

Nov. 9, local ABC news station KSAT ran a story about an Austin businessman who’s going to raise $2.5 million to rebuild the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, following the mass shooting event on Nov. 5 that “virtually destroyed” it.

Yet, just three days later on Nov. 12, we learn that community volunteers from varying fields of expertise transformed the church into “a beautiful memorial that celebrates and pays tribute to the lives that were lost.”

Volunteers reportedly worked around the clock to remove chairs, pews and equipment from the chapel. The walls were painted white. Windows and ceiling tiles were replaced and carpet was removed so the floor could also be painted white. All this was done less than one week after the shooting.

Cleaning up crime scenes involving murder is a serious matter — especially when it involves 26 fatalities and 27 wounded. Such crime scenes are handled by licensed bio-hazard professionals, and completing a large job may take days to finish. OSHA standard CFR 29 1910.1030 states, “Personnel associated with bio cleanup must be trained, immunized and properly equipped to do so.”

So it’s curious, to say the least, that “volunteers” showed up just a few days after a mass casualty event like this and dealt with pews and carpet that would have been soaked with human blood. It defies logic that something like this would be left to “volunteers.” The photo of the church beforehand shows just how heavily carpeted it was.

Condition of Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church prior to Nov. 5, 2017.

The New Nationalist (TNN) bird dogged through additional particulars concerning the burial of gunman Devin Kelley in Guadaloupe County Sheriff Arnold Zwicke’s family cemetery. The creation of the Kelley’s online memorial at Gravefinders.com was done by one Sonja Brannen, according to the website. In addition to memorializing Kelley, Brannen also did the memorials for all of the 26 victims of the church shooting.

TNN has not been able to turn up evidence that Brannen is a member of the community or involved with the church. However we have done open source searches of the media’s coverage of the cemeteries used to bury the church members, and when available it matches the Brannen memorials.

Brannen somehow quickly rounded up burial cemetery citations and other details on 27 individuals. In fact, she had this information well before the funerals were announced. The shooting took place on Nov. 5, and Brannen had the burial information for Annabelle Renae Pomeroy up the same day Nov. 5 [scroll to bottom of page]. As you can see, the cemetery matches the local news info.  On the 5th the names of the dead weren’t yet released. She had the cemetery information on 10 of the others, including Kelley, the very next day. These people probably weren’t even out of the coroner’s office yet.

Another Mass Shooting: Cornell, California

Meanwhile, a mass shooting in Rancho Tehama, California, on Tuesday was virtually ignored by the media until Wednesday. The story goes that the white male shooter killed his wife, buried her under the floorboards of his house and then went on a shooting rampage around town that ultimately killed five people. One of his targets was an elementary school.

Aerial footage of the school on the day of the event shows campus is deserted, save for just a few police. No ambulances. Because it is an active shooting situation? At minute 1:30  we see police casually walking around as if they just returned from the donut shop.

A witness made this incredible statement to the media: “He’s a really strong kid,” Ferreira told the station. “I didn’t know he was shot for a good 30 minutes until I got up to walk to the office in the classroom and I saw he had bloody clothes. He started crying and I informed the teacher that he was shot.”

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  1. For the life of me, I just can’t understand how they are able to keep so many people silent. But maybe I give too much credit to ‘humanity’.

    • It really is mind-boggling isn’t it? But I think there are a number of possibilities. Pay-offs, bribery, threats, reduced criminal sentences for crisis actors with previous convictions. And a lot of these communities where the exercises occur are likely owned by the perps, and that includes the people. Also, even if some brave whistleblower were to emerge, who would they report to? Media is all compromised to go along with the scam.

      This issue (huge numbers of people keeping silent) was my stumbling block when researching Sandy Hoax back in 2013. Conclusion: the entire community, which means 100s if not 1000s of people were in on the game. They even had a hair salon called “Shh…” — look at the creepy logo, a bloody hand print with a heart in the center. Sick.


      • Also, even if some brave whistleblower were to emerge, who would they report to? Media is all compromised to go along with the scam.
        Excellent point. Interesting and eerie times we are living in. Like a bad dream or an episode of the twilight zone.

        • Makes me think that when TSHTF a whole lot of people will appear out of the woodwork and begin opening up about these events. The control grid is still quite established and has everybody on lockdown. When we have societal upheaval all bets are off. People don’t find it easy hiding their complicity in such frauds.

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