The Clock is Running Out on a Red Queen Trump Take Down

What a week! When you come to these pages, dear reader, keep in mind that we attempt only to endeavor parsing the news worth knowing. So, please, don’t kill the messenger. We only report on the insanity, hysteria and fakery — we didn’t create it. Today, we hardly know where to begin, so this post will cover the wildlife refuge.

The Red Queen Trump (RQT) is running down the clock of his failing Trojan-horse administration. His cabal of Jewish Zionists, bankster parasite guildists and CEO advisers are feigning disgust. He is surrounded by Zio-con war mongers and deep-state advisers, who are chomping at the bit and grabbing their fiefdoms while there’s no adult supervision.

Even RQT’s core of Christian evangelical Zionist nutwings have joined the chorus. The Hill reports that pastor of a New York megachurch said Friday that he has resigned from President Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, citing “a deepening conflict in values” with the administration.

Then comes the departure of Steve Bannon. Already there are declarations of war from his quarters based upon the prevailing scam of saving the isolated RQT from himself. The lugenpresse (((Huffington Post))) is using Bannon’s departure to extract a little Talmudic revenge with the following headline. For those stumbling into The New Nationalist (TNN), running on empty on the JQ, a goy is a non-Jew and derogatory term meaning cattle. At any rate, I will let the Jewish Forward give you their own version of damage control on all that. Suffices to say, after an initial negative reaction to “Goy, Bye,” the Jewish supremacists at Huffington replaced the meme with another race-baiting anti-white slur: “White Flight.”

(((Huff Post))) headline #1
(((Huff Post))) in their infinite wisdom decides to go with this mocking headline instead

The Insane White Untermensch Question 

It’s just a matter of time before TNN makes it onto some contrived “hate list.” For all we know, we are already. Bring it on. Accordingly, we wish to make it very clear exactly who it is we hate. I present for your consideration two videos: one of “counter-protesters” taking down and vandalizing a Confederate soldier statue in Durham. Yes, TNN hates all these untermensch cretins with a passion. But, curiously, you notice that most of them are white.

The second example is a classroom in which a humongous anti-white black instructor goes off with an insane stream of vile agitprop. Again, look at the lemmings in the audience. They are whites, not blacks. Inquiring minds would like to know: Who hired this hideous cretin? Was taxpayer money spent?

To be clear, TNN is sanity-nationalist, not “white nationalist.” Sanity nationalists are wide awake about anti-white slurs and won’t stand for it. We hate the insane. We hate untermensch. We love ubermensch. Sanity nationalists are pro-white in the sense of being uplifting and protective — but untermensch are excluded.

However, at this stage, there are many whites in America who are hardly supreme or high culture. In fact, they need to be caged off and segregated into their own Ghost Ship satanic hell away from the sane. There, they can conduct crocodile-tear charity scams while their world burns down around them. The whites shown in these now-commonplace videos are far from making the sanity cut at this point. Yes, there is also a brood of insane black enemies and untermensch, but what to do with the “Insane White Question”? This untermensch will be the enemy for several generations to come. For some, there may be longer-term hope in re-education, but the prognosis is grim.

In closing, I offer you a black man who can make my sanity nationalist team’s cut — anytime, anyplace. TNN welcomes with open arms the great black comedian Terrence Williams as an ubermensch sanity nationalist brother. This rant is perfect, and he never used the F-word once. Bravo!

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  1. New photo of C-ville’s Mr. Red Shoe stunt man emerges. After having been struck and sent airborne by the Challenger here he is attempting to scale the hood of the Tundra. The hood is shoulder height. Photo 3 shows that he successfully made the ascent. Photo 4 shows the only effect from the whole ludicrous scene is loss of his shoe which was dragged off by the Challenger. Quite the script writers on this one.

  2. The USA destruction-of-heritage mass hysteria may be so thoroughly inflamed by now, it perhaps cannot be stopped from burning itself out … till maybe after dynamite blows up Mt Rushmore or the Jefferson memorial or the ‘too-white’ Statue of Liberty

    Thanks to so many USA black families taking the names of once-revered US past leaders – Washington, Jefferson, Jackson etc – One ‘economical’ heritage destruction trick, is to pretend schools etc are named after a black figure with the same name … as on the new [Michael] Jackson US $20 bill

  3. The ‘untermensch – übermensch’ categories are maybe a negative for the general reader without more explanation, as to my many these terms just suggest advocating ‘ruthless power of the strong & clever’ … From another angle, Karl Marx talked about the ‘lumpen-proletariat’, a category of working-class people so thoroughly manipulated or ruined in their minds, that they actively harm both other common people & their own interests

    Interestingly, Asia Times co-owner and once-establishment Jewish figure, David Goldman aka ‘Spengler’, just penned a piece on how USA people are being driven to this power-seeking hysteria, by the elite cabal seeking to give them a ‘feeling of power’ substituting for the economic & social wreckage of their lives under elite cabal rule … There is little difference in the deadly hate being fostered in the USA right now, from that in the mobs of poor Pakistani Muslims spending their energy seeking to have ‘blasphemers’ hanged on the gallows

    Goldman / Spengler sees Trump as making a great riverboat gamble on siding with the common people against the hysteria-inducing elites, who don’t realise both of their two big USA political parties, are about to split into pieces
    ‘The Bloody Shirt of Charlottesville and its unintended consequences’

    • The term has gotten a false reputation as being about race. Since everyone seems to compare and lie about Nazis non-stop let’s look at their actual view. The fact is as the examples in the article reveal there are some disturbing insane people at large.They may say that about me, hence the conflict and the struggle about the future of humanity.

      Even the National Socialist looks at it as spirtual and psychological. In the 1942 propaganda pamphlet “Der Untermensch”- “Although it has features similar to a human, the subhuman is lower on the spiritual and psychological scale than any animal”, indicating Nietzschian or derogatory senses rather than serious genetic/racial senses.

      In his speech “World danger of Bolshevism” in 1936 Joseph Goebbels said that “subhumans exist in every people as a leavening agent”.

      German SS General Otto Remer on Russians:

      Question: Is it true that the Germans referred to the Russians as “subhumans”?
      Answer: Nonsense! The Russians are human beings just like everyone else.
      Your question, whether we called the Russians “subhumans,” is nonsense. We had a first-class relationship with the Russian people. The only exception, which was a problem we dealt with, was with the Soviet Commissars, who were all Jews. These people stood behind the lines with machine guns, pushing the Russian soldiers into battle.

      There was sometimes talk about the so-called Asian hordes, and ordinary soldiers sometimes spoke about subhumans, but such language was never officially used.”

      —Stephanie Schoeman’s interview with General Otto Ernst Remer,

  4. Beware,
    The bolsheviks aka kikes need a reason to open up the jails to let the million of criminally insane out with orders to kill, kill, kill all white people just like they did in Russia. Will History repeat its self??

  5. Tho I am usually quite cynical & quick to sense the psy-op – as I did very rapidly with the MSM-touted fraud of that good friend of Dick Cheney & the Brzezinskis, the Rothschild-backed ‘Edward Snowden’

    There is yet something about Donald Trump & the Steve Bannon departure that makes me think along the often laughable ‘3D chess’ lines … tho I see the game as much simpler … with Trump flying by instinct rather than concocting a baroque ‘plan’

    Of course maybe I am wrong, but I think it possible that Bannon is in on a clandestine project with Trump, as he starts at Breitbart with a clever claim of ‘defeat’ for the Trump election agenda … Trump & Bannon probably agreed, that the best way to fool Trump’s enemies right now, is to have Bannon out the door

    Trump is still throwing enough ‘bones’ to his base to hint at his thinking, whilst also feeding the goons some signs which they take as subservience … the most recent being the jettisoning of Steven Bannon

    In a technical sense, with Trump going ‘both ways’ at various times, no one can really ‘be sure’ of Trump’s mind … it is all a question of faith now, as it must be, if Trump seeks to make such a plan work

    To me, Trump would sense the most practical thing he can do at the moment, is let the goons think they have won, let the ‘identity politics’ fires run hot & consume themselves … because before too long, amidst the ashes of that burned-out fire, we may find that the participants in the Salem Witch Hunts of 2017 will understand themselves that they have been total idiots

    For me, I keep going back to a core item … Trump’s attack on the Fake News is one of the most important things any US President has done in history … That exposure to USA common people, that the News is Fake, is eternally unforgettable, powerful & revolutionary … and that revolution, I think cannot now be stopped by the hysterical Witch-Hunts of the Cucked, which can only last so long

    • I am hoping you are right. I read elsewhere of lots of human trafficking legislation being written and Trump signing off on it although it never makes the MSM, which is not surprising. A war has broken out between the Hasidim/Chabbad faction and the neo-Zionist/WallStreet judaics and this is surprising. The local paper is currently running a multi-part series on a rather local yeshiva and how it is disrupting life in a seashore town, something that would NEVER have happened 5 years ago. The paper is exposing the shaky finances, the Medicaid fraud scams, the total takeover of the local zoning, education and township boards by the orthodox community and how they vote en masse as told to by their rabbis. This would never have been revealed a few years ago. The articles are substantial with front page highlights. DJT’s comment that both sides deserved blame for the events in Charlottesville was also unprecedented and the recent move by the FBI to reduce security available to his family for travel outside the DC area is bold. While it’s easy to support it financially, it is most clearly an effort to coral the whole clan making them easier to monitor and threaten. If Trump were truly a plant, why go through all this trouble. Those dots don’t always connect for me.

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