Oregon politician wrote racist letter to himself, police say

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By Thomas Yazwinski | 7 July 2020

KOMO (KEPR-TV NEWS) — A man who claimed he received a hate-filled, racist letter from an anonymous person allegedly wrote the letter himself, Hermiston Police say.

Chief Jason Edmiston tells KEPR-TV News that the criminal investigation for second-degree intimidation due to the racist, hate-filled letter received by Jonathan Lopez on June 23 has been closed. The matter will be referred this week to the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office for initiating a false report – a Class A misdemeanor in Oregon.

Edmiston says the investigation has shown that Jonathan Lopez wrote the letter himself and made false statements to the police and on social media. The end result is a verbal and written admission by Lopez that the letter was fabricated.

Additionally, the Hermiston Police are sending the Office of the District Attorney verifiable information of potential election fraud as it pertains to the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 and other false credentials presented by Mr. Lopez during his run for county commissioner. This in conjunction with a lengthy criminal history record may result in the filing of additional charges. […]

2 Comments on Oregon politician wrote racist letter to himself, police say

  1. Yet another hoaxer who’s target is of course white people. The major victim, almost the only victim of hate, is actually white people. Have doubts? Just try forming a white student union or white only club in a university. All other races are allowed except whites. Post a simple factual sign reading All Lives Matter – expect a police investigation. Form a peaceful group of whites protesting hate directed at whites – expect to be attacked and spat upon. Any questions?

  2. Divide and conquer is a real thing. Technology has made most nation states obsolete. And technology is making the labor that people sell to feed their families, obsolete.
    All that remains is for Governments to default on their promises. promises. promises. The bigger the promise, the better for white people to use it to turn other White people into slaves.
    Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, they are all insolvent beyond fixing, and yet nobody dares to say, stop the ride, I want to get off… Now!

    White people dislike other white people in a way that yellow, brown, and black people don’t understand. Trump was supposed to close the border to both legal and illegal immigration. hahahahahahahaha.

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