There’s Something Surreal About the Singapore Summit Hotel Bill

An article in The Washington Post reports that the “prideful but cash-poor pariah state” of North Korea demands that some other country pay for his accommodations at his preferred hotel, The Fullerton, which is described as “a magnificent neoclassical hotel near the mouth of the Singapore River, where just one presidential suite costs more than $6,000 per night.”

Another problem, the WaPo reports, is that North Korea’s outdated and underused Soviet-era aircraft could require a landing in China because of concerns it won’t make the 3,000-mile trip.

And who’s going to pay? Kim Jong Un’s room and board is emerging as the biggest point of contention ahead of the June 12 summit.

Expert Scott Synder — from one of the usual suspects, the Council on Foreign Relations — chimed in with a sling of his own: “It is an ironic and telling deviation from North Korea’s insistence on being treated on an equal footing.” Yes, yes, so telling.

It gets better. In 2014, when then-U. S. Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, Jr. visited North Korea to retrieve two prisoners, his North Korean hosts served him an “elaborate 12-course Korean meal,” a veteran intelligence official said, but then insisted that he pay for it.

At this point in my advanced skill set of psyops research, I feel I know the sense of humor and chutzpah of the script writers well enough to make the next call: Dennis Rodman will foot the bill!

Would I be crazy to assume this “summit” is set up to be doomed from the get go?

We are asked to believe that North Korea has the resources to build intercontinental ballistic missiles but can’t cover the cost of a hotel? This entire story is surreal — or sub-real. Is this storytelling being gamed for fluoride-induced dumb dumbs? Since the controllers seem to know the public mind, it’s a terrible tell about global I.Q. (and “Murrican low I.Q. in general) that the narrative is this churlish.

Inquiring minds would like to know: Does North Korea really have missiles and nuclear warheads? Or is this a yet another New Pearl Harbor fable from the neocon Trotskyites? What’s the real truth here? Is the whole thing a farce and fraud? Are we living in some type of never-ending matrix?

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  1. Indeed surreal, a good item to highlight re the dodgy, fake nature of ‘news’ on international and big-power politics

    Aside from the really good question, as TNN has covered, whether ‘nuclear weapons’ exist at all

    There is the obvious fact that North Korea is operating a forward probing post for Beijing China … Reminding us of the big question of how much US-China are secret partners in the overall NWO juggernaut

    And as was suggested the other day by Angelo Codevilla on Asia Times, it seems to be essentially a losing trap for Trump to have agreed to meet with Kim Jong-Un at all

    Rationally, whether nukes exist or not, the US should have cut out its blustering long ago, and let South Korea and Japan lead in managing the mercurial Chinese-backed Disney-loving millennial ruler of Pyongyang

    • The US has always been the bad actor in Asia. The US government started the war with Japan, then divided Korea in 1945, and has kept Korea divided ever since. Were it not for constant US interference, Korea would have been reunified 20 years ago.

    • It’s kind of tedious how many layers of deceit there actually are. I certainly don’t believe anything as it’s presented here at home; Trump is no hero, there is little difference between Repos and Dems, all roads connect underground and out of sight. But I’m constantly reminded, thanks to TNN, of the global nature of the scam. While there may be a tiny war afoot to unseat some of the Khazarian mafia, pitting the RMB against the dollar, the endgame is still global and that agenda is clearly on track; 5G, Monsanto/Bayer, genetic manipulation, memory control, increasing addiction to devices, the disintegration of education, and the LGBT agenda just to name a few.

      I recently watched the movie “Cell” John Cusack/Morgan Freeman. A poorly made film based on book by Stephen King ( a very curious individual). Essentially cellphones are used to diffuse an auditory frequency that scrambles human brains and turns us into zombies that ultimately become hive controlled. I rummaged around on the Internet and a very perceptive reviewer caught some references to Trump in the film which blew my mind. It turns out that one of the financing companies for it was a company called 120db. The frequency of rape whistles and currently a hashtag in Europe due to the rising rape incidents. The poorly made films are always revealing because they were never made to be successful- so why make them?

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