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Nivea Removes ‘White is Purity’ Deodorant Advert Branded ‘Racist’

IMAGE: BBC/Twitter

4 April 2017

BBC — German skincare brand Nivea has apologised and removed an advert that was deemed discriminatory.

The advert for its invisible deodorant range said “white is purity” across an image of a woman.

It was posted on the firm’s Facebook page, geographically aimed at its followers in the Middle East. Nivea accepted the post was “misleading”.

Many on social media complained the post was racist, but it was also widely-shared among alt-right users.

The advert on the Nivea Facebook page (since deleted) was posted alongside the caption: “Keep it clean, keep it bright. Don’t let anything ruin it.” […]

a screenshot of the advert: a woman is pictured back to camera in a white robe with the words 'white is purity' and an image of the can.

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