South Africa’s Zuma Doubles Down on Commitment to White Ethnic Cleansing & National Suicide

We have asserted that the Republic of South Africa (RSA) ranks as one of — if not the most — poorly governed nations in the world. It is a train wreck coming off the rails. Last week, its Finance Minister, an Indian named Pravin Gordhan, was canned by the increasingly radicalized Zuma contingent. This occurred during a road show when Gordhan was trying to reassure “investors” (aka international bankers). In the interview below, Gordhan discusses the background of the firing and, in particular, an intelligence report accusing him and his deputy minister of conspiring to financially “bring South Africa down.”

The New Nationalist (TNN) submitted in our previous articles (linked below) on the South African situation that a hammer would be brought down should certain elites — and the South African Jewish oligarchs in particular — be subjected to large-scale land and asset seizures. We have little doubt that this threat is what Gordhan was hearing about from the international bankers. Gordhan was attempting to negotiate the tightrope of the financiers (mostly Jewish) against the “hawks” or wild men in the ANC.

TNN’s theory is that Jewish oligarchs’ property will be under assault as well as remaining Afrikaner farmers, and that is a whole new ballgame. This is a classic “kill the messenger” situation and Gordhan, being the bearer of bad news, was removed by the criminals running the ANC and South Africa who seem determined to commit national suicide.

To top off South Africa’s calamity, new Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaba, immediately signaled that he would implement “big changes.” Chief among hawk Gigaba’s priorities is overseeing the redistribution of wealth to the country’s black majority, stating outright that he will direct R500 billion of seizures to black-owned businesses and the masses.

In the aftermath of this shakeup, the African rand is under severe pressure. This morning, RSA credit was reduced to junk status by international rating agencies. This will likely invite more ANC missteps and revenge. TNN predicts with certainty that RSA is sinking quickly into an economic and social collapse along the lines of Zimbabwe.

Coming to the Defense of the Oppressed and Vulnerable South African White Population

On March 6, TNN published the article “South Africa Part I: The Plight of Poor Whites in South Africa — Defcon 2.” With this latest national suicide gesture coming out of South Africa, we are going to Defcon 1. It is just a matter of time and degree before full-scale ethnic cleansing and mass murder is underway against the unarmed and largely defenseless white population in South Africa who make up about 9% of the population. Our particular concern is with the impoverished whites living in poorly served shanty towns.

If madman President Zuma and his cronies can accuse his own finance minister of a conspiracy to take down the country, just imagine what happens to the country’s minority white population when it really hits the fan. Our second article is even more timely — most of this white population is trapped and has nowhere to go. Even worse, it appears they have no benefactors and few international friends. There are no cognoscenti or celebrities on Twitter around this threat. This is an immense human tragedy in the making and the world is oblivious to it.

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    • Thanks, appreciate it! Hope to see Texas one day and become an American lol. US GAAP and 1kg steaks all day long!

  1. I will second that. Not a word anywhere about this. I have a FB friend in SA who posts horrific pictures of what’s going on there. I don’t understand how SA can be part of the BRICS in view of the total destabilization of society there. Would welcome them here as well, but that won’t happen. Will start phoning and writing legislators though.

  2. RedIce has a chilling interview:

    One of the things that really sticks with me is Roche’s discussion of the African psychology; that when the leaders of SA talk of white devils (I’m paraphrasing) etc, they aren’t being metaphorical in any sense, they are literally given marching orders to the black populace to genocide Whites. “literally” meaning even beyond hinting or slyly giving moral license, blacks in SA will interpret or decode what he (Zuma) says literally. The call to genocide is being broadcasted.

    Another interesting thing from the interview was that this was all foretold in prophecy in the early 1900s by a South African — didn’t catch the name. Well worth listening to if you haven’t already.

    • This has the potential to be a silent genocide at least at first, where whites in remote locations and at the end of the road are murdered and thrown into shallow graves. Who would ever know, will be unreported.

      • Roche said something like the worst job is being a SA policeman because of the high murder rate; then he said that the murder rate for white farmers is double that of cops in S.Africa. I know you know this, of course. But vis a vis white farmers the slow genocide has been going on for while.

        Even though I’ve heard about this from Newnationalist and other places, I found Roche a particularly effective spokesman — low key without varnishing the truth — for his people laying. And he needs donations.

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