As Neocons Roll the Dice, a Litmus Test for ‘America First’ is at Hand

Six people were killed Thursday in the U.S. missile strike on a Syrian airbase, Syrian armed forces command says. Fasten your seat belts. Russia is responding as one might expect. Flight safety contacts with the U.S. military in Syria are suspended, its foreign ministry said. Russia will now shoot down any U.S., NATO, Turkish or Israeli aircraft over Syrian air space. Russia has deployed a cruise missile frigate to Syria, and Putin is calling U.S. strikes an “aggression on a sovereign state.” In a statement, the Kremlin said the airstrike on Syria has “further destroyed U.S.-Russia relations.”

If this is 5d chess, The New Nationalist (TNN) advances the theory that this aggression is both a neocon plan to involve American blood and treasure in another Crime Syndicate (CS)-Zionist war in the Middle East. Then, as Trump’s dwindling support and political capital disappears, the CS removes him from office and replaces with trojan horse Mike Pence.

And there is every indication the nationalist MAGA element of Trump’s base is abandoning him. Readers of the have had a mass awakening. Like a jilted lover, they have turned their ire upon Trump — and thank God there’s no more need to endure the misplaced Pepe and God-Emperor memes and waste that talent. Instead, we see a renewed effort going the opposite direction, as in the sample meme to the right.

Other great memes for third-position nationalist activists are scattered in comments sections everywhere. We will create a Fight Club folder of them over the weekend. Time to take the gloves off and get in the fray, ladies and gentlemen.

Top up-voted comments at Breitbart:

As the neocons gloat, (((Michelle Goldberg))) writes the headline at left for Slate. The useful aspect about this exercise is that the identity of the (((warmongers))) is out in the open for all to see.

At the same time, many so-called alt-right “leaders” and mouthpieces now have egg on their face and are turning tail. One can only hope that they totally repent and end the gate keeping else lose all credibility. Was this whole exercise a scheme to do just that — wreck alt-media and alt-right cred? Readers should remember those of us who called this out often and early. We won’t be modest. You’re welcome.

Paul Joseph Watson, who I’ve come to detest admits being taken for a ride.

Alex Jones on his end spouted off 5d chess nonsense on the matter and can be re-confirmed as a Zionist sellout. You can include many of his sources as well.

Over the next 48 hours, others will speak out on this litmus test. This affords TNN readers the opportunity to separate the men from the boys in this whole sickening affair. We will make notes in comments on the matter as the reveals come in.

7 Comments on As Neocons Roll the Dice, a Litmus Test for ‘America First’ is at Hand

  1. Musings By America’s Graveside
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner

    Haley is an imbecile.
    Trump cannot be trusted, his word is full of worms.
    Trump is a tinderbox, a dangerous demagogue.
    There is not an ounce of integrity running through Trump’s veins.
    Jared Kushner has his day in the sun with Trump. But every dog has his day and pisses on the hydrant. America is that hydrant.
    Bannon wrote many of Trump’s campaign ‘anti-NWO’ speeches. Trump never believed a word of it.
    Kushner pushed Bannon out of National Security. The Zio-Globalists are in, the Gentile nationalists are out.
    Tillerson is a weakling. He caved to big biz to allow homos to wreck the last remaining wholesome institution in America, the Boy Scouts of America.
    Mattis and McMasters are war criminals yet run the Jew-enabled war machine wreaking havoc all over the world.
    Mattis has the eyes of a zombie. He’s a metaphor of the hollowing out of Jewmerica, a country with one foot and three toes in the grave.
    Jewmerica is the most hated country across the board.
    Jewmerica is a sociopath on Prozac and uppers and downers. The world is reeling from it.
    Europe is owned by Jewry’s global army: Nato.
    Look for a ‘false-flag’ by IsraHell in the Golan Heights. Trump will buy and sell the LIE.
    Haley is a metaphor for American leadership: Incompetence coupled with inanity.
    Jewmerica is bereft of true statesmen. All that’s left are shills for the wicked, neurotic, blood-thirsty Jews.
    Woe to the country that has Jews ruling it! Your pillars of integrity will crumble; and your sons and daughters will die of wasting from within!

    • Interesting note, Exxon was one of the first E&P’s to recognize same sex couples in their employee’s insurance.

    • BSoA has gone down hill on a rocket sled. I made it through in the 90’s. Learned what to eat in the wild, build a shelter in emergencies, starting fires and basic mechanics. Summer camps you really fend for yourself, natural creation of order kind of things, picked fights on those who needed it. Who knows what goes on in it now.

    • Damn dude where do you find this stuff? Their family suuuure loves construction, we at least know that.

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